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Gunmen storm prison in Afghanistan's Jalalabad, over 20 killed

At least 21 people have been killed and 42 others injured in an attack on a prison in the city of Jalalabad in eastern Afghanistan.
Officials say there were several explosions, including a suicide car bomb, outside the prison, from which several prisoners escaped during the fighting.
Afghan security forces are locked in a gun battle with the attackers.
ISIL has claimed responsibility.

Habib Wardak is a national security analyst and founding member of Transparency Afghanistan. He joins us from Kabul for the latest updates.

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    Well-done good work

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    Isisi is totally a non islamic organization to destroy humanity

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    Poor souls!!!😢

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    Condolences from Pakistan

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    the peace deal with taliban will result much worst than this …
    for now ISIS and taliban are not in good terms , but once US leaves afghanistan …the country will not survive

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    The world going down

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    Until pakistan government and its intelligence agency ISI made accountable the Afghanistan had to bear these attacks , pakistan is fomenting trouble in Afghanistan most of isil leader are having safe refuge in Pakistan.we are with Afghanistan heartfelt condolences to families of people died and injured ones

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    500 escaped and the gov captured al 500 HAHA yea right

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    Raw and mosaad are supporting Isis fighters. Because they don't want to see peace in every Islamic country.

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    There is no such group in Afghanistan by the name of daesh. They are thieves and robbers who claim to be daesh. Taliban said once they came to power they will finish this group from their roots.

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    It’s always ISIL that takes credit but ppl say later on it’s the Taliban who were behind it. Which one??? 🤷🏻‍♂️

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    This Islamic radicals 😕.

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    It is sad reality that Afghan lives are cheaper than chickens for some so-called jihadist groups

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    rama krishna madasu

    As long as Islam exists terrorism and atrocities on innocent people continues, first abolish Islam from Earth.

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    It was a joint operation by ISIS and Afghan government to convince USA not to leave Afghanistan which would dry up dollar supply to Kabul corrupt elite.
    Don't believe me than listen to the wording of narrator, he was trying to give same message "ISIS is in Afghanistan so don't plz leave us"

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