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Growing anger over government refusal to fund meals for vulnerable children – BBC News

There’s growing pressure on the government to reverse it’s decision, refusing to fund meals for disadvantaged children during school holidays.

A number of Conservative MPs and Councils have called on Boris Johnson to think again.

Meanwhile thousands of children’s doctors have added their support to the campaign by the footballer Marcus Rashford.

Tina Daheley presents BBC News reporting by political correspondent Nick Eardley.

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  1. Avatar
    Jacob Scoffschild

    This what exactly what the government wants, the peasants forever dependant on the government, they are absolutely loving this. 🙂

  2. Avatar
    Jacob Scoffschild

    This what exactly what the government wants, the peasants forever dependant on the government, they are absolutely loving this. 🙂

  3. Avatar

    Some idiots would say it’s not the governments job to feed kids. The gov is literally there to take care of people it’s not the kids fault their parents can’t afford it. Yet they can give meals to prisoners

  4. Avatar

    In before the "if u cant affr0ds them dont hav em" vultures.

    We're talking about CHILDREN!

  5. Avatar
    Forgotten more then you Know

    It’s still being talked about because they give them self a 3500 pay raise, they are robbing us blind

  6. Avatar
    Alien in the woods 👽

    The 2020 Scrandemic.

  7. Avatar

    Pay for food, but get other things free other than food. Silly campaign.

  8. Avatar

    Apparently Trump is going to have to work hard to turn things around 🤣
    more BS from our Bias Broadcast Channel that spreads fake news and fear porn cases map. BBC is over because we the people do not support pedophiles
    Trump2020 will win by a landslide and then finish bringing shit like the BBC to their knees 🖕🏽🤣 we can't wait
    F U BBC

  9. Avatar

    What a load of nonsense, when was it the responsibility of our tax payer funded Goverment to feed anyones children?
    Its claimed children in Britain are "starving' really ?
    The UK has the most obese children in the whole of Europe, so how can fat kids be starving ?
    This is just more Lefty invented nonsense.

  10. Avatar

    His king of worlds and Worlds President 1996 Royal Parliaments Prime minister 1997 Royal USA 🇺🇸 President onwards.free Mac Donald’s and Burger King for kids.KMS🗽

  11. Avatar
    Goldfinga Sliverfinga

    This is disgusting on a another level… this is what gangstalking is

  12. Avatar

    Why are there school meals in the first place? Surely it is the parents' responsibility to provide food and shelter for their children. Some people will not like this, but if you cannot afford to feed and clothe your children, do not have them. Why should taxpayers shell out for your inability to use contraceptives?

  13. Avatar

    This govt is disgusting. People are struggling and kids are living in poverty barely eating and having to use food banks. My local MP's all voted against it and SHAME ON THEM.

  14. Avatar

    I'm voting for Government "U turn" next term

  15. Avatar

    I came here to dislike as always.
    BBC are and will remain collaborators.

  16. Avatar

    Time to vote these privileged scum out.

  17. Avatar
    Tickling Oscillators

    They have parents. Can't feed a child? Don't produce a child! If you do anyway, nobody else is mandated to pay for your irresponsibility or ineptitude as a parent. I was raised in Eastern Europe by my grandmother with a pension of £79 a month. Never missed a meal.

  18. Avatar

    It's probably the most financially unstable time for people with children since the WW2 and the gov can't give some food to some poor child? It's shambolic.

    I've heard arguments like blame irresponsible parents for not feeding their children but you can't just paint everybody with the same brush. Child hunger is not a black and white issue and regardless as to why a child is not getting fed they should all have the right because it's not their fault plain and simple.

    But what do you expect from a government who themselves get a daily £25 allowance of food at Parliament and with a plethora of options whilst on a huge salary and a prime minister complaining that his £1500,00 salary is not enough.

    And please people don't make this about Labour vs Conservative because this government has shown it doesn't care abou neither people's interests but their own so why should you?

  19. Avatar

    How can we tell if parents will spend money or voucher issued on the child?No.the entire scheme would cost a fortune with little guarantee of success.Also parents are issued with child credit.Let wealthy footballers give up half their wages to back their mouth.And let them do this until they retire.Take it out of their wage packets .They can afford it.

  20. Avatar

    The multi-millionaire Rashford really needs to fund his own political campaigns from now on.

  21. Avatar

    The government has one job – distribute tax money fairly. This government does not do that and yet they seem to get a pass for it.


  22. Avatar

    Too late the local business and councils have sorted it screw the government

  23. Avatar

    “The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members” – Ghandi

  24. Avatar

    Big up Marcus Rashford.

  25. Avatar


  26. Avatar

    Why r parents not producing meals?? Vouchers…we have no such thing in Aus.

  27. Avatar

    Who ever could have predicted this from the Tories?

  28. Avatar

    I've noticed a significant increase in certain minorities in my local area since the start of this "pandemic".

  29. Avatar

    No meals but pay furlough

  30. Avatar

    Government plan to get public support…
    1. Lock us all down
    2. Destroy the economy
    3. Starve the children

  31. Avatar

    The national purse It's not a bottomless pit of 💰 💰 cash! Everyone wants to continue with money in the bank and free food. We are going through a PANDEMIA 😷!!

  32. Avatar

    I swear we have one of the worst governments In the world

  33. Avatar

    Tried to warn you all about the tories but nooo you didnt listen

  34. Avatar

    I'm really not sure how people here are defining "starvation"

  35. Avatar
    Lightning Strikes

    Yet another unnecessary, manufactured Crisis. Classic Problem-Reaction-Solution. 'Kids are starving, let's trash the Capitalist system and have Digital (i.e Cashless) Communism!'

  36. Avatar

    Just goes to show how Much they CARE about OUR HEALTH

  37. Avatar

    So put your money where your big mouth is Rashford.

  38. Avatar

    This better bury the tories for a decade or this country is beyond saving.

  39. Avatar

    What a load of nonsense. Why would the government feed children? We do not live in the soviet union. BBC bollox.

  40. Avatar

    more free stuff for the worthless morons who breed for welfare

  41. Avatar

    Remember that the media and MPs protect pedophiles when they twitch on the end of a rope.

  42. Avatar

    All this rubbish how many one parent families on benefits with mobile phone tablets sky it's just political

  43. Avatar

    Yes the tories did this whilst throwing money at their mates in business; you remember eat out to help out. Their priorities are just plain perverse.

  44. Avatar

    Doesn't seem like a smart move. 322 Tory MP's wasn't it. Shame on them.
    Next they'll hit us with a foolhardy brexit poor deal or lack of, to further trash the economy and put even more hardship on UK and EU people. January approaches as does this bleak Winter. Shame on them.

  45. Avatar

    Why are people surprised? They are Tories, it's what they do.

  46. Avatar

    MP's get very fancy food that is subsidised by US!! Oh yes, all sorts of quality fancy food, for like a couple of quid.
    There's a petition https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/stop-mps-entitlement-to-free-work-meals

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