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Green leader deciding where to run next after byelection loss

Green Party Leader Annamie Paul says she is deciding where and when to run again for a seat in the House of Commons after she lost the byelection in Toronto Centre.

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  1. Avatar

    I’m here in Massachusetts and i just want to say this to our brothers and sisters of north. It’s time for you to take your beautiful Canada back you need someone like Trump. Kick the Liberals out of your Government before it’s too late.

  2. Avatar


  3. Avatar

    Maybe she should try out for the Make-beleafs. She seems to have the right spirit.

  4. Avatar

    Torstar is pushing/promoting/praising her like you wouldn't believe….I wonder why?

  5. Avatar

    Intelligent people only care that people are qualified for the job.

  6. Avatar
    Quixotic Ignotism

    You lost. Go away now.

  7. Avatar

    Congratulations on a trans women leader

  8. Avatar

    Sounds like she's job hunting. Parachuting in to wherever opportunities may be…..pretending she's part of the community. Yeah, no, that's not how it works.

  9. Avatar

    Ahhh classic. So Canadians main concern last election was the environment…right…

  10. Avatar

    Declaring a new party leader before the election was dumb… should've just waited until after and made sure that the leader would be in parliament.

  11. Avatar

    Try running in Sweden..you can get the Greta vote and get paid by them for doing absolutely nothing useful.

  12. Avatar

    The only thing he’s worried about is genders and colours we need the best people

  13. Avatar

    Why is this news? It's only the Green party.

  14. Avatar

    Seriously-The take away is choose a Friendlier Riding

  15. Avatar

    A leader needs a seat to have power she is being naive

  16. Avatar

    Win or lose does not really matter, what matters is that the Greens are a credible alternative to the Liberals for opposing the Conservatives. Voters are not stuck with the Liberals, they can also select the Greens to represent them in Parliament, this bi-election is a necessary stepping stone.

  17. Avatar

    Why does this matter? Oh, right, it doesn't!

  18. Avatar

    If 1000 men and 200 women apply for the same position does it make sense to hire 100 of each? I'd argue its sexist to hire based on what's between their legs, rather than who is most qualified for the positions. I wouldn't care if all 200 women were hired, if they were all more qualified then the 1000 men.

  19. Avatar

    funny……. there was a black conservative woman that was running that you never talked about

  20. Avatar

    you gotta lay in the casket to become selected.

  21. Avatar

    Hopefully she decides to quit and let someone not hand picked by centrist Elizabeth May run the Greens.

  22. Avatar

    Not a good start – she was a bad choice to begin with.

  23. Avatar

    My takeaway is that if you wish to be taken seriously, don't be a bald woman with weird ideas.

  24. Avatar

    The first 15 seconds were hard to listen to

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