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Grassley Says Democrats Will Try To 'Derail' Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation | NBC News

In his opening statement, Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, praised Judge Amy Coney Barrett, calling her qualifications and record “impeccable.” He also claimed that Democrats would try to attack the Trump nominee with “baseless claims and scare tactics.”
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Grassley Says Democrats Will Try To ‘Derail’ Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation | NBC News

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  1. Avatar

    Be careful be safe visit Activistpost.com

  2. Avatar

    I love how Barret has chosen to sit there looking like Hannibal Lector throughout this whole thing.
    It's only fitting, is it not?

  3. Avatar

    "Derail"? Quaint. How about SHITCAN IT? Right Assley?

  4. Avatar

    This poor guy has no idea where he is or what he's reading. He needs to go home, stay safe as he's clearly super high risk, and get some rest.

  5. Avatar
    Irritating Indiana

    Leave it to an old white man to support this judge. You are old retire already. You are stuck in your ways not open to better ways.

  6. Avatar
    Irritating Indiana

    McConnell blatantly stole Obama's nomination you are outrageous go home old man . DO SOMETHING RIGHT FOR AMERICANS

  7. Avatar


  8. Avatar

    Too bad half the country don't understand about policies.Biden policies: Green new deal will hurt the fracking sector. Higher taxes will hurt businesses, More job cuts. Corporate businesses will move out of the country. Affordable healthcare increases your premium, limits your choice in physicians, increase rates for private companies. Defunding the police will increase crime and violence. SUPPORT THE COPS. TRUMP 2020!!!

  9. Avatar


  10. Avatar

    Not in an Election year remember?

  11. Avatar

    Is Sunny Hills retirement home aware this guy has escaped again?

  12. Avatar

    ACB flushes more integrity down the toilet every morning than Senate democrats will ever have.

  13. Avatar

    The real reason the GOP wanted the hearing this month is because this is Grassley's feeding month. Only month he can function at all.

  14. Avatar

    Hey hey ho ho Roe v Wade has got to go

  15. Avatar

    Who is the worst hypocrite in the Senate? Grassley, McConnell or Graham? It's a tie, you just can't find anyone lower.

  16. Avatar

    How many millions in tax dollars did Grassley take in farm subsides?

  17. Avatar

    It's not the Republicans place to do only for there self interest. Vote them out!

  18. Avatar

    The Republicans have become the evil colt.

  19. Avatar

    time to retire,you might enjoy it more,and better for the rest of the citizens

  20. Avatar

    Hey all you democrat "men"! These attacks on Amy Coney Barrett are misogynistic, sexist and racist! I'm tired of the dems "mansplaining" and attacking this strong WHAM-on! You are all mysogynistic hypocrites! Quit Hating Women, LEFTISTS!

  21. Avatar

    I agree about the age but you are only naming Repubs……you think Nancy is playing with a full deck? Ever listen to her speak? There needs to be an age requirement on BOTH sides.

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