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Grandfather Pleads Guilty In Toddler’s Cruise Ship Death | NBC Nightly News

Sam Anello, the grandfather of an 18-month-old girl who fell from the open window of a Royal Caribbean cruise ship last year, pleaded guilty to negligent homicide.
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Grandfather Pleads Guilty In Toddler’s Cruise Ship Death | NBC Nightly News

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    This is such a tragic incident. He ever intentionally did this and his soul is probably tormented from the moment the tragedy to took place. There is no amount of punishment the court can order than what he is already going through in Hhs own mind and soul. This is a tragedy in every way. Lets pray for this man and is family. that the court won't make his suffering more than it already is,

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    Poor guy, leave him alone. He was punished the second she started to fall.

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    Everyone says it was his fault, but it wasn't. Or maybe it was, but he didn't know. His granddaughter wanted to stand on the glass window, so he picked her up. The way the window was, it was sticking out, with a spot that can be opened from the bottom. He was going to put the daughter on the bottom, but didn't realize it was open. He made a mistake, and that will stick with him for the rest of his life, but show some respect. He lost his granddaughter while trying to have fun with her. He's lost enough, and it's time we respect that.

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    Better safety. Don't let idiots aboard.

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    If he had any honor, he'd take his own life in retribution for what he did.

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    so sad for everyone involved.

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    It was no accident. He new that window was open

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    He was negligent that his fault not ship

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    This is insane that they would now want to lawauit against Royal Carib. Its sad the that young baby had to lose its life. But the grandfather put her out the window. She couldn't have gotten up and out the window herself. Its very sad, truly ! He's very lucky not to go to jail. So he took a plea and now wants to blame Royal Carib. This is when Royal Carib should have a counter lawsuit and not look like a bully corporation because the grandfather is clearly at fault. But now want to use the system to see if he/ they would get some public support on it. Not this. Truly a sad sad loss but they should leave this alon and heal

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    I thought this man was the toddler's step-grandfather who was her grandmother's boyfriend, as she was divorced from the father of her daughter, who was the mother of the toddler. The tragedy was made worse when the man lied and carried that lie for months, even when his step-daughter (mother of toddler who is an attorney herself) hired a lawyer to defend him saying he did not know the window was open. Surely he would realize cameras are everywhere on cruise ships and would reveal his lie. The report and video shows almost 35 seconds go by with the kid dangling out the window with the man holding her … and the cruise ship had several cameras that captured it which clarified the accident from different angles. This made everything worse as it will be difficult for the parents to forgive him for the part he played in their child's death not only because he caused it, but because he lied to them and they falsely accused the cruise lines for negligence in not having the window closed and locked so no one could open it.

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    Please replace Lester Holtz, he could not sound less interested in everything he talks about.

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    The cruise line could be held liable for negligence as the accident may have been preventable with appropriate and reasonable safety protocols. While the man obviously acted willfully and recklessly, the family does have the right to assert more could have been done to avert this tragedy. Cruise lines typically use flags of convenience to subvert accountability and legal ramifications.

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    This man and maybe even the family are a bit SUS…. There is no way you couldn't tell that window was open….. Something is being covered up here or something… And you're going to sue the cruise line for what, you're own actions?

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    This grandpa has a lot More to say! He is really sorry for dropping the child & then want money for his fault? Where is the love?

  17. Avatar

    He's probably one of those weird, bitter old alcoholic guys that does sinister things when he doesn't get enough attention. He probably wears crocs too.

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    He was not her biological grandfather. He was her step grandfather!

  19. Avatar

    Why in the world would he plead guilty or his lawyer let him do that.

  20. Avatar

    He stuck his head out of the window on camera and he claimed he didn’t know lol 😂

  21. Avatar

    Why did he have to plead to a crime. This man has suffered enough.

  22. Avatar

    What's His name? Salmonilla

  23. Avatar

    Thats the face of a man that will never truly smile again in his lifetime. So sad.

  24. Avatar

    sad but true he was guilty

  25. Avatar

    Feel terrible for the baby. The parents are trash for suing the cruise line though.

  26. Avatar

    Grandpa most tore up inside

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    James Quincey Holden

    Question, would jumping out the window be realistic to save the child, if you could swim? or would such height knock you out???

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    Dudes called Salmonella

  30. Avatar

    Thoughts and prayers for the parents of the child. 🙏🏽

  31. Avatar

    I honestly feel they just got away with it n was quite easy – insurance $$ everything 🥺

  32. Avatar

    I guess he thought he was Micheal Jackson.

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    Saving All my Love

    This is one of the saddest recent stories. Here is my take. Yes, based on the video I watched, the grandfather knew the window was opened. He stuck his head out the window for a while. Then he wanted his granddaughter, who was too short, to see too. He lifted her up and he didn’t have a good grip and she probably was moving around, like all toddlers do, and he lost his grip. I believe it was a bad judgement call and an accident. The cruise 🚢 ship needs to also put up bars to prevent this from happening again.
    Video: https://youtu.be/ycQVf9Z861Y

  35. Avatar

    He was caught in a huge lie when he said he thought the window was closed but they discovered security video of him leaning out the window then dangling the child out the window before he dropped the her. His defense makes no sense. Liar.

  36. Avatar

    He knew that the window was open and killed that child. He deserve to rot in jail for lying and murdering that poor baby.

  37. Avatar

    It’s all my fault, but let’s sue,…the American way

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