Home / News / Graham Sets Judiciary Committee Vote For Amy Coney Barrett While Democrats Blast 'Sham' Hearings‌

Graham Sets Judiciary Committee Vote For Amy Coney Barrett While Democrats Blast 'Sham' Hearings‌

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., formally scheduled a Senate Judiciary Committee vote on Oct. 22 for the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett while Democrats strongly objected against the hearings, calling the process a “sham.”
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Graham Sets Judiciary Committee Vote For Amy Coney Barrett While Democrats Blast ‘Sham’ Hearings‌

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  1. Avatar

    I have a huge problem with this woman being installed as a Supreme Court Justice, in order to remove RoevWade.
    I am a Christian, but my God has a strict policy that no one else shall be a judge. Each person will be judged by God on how they have lived their life, the good and bad.
    But in America, it's looking like the government shall step in to be God over ALL uteruses.
    But men……oh they can continue on doing whatever they please with their penises.

  2. Avatar
    Michael McCullagh


  3. Avatar

    Wow she doesn't even know if climate change is real! She seems to be a blank slate with Trump writing all over, a political pawn! Heaven knows who will use this blank slate next!!

  4. Avatar

    Only option will be to pack the court

  5. Avatar
    D Uwanayillar Lynn T

    Vote him out!!!! We cannot have elected leaders be blatant liars

  6. Avatar


  7. Avatar

    I thought boys in the south didnt play with men like this?!?

  8. Avatar

    Democrats are afraid 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂, don't be scared it's inevitable. Look at these smeaguls in the comment section acting up.😂I can't stop laughing

  9. Avatar

    Lindsey Hypocrite Graham at it again

  10. Avatar

    We are now in the End Game, "Only One Chance to get it Right" Dr Strange said this. (Trump is our Thanos).

  11. Avatar

    I can't believe what I've witnessed in this so called democracy, you should be ashamed American rebuplicans

  12. Avatar

    Get er done Lyndsey, great job

  13. Avatar

    Judge Barret should be ashamed too and be respectful of the the system and American people

  14. Avatar

    Use my words against me, and you would be 100% correct. Ok, so youre wrong based on your own criteria? That's pathetic.

  15. Avatar

    Graham involvement in this is so inadecuate. He has proven to sell himself to whoever its convenient. Even if it means betraying his (supposedly) own beliefs. Please note “supposedly”. These could change at any time. Mark my words!

  16. Avatar

    This is beyond crooked and corrupted. Disgusting

  17. Avatar

    Amy, Amy, Amy, Amy, KAG/2020 !!!!

  18. Avatar

    History won't forget who the collaboraters were, you can count on that.

  19. Avatar

    (Biden Email LEAK Shows Evidence Joe Biden LIED About Ukraine Dealings)

  20. Avatar

    Trump was right media is the enemy of the people delivers fake news 24 hours daily . You guys have nothing Good to Say about Your President ITS sad !

  21. Avatar

    The American people LOVE this President works hard for the country is the best President ever doing this job for a dollar donates His sallary to the veterans Why media Say nothing about it ??

  22. Avatar

    "Sham Process" So says the corrupt Senator who lied about serving in Vietnam. Funny.

  23. Avatar

    Amy will be confirmed by least 53:47 in the Senate because White House and Senate Majority are of the same party in 2020 . She has the VOTES

    Unlike in In 1992, when then CROOKED Senator Joe Biden blocked HW Bush’s nominee saying that supreme Court nominees should not be even considered once the "political season" began, if the White House and Senate were in opposite hands.

    In 2016, White House and Senate were also in opposite hands so Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refused to consider Obama’s nominee when the "political season" had began because it was obvious the DEM will NOT have the votes since REP were the majority.

  24. Avatar
    Festus Penda Asino

    Why is the media not given chairs

  25. Avatar

    Amy Barrett is the head of QAnon. She will sacrifice all the born children after striking down Roe vs Wade.

  26. Avatar

    Democrats are losing supporters left and right.Truly terrible behavior directed at a great woman because she a devote chatholic.

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