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Graham: James Comey remembers what is damning for Trump

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) joins ‘Hannity’ to discuss Former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony.

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  1. Avatar

    👀 at him 😭

  2. Avatar

    WELCOME TO SOVIET-FASCIST FOX NEWS, brought to you jointly by RupertMurdoch VladimirPutin & all the GOOD FOLK DOWN AT DEUTSCHE BANK!!!

  3. Avatar

    I was racist when racism wasn’t cool.

  4. Avatar
    Chuck Phonhnaboth

    When Comey says I don’t remember or recall……he’s basically saying I pleaded the 5th because Hilary will have me Epstein

  5. Avatar

    Biden should be able to wear noise cancelling headphones on the next debate…. trump can bring one too…but people won't be able to hear him when it is not his time to speak!!! …… 🙂

  6. Avatar

    Comey, Pelosssi, Biden, Ssschumer, Ssschiff, etc., are
    all drinking from the same cup.
    I don't know, I cant answer to that,
    I see, know, hear nothing!!! Do they really think anyone believes them?
    So unamerican, and under oath means nothing to these people!
    "Do Nothing Dems Out!"
    🎉*🇺🇸 TRUMP "2020" 🇺🇸*🎉

  7. Avatar

    I want to ask Lindsey If it’s true that once you go Trump you never go back?

  8. Avatar

    So what are you guys gonna do about it…who ia going to jail and when

  9. Avatar

    Chris Wallace has to be fired!!!

  10. Avatar

    Democrats, Comey, the deep state and MSM; In particular the NYT, all colluded for Comey's Senate testimony using the strategically timed phony Trump tax returns report. It the leaked "Russian Dossier" all over again.

  11. Avatar

    “You are a slow learner, Winston."
    "How can I help it? How can I help but see what is in front of my eyes? Two and two are four."
    "Sometimes, Winston. Sometimes they are five. Sometimes they are three. Sometimes they are all of them at once. You must try harder. It is not easy to become sane.”
    ― George Orwell, 1984

  12. Avatar

    But it's all Debunked as Biden says. Commie is a legend in his own mind.

  13. Avatar

    so tired of the corrupt left seemingly walking free and still no arrests and the lies they spew .must be okay to do unless your a civilian Or republican

  14. Avatar

    The facts show that Russia with the help of Hillary, dems, Obama, Comey, etc completely divided this country, they created a total chaos socially, politically, economically. It's a huge victory for Putin. And it looks like those people knowingly worked for Russian agenda to achieve that goal. How is it not a treason? And if we continue with the Dems agenda we will lose this country…

  15. Avatar

    I haven't seen Sean Hannity's face since 2016. It's been buried deep inside Trump's @$$.

  16. Avatar

    "STAND BACK AND STAND BY." The White Supremacist phrase heard round the world and which will cost Trump the election.

  17. Avatar

    Surprising that he couldn't remember a lot and did remember enough to write books. What a low life. He is an insult to law enforcement.

  18. Avatar

    How many Americans have died of Covid due to Hannity's 'reporting' why are Fox News viewers so stupid?

  19. Avatar

    Greg if I may call you Gutfeld …
    The Gulag is alive and well…They are emptying out many cells here…Throwing out men like Bob my cell mate who likes young boys…And to hurt people…seems they are misunderstood…Its not really a limb he is hitting you with…There are many, many, many empty cells here…I get a letter from my wife who lives in town saying she hides at night…So Do I…
    They are not bringing the the usual felons in from the streets…There are many, many, many empty cells in other prisons also…
    They are making room for after the election…if they win…They will pack the supreme court and all these empty cells…with gun owners…moderates… and religious people…Hillary will be reeducating the people like they do in China…If you live…
    A man here said that is what Marxism does, or Stalinism…They killed tens of millions of their own people…fertilizer for that new green deal…So why should emptying out prisons seem strange. The democrats would more of less want to control the police also with a social/political officer as the Russians used to do…used to do???
    So I just thought I would write you to let you know that your room is ready and the pillow mint is a little stale…But lot of room you can have a great audience here.

  20. Avatar

    the weak republicans …smh …..comey sons them all…"i dont remember " comey hilary wins

  21. Avatar

    Enough of this charade. Lindsay Graham is the one who allowed the Mueller probe to take place, despite the fact that Nunez did an investigation in the house and found the Russia allegations were based on the Hillary Steele Dossier campaign misinformation against Trump. Nunez was the first to say it and everyone knew at the time it was absurd to even think Trump is a Russian agent. But Graham allowed it to happen, convinced Trump not to fire Mueller eventhough it became clear he was there to finish the job his previous boss, Obama, started. This cost the republicans big. It was the reason they lost the house and Pelosi and Schiff tortured the country since 2018. Graham then sat idle doing nothing while the Russia gate revelations kept pouring, eventhough he had the same power as Nadler, given that one is the head of Judiciary at the House and one at the Senate..yet Nadler was doing one investigation after another non stop, while Graham is asleep at the wheel. He did so on purpose because he wants Trump out, he's the establishment and when it comes to the establishment they are all on the same team, dems and republicans. Now that he is running in a close race and about to lose his seat, he decided to be a populist and go after Comey…but he did so in a way that is letting Comey walk….he is just holding a sham hearing for grandstanding and that's all. He could have done a proper investigation in which he hold's close hearings under oath of the lower and middle level actors in the Russia hoax to get them on the record on what Comey knew and what he ordered, before bringing Comey in and pinning him under oath against those testimonies. Instead, he just brings him to smear the president yet one more time while Graham gets to grandstand… vote Graham out, now, he's complicit to his nose in the coup against Trump

  22. Avatar

    Is Graham on here again crying about money. 😂

  23. Avatar
    Maggie Patterson


  24. Avatar

    Keep up streaming the truth, never stop, anyone with a brain will eventually 'get it'!

  25. Avatar

    Keep it up Graham and Cruz… America is counting on you.

  26. Avatar

    Fox news has become an enigma. They claim to be conservative and all about American values and morals. Yet they have some of the raunchiest TV shows and series on the tube. In addition Gutfield and others regularly feature people like Insane Clown Posse , who are responsible for influencing many young people into drugs, crime, the occult etc. I am a radical Trump supporter and a proud American veteran, but I cant understand Foxes ignorance of the negative effect that much of their programming is responsible for. Now they put this obviously biased Chris Wallace to " moderate " the debate. I am switching to ONE AMERICA NEWS.

  27. Avatar
    Даниил Хрящёв

    clown with woman name

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