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Graceful Barn Owl Hunting in the Daytime | BBC Earth

This beautiful nocturnal animal looks like a ghost descending on its prey.
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  1. Avatar

    It's face looks almost human…. kinda creepy to me but at the same time beautiful.

  2. Avatar

    They are my favourite species of British owls because they are so beautiful

  3. Avatar

    The grace and beauty of the nature

  4. Avatar

    The owl and voice work well together… Where's the full video?

  5. Avatar

    Was hedwig considered one of these?

  6. Avatar

    I think i heard a owl flying by

  7. Avatar

    That Craig Armstrong soundtrack caught me by surprise.

  8. Avatar

    Hey what is your favourite species of owl?

    Mine's the BARN OWL!

  9. Avatar

    Are all these shots of a wild bird? The bird in the extreme closeups seems to be intensely focused on something straight ahead of it – very characteristic of a trained individual flying to its owner.

  10. Avatar

    Why are they out during the day?

  11. Avatar

    How does anyone contribute, deliberately or through default, to putting this species at risk?

  12. Avatar

    Just the act of watching it fly. How you can visibly see its body move upward as it slowly flaps its wings is hypnotic.

  13. Avatar

    So, does the narrator write his little poetry down before hand or what?

  14. Avatar

    It's probably his pet owl he's filming fly

  15. Avatar


  16. Avatar

    I was able to experience this recently. I love them! @jkuhn36

  17. Avatar

    In my Country owls are bad animals idk why

  18. Avatar

    This is pure joy and beauty what more can be said…JUST AMAZING!!!!!

  19. Avatar

    Many people still believe that 'owls are our ansisters souls'…

  20. Avatar

    I love barn owls 🦉🥰😍😙

  21. Avatar

    Barn owls are such breathtakingly beautiful creatures! 😍

  22. Avatar

    I really like the BGM in this video

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