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Gowdy: Obama would be relevant as an impeachment witness

Fox News contributor Trey Gowdy weighs in on calls for witnesses in Senate trial.

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  1. Avatar

    Republican propaganda machine getting more and more crazy everyday. But, but Obama 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. Avatar

    Jesus lol, this man is styled like my 9 year old son lol

  3. Avatar

    Gowdy DID lose a case once. Herpes.

  4. Avatar

    🙄 Fox News needs to stop lying to their audience. You are making these ppl look like fools!

  5. Avatar

    Obama is a bloody criminal, worse president the US ever had. A shame. Imagen what would have happened if Hillary became his successor…. I pray to god everyday that this didn’t happen.

  6. Avatar

    Ukraine the democrat milking cow. Unlimited corruption, drain that swamp

  7. Avatar

    Question : So next year, will President Sanders have the right to ask Russia, China, Syria, Ukraïne and you-name-it for dirt on Trump, should he be willing to run again in 2024 ? Would that not be an impeachable action ?

  8. Avatar

    Bring him in…….he is guilty too!

  9. Avatar

    admiral ace lyons was right about OBAMA listen to his speach 2016 they have been selling out AMERICA since 2008

  10. Avatar

    Hunter is in a crack house frying his last brain cell LOL

  11. Avatar

    I guess he will testify, after Lev Parnas' and John Bolton's testimony.
    Subpoena ? Hah, who's complying with that nowadays ? That is so 2015.

  12. Avatar

    I just listened to this Bug eyed crazy pencil neck person …………. The man has serious TDS. 
    He stated who ever prefers to believe Rudy Giuiani over Chris Wray……………….
    i.e.: President Trump, cannot and must not be trusted ………..
    His bizarre belief………….. 
    That this makes Donald Trump unhinged and dangerous…….. 
    Almost three and a half hours of verbal diarrhea spouting utter nonsense with repetitive Trump is a lier and a cheat,
    Therefore must be removed immediately from office,
    And the Main stream media are going along with this ….. OMG.
    What a Nutters. ……………………..

  13. Avatar

    Why bother calling witnesses if executive privilege and pleading the 5th stops their testimony? Just end this.

  14. Avatar

    Seeing obamas face makes me nauseated . He sold out the USA during his pathetic 8 yes

  15. Avatar

    How funny is that. The more the Democrats talk then more they uncover the truth. They start digging the hole under them even they didn't realize. Their lies are overwhelming. The funny thing is that they forgetting what they talked about few days before . That is stupidity

  16. Avatar

    You know who else would make a Great Impeachment witness? Trump🤨..So yes call Obama Hunter who ever you want..Because the only ppl that can answer if Trump Obstructed Justice would be Trump and his Administration..So if you want to play ball let's play…Call Obama,,but I want to see everyone in the White House Testify and all relevant documents Trumps and senators are blocking to be in the Trail To….Because at the end of the day Trump is getting Impeached, not anyone else..So Obama Hunter and whomever else your cover up strategy calls for will only end up under oath saying,,idk why Trump withheld funds and documents from the American Ppl…Only Trump and can answer that…lol I wish I was a lawyer in this case lol…The Republican would be shut down quick…Republicans are being Hypocrites..If you want this to be so much like the Clinton Impeachment,,Put Trump on the Stand to testify under Oath..That's what Bill did in the Clinton Impeachment?🤷‍♂️🤨
    Now all the sudden you don't want it to be like th Clinton trails right?🙄🙄 Make up your mind lol..This is why America don't Trust you lol…

  17. Avatar

    …Absosmurfly UNpresidented..Carter was the last true vote after the Town Clerk slash in 82 // 84..

  18. Avatar

    Having Obama testify??
    That.. would.. be.. AWESOME!

  19. Avatar

    Why is the Senate entertaining these crooked politicians? All they have to do is do their job! They don’t owe the Democrats anything but a quick verdict. Put this nonsense to bed and let the President stomp them in the ground this November!!!!

  20. Avatar

    I, think about it many times, that Obama is also relevant as a witness to be grilled.

  21. Avatar

    Mendacious trial, to alleviate Epstein friends, the art of deceptions are transitive for the largest child raping ring to walk away clean. Nobody is going to pay exempt we the people.

  22. Avatar

    If trump is still involved in this impeachment dose that mean he can't RUN IN YHE

  23. Avatar

    Its amazing that an Australian is almost succeeding in destroying the USA, and the Americans aren't fighting back.

  24. Avatar

    Nothing is going to happen to Barry. Neighborhoods will burn to the ground and everyone knows it.

  25. Avatar

    Knowing Fox News, they probably told Trump to meddle in the 2020 election because they know that if the Dems return to the White House, then they are finished.

  26. Avatar

    Do these guys live on the same planet as the rest of us ?

  27. Avatar

    EveryONE is forgetting the whole REASON for DEMS “WANTING” this impeachment, HE’LL be RE-ELECTED! That’s what ALL of this is about. Look at what the Dems Congressman’s statements on “IMPEACH 45” anyone of them. It’s ridiculous that they’re being able to use this as a political tool!

  28. Avatar

    Obama would be relevant. How stupid.

  29. Avatar

    As if the Bidens wouldn't crush your talking points enough, you want the biggest dog in the yard to do it also.
    Why won't YOUR president be a witness to his own phone call? Trump's own lawyers don't trust him to testify. If Trump's own lawyers don't trust him, why should any American?

  30. Avatar

    Just forget about Biden being a witness in the Trump impeachment fraud, you have a video of Biden admitting to his crime of quid pro quo. Why is he still trying to run for the presidency? He should already be facing a jail sentence. What the hell is going on in your country? Why isn't the DOJ and Billy Barr arresting and prosecuting this creep who has intentions of becoming president of the US? And furthermore to all the idiots who claim that Trump was trying to get Ukraine to investigate Biden in order to damage his political opponent, well Biden wasn't and is still not Trump's opponent until such a time as he has been chosen by the democraps to be their choice. Trump may be facing any of the democraps that are fighting for that job. So stop calling Biden the political opponent of President Trump cause he is not yet.

  31. Avatar

    If for no other reason,I could not trust Howdy because of that ridiculous hair style! Why would a supposedly intelligent man make himself look idiotic?

  32. Avatar

    Obama must be a witness and call Obama, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden to senate floor for public hearings.

    Where is Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren during these hearings?

  33. Avatar

    Isn’t it odd that Obama hasn’t said one word about any of this? I just find it very very odd that he hasn’t chimed in on corruption or any of the other impeachment charges. I guess you don’t throw rocks in a glass house.

  34. Avatar

    While they lie they are stealing the constitution before our eyes

  35. Avatar

    Yeah, well then… somebody needs to put that bastard on trial.

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