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Government expands COVID-19 business program

The federal government says targeted aid is coming for some businesses affected by closures as a second wave of COVID-19 hits parts of the country. Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland said this support will include an overhauled rent relief program, which the government said will allow businesses to apply directly for relief through the Canada Revenue Agency until June 2021.

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  1. Avatar

    They forgot all about new businesses that were just growing. My business was closed after being open for just a few months. I can't show a loss of business that I still didn't grow yet I have rent and debt payments. This is why suicides will rise! We are tired and done. There will be more deaths of despair than COVID deaths.

  2. Avatar

    OMG more right wing socialism.

  3. Avatar

    So unfair. The way to control people is by having them living in fear! People wake up!

  4. Avatar

    Moving closer to socialism one shut down at a time ….lies lies lies

  5. Avatar

    No good. Shut down the country, no rent relief. 🤕👍

  6. Avatar



    03:01 Really nice 👌 💋💞

  7. Avatar
    Canadian Gold Saver

    Business is an investment, sometimes you make money, and sometimes you lose money. Sorry that’s the risk they take, it’s not fair they using my hard earn tax money to keep them afloat. Businesses need to adapt to the new ways this virus forced us to live to turn a profit. Or fail. Stop using my money to keep failing businesses afloat.

  8. Avatar

    The government helps no one but themselves. Giving away free money while the mint drives our dollar into the abyss isn't a solution. Its ludicrous. But put a mask on! Hahaha!

  9. Avatar

    Whose this batmuncher

  10. Avatar

    Government is going to pay for stores to be open now, pay workers to stay home now, and pay for free education, free food, etc etc.

    Who is going to pay for all this!?

  11. Avatar
    Ginger - Cathouse Creations

    THERE IS NO JUNE 31ST !!! I love that they announced that half of the loan would be forgiven if it’s paid by June 31, 2022. Since that day will never come, I guess the don’t have to pay it back – lol.

  12. Avatar

    Fine or jail people the same way as someone knowingly passing on aids, if you have it and accidently give it to someone. At Walmart or something, you deserve to go down.

  13. Avatar

    LOCKDOWNs have few Purposes ….. MOST will see it as a means of mass control, with population control… Some will see a Global Human – Experiment …. FEW will see what is happening behind the elitists' curtain of concealment…

    With the masses quarantined and out of the way :
    1) 🔴Governments around the world, will have the ability to access their countries resources better or eliminate resources of their choosing. (using military/police/ government regulators and security forces)
    2) 🔴The Ability to weed out / exterminate; the competition/resistance to their 600yr old agenda.
    3) 🔴The Ability to administer a new phase of rule/law/control over the programmed people.
    People independence will be more restricted as quarantines become the norm.
    The slaves to modern conveniences will loose the ability to self govern themselves and become dependant on a government dictatorship.
    4) 🔴The Ability to deliver more misinformation (news/science findings/belief systems etc) to the populations and weed out the agitators. Sheeple People will be united and conditioned by the system to attack anyone whom is not with the program.
    5)🔴 These techniques of mass quarantine will give researchers & governments, the ability to observe and calculate where are the weakest parts of their territory are (largest rioters /protest gatherings),
    the greatest resources are (food, minerals oil/gas, etc),
    the largest threats to their agenda (which states are not falling inline)
    and new measures will be initiated for the ruling government (corporations )and act accordingly in the next installed quarantine
    6) 🔴New plans for creating sectors within larger boundaries and placing enforcement stations within these sectors
    7) 🔴Flooding dissident communities with fear, drugs and chaos to decrease the population ..or neglect them needed health services, education, or proper policing services.
    8) 🔴Maintain the separations between hi-class from (middle) low-class to creating a larger poverty-class , groups…using banking financial services, housing, agriculture , labour forces, increased unemployment into essential workforce, restricted technology, providing less emergency aid due to environmental weather conditions (hurricanes, floods, etc) etc..
    9) 🔴Lockdowns will create chaos (conflicts to outright violence) and increase mental health issues (depression and increased suicides) ..these places with the most cases, will be monitored and researched by government and corporations.
    10) 🔴The ability to program future generations (your grandchildren's children's) thought / belief processes , to the continuance of the Grand Agenda. Control of Your Children's children is the greatest Resource to the Elitists.
    11) 🔴Trillions of dollars to be made by the Elitists during this Lockdown phase and in its aftermath stages, with medical services and administering untested drugs , new energy developments, new security's in place, Transportation restrictions and conditions in place, food distributions will be more controlled, production of same products with higher prices will be initiated, Hard cash will be converted to plastic cash , communications will be monitored more and limited, Prisons will be increased in population and sizes, more restrictions on independent self sufficiency food procurements (gardens, water harvesting, land management etc) …etc etc.

    LOCK DOWNS have an Agenda

  14. Avatar

    If there's a way to weed out businesses that route their money to offshore bank accounts, they should do that. Businesses that profit off of the Canadian economy, but don't pay full taxes, should not qualify. The same goes for a few of the greedy business owners who have workers who pay workers under the table, and pay them under minimum wage and tell them "you don't pay income tax, so it's fine," knowing perfectly well most people who earn minimum wage don't pay income tax anyway. These are the types of Ebeneezer Scrooge, ba humbug, libertarian pricks who shouldn't benefit from something like this at all.

  15. Avatar

    Proud to be Canadian🇨🇦❤️
    I don't know of many governments in the world are taking care of its people like the Canadian government. It's almost babysitting the people and taking huge care of them during this crises 👏🌹

  16. Avatar
    Senior warrant officer

    !!Моя история -это крик души! Человека семью(двое детей 8 и 12 лет) которого в мирное время оставляют на улице без крова на головой! Это несчастье с которым нам ни как не справиться без помощи! Интересно НЕ БУДЕТ, а будет ЖЕСТЬ! Я покажу правду о безразличие судий которые лишают простых людей жилья в пользу тех у которых недвижимости и так много(сдаёт квартиры в найм) и как банк забрав материнский капитал оставил и без денег и без квартиры. Это не расскажут на ТВ и прессе!
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    Сокращаю историю на сколько ВОЗМОЖНО!
    Только человек имеющий понимание о том, что в жизни судьба не справедлива порой с теми кто этого совсем не заслуживает! Несовершенство законодательства РФ привело к тому, что я с детьми стал фактически БОМЖем.
    И так начну, Я военный пенсионер, пенсионное дело МД 60139, ст. мичман запаса, 23 года выслуги !
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    В 2016 г. Я был отправлен на пенсию.
    Квартиру в которой я проживал ещё до службы во время службу пришлось ослужебить, а для того, чтобы вступить в права ипотечной квартиры служебное жилье нужно было сдать! После увальнения платежи по военной ипотеке прекратились и я должен был платить самостоятельно. А
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