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Gov. Andrew Cuomo on reopening NYC amid pandemic | USA TODAY

Gov. Andrew Cuomo provides updates at his daily briefing on the coronavirus pandemic in New York.

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  1. Avatar
    Vinod Somareddy

    Same political comments and complaining. State the facts and plan only

  2. Avatar
    The Epstein Diaries

    Remember, you can't make love from 6ft away ❤️

  3. Avatar

    Cuomo loves Israel.

  4. Avatar

    way better than the "Ima Cheerleader": we got from trumpco INC.

  5. Avatar

    Trump says re open democrats scream no he doesn’t care bout the people they will die.
    Cuomo says we need to re open democrats say yeah yeah yeah. Guess Cuomo doesn’t care either
    Hahahaha ridiculous

  6. Avatar

    another news channel to block because they refuse to work with an audio engineer

  7. Avatar

    Save the seniors. I do not care about politics, prove it.Hydroxychloroquine for All.

  8. Avatar

    So today I'm going to talk about the same damn shit as I did the last few weeks 🙄. I'm your daddy. I tell you when you can go back outside and live…glad I don't live in that state packed in there like sardines 😁

  9. Avatar

    Killer Coumo. Pushing granny off the cliff.

  10. Avatar

    The Mob Boss of NY State. For Illegals not NY Citizens.

  11. Avatar
    Trent Montgomery

    Read the new and proven Catesism of Trent https://drive.google.com/file/d/1–wAuaIBB25Sv52OoBNarQWmDRzq2odW/view?usp=drivesdk free download. Eunuch brook.

  12. Avatar

    Great morning humor, if it wasn’t so sad – NewYork this is what you voted for ……just saying this is what a Sanctuary State is !

  13. Avatar

    I think you mean #FakePandemic

  14. Avatar

    That Bar chart will forever be known as Cuomo Mountain.

  15. Avatar

    Treasonous trump supporting parasites
    Whiskey Hotel India Tango Echo
    November India Golf Golf Echo Romeos

  16. Avatar
    Sleeping giant of Yamamoto

    In New York City, it's the rats that rule and the people cower in fear! 🇺🇸

  17. Avatar

    You morons, idiots think and believe Andrew Coumo is your boss and you should impeccably abide by all he states.

    He's a civil servant, he is in his political position to protect and care for the state in which he is hired. He caused the deaths of thousands of elderly by applying his authority to Nursing homes to take and lawfully accept poeople with covid19, He needs to be sued for all the funerals he caused out of his cognitive impaired choices for the state of New York. This is grounds for a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT.

    Where are all your minds, in Kindergarten, You are so drunk and mentally impaired to the point you dont know what is right from what is lawfully wrong and you dont care? Or is it your on heroine and cant function?

    America is a pieace of shit and sinking Quickley, America is litterily filled to the brim witb Mentally and cognitive impaired making deadly choices for American citizens. This virus looks like a purge of those who live off Government Financing

  18. Avatar
    Patricia Spellman

    That sign language guy is the real star of this show

  19. Avatar

    How many seniors did he kill in nursing homes??? The Geico Caveman is a failure at best. 🖕🏻🤮

  20. Avatar

    Funny how people who argue everyone should wear masks undermine the protection they provide. If a mask works, it works, regardless of others wearing them.

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