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GOP senator questions patriotism of Purple Heart recipient

Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn attacked Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, a key National Security Council aide who testified before Congress on the Ukraine scandal, on Twitter, including questioning the Purple Heart recipient’s patriotism.
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    I’m a gold star family member as my little brother was killed in action in Iraq. I’m also myself a disabled Veteran. I also support the President along with the vast majority of Veterans.

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    Blackman is a sick puppy. How to be popular…bagging a veteran!!!!

    And she is a senator!!!! How embarrassing and pathetic her behaviour is.

    What is wrong with these people. A proud, honest man talks truth to power and they are bagged. Its sick.

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    Everybody is so pro military on the right accept when they testify against Trump

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    Policy dispute?! Blackburn has absolutely no understanding of integrity.

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    This guy put his life on the line for over 20 years, come on. He’s a bad guy now all because he testified against Trump. What about the guy who dodged the draft 5 times?

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    The Republican party wants a cover up they do not want to uphold the Constitution and provide witnesses and documents

  7. Avatar

    Republicans are atm Weak and Spineless Crimibal!

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    Marsha Blackburn is just another Putin licker who hides her greed and parasitism behind the uneducated and gullible.

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    This Marsha Blackburn must have been drinking some of that good ole Tennessee Moonshine with Mick mulvany,…
    must have mixed it with some of that koolaide 👋

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    The GOP only "supports the troops" when they are trying to start a war

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    This bitch is disgusting… fuck you Marsha Blackburn

  12. Avatar

    Is one word to describe the Trump era cult leader

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    Getting a Purple Heart not automatically mean you are a saint.

    Being a veteran does not mean you are above scrutiny, either.


    A Retired Marine

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    This woman has no shame. Never a good idea to criticize a purple heart recipient who has served his country his entire adult life. But this is what trump has turned the republican party into, with his early attacks on McCain, gold star families, etc. They truly lost their way when they climbed aboard the trump train. Disgusting!

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    Lying under Oath, in uniform, li is even worse.

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    Dear GOP- when you complain about the absence of evidence that you yourselves voted to hide from public view- you give away your con job.

    Your welcome.

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    Vindiman owes his Loyalty to Ukraine…. LMAO more fake News

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    Oh the irony of the Republican Party. Like Marsha, we see Devan Nunes now calls for Vindman to be removed from the White House questioning patriotism and loyalty! Really? C’mon Devan, look in the mirror. How many months were you secretly working in the background with the disgraced, self-serving Ukrainians that had been expelled for actual corruption. Nunes never felt the need to disclose his Parnas connections or his own trips to the Ukraine. What a liar and coward and what a sleaze ball with all his mock outrage. A bit similar to his Commander in Chief, the grifting snake oil salesman that goes by the name of Trump.

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    Remember how the Mueller report ended when everyone was like "GET MUELLER TO TESTIFY" and he did and nothing came of it? If the same happens with Bolton/Mulvaney or if none of them get to appear and he still gets acquitted, vote for Trump. As he said, "I like people that don't get caught" to John McCain.

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