Home / News / GOP Rep slams Dems for holding up stimulus to include 'pet projects'

GOP Rep slams Dems for holding up stimulus to include 'pet projects'

There are significant health implications for America’s children if we don’t reopen schools, says Tennessee Rep. Mark Green, Republican member of the House Oversight and Reform Committee. #FoxNews

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  1. Avatar
    Taylor Curtis Braz

    I believe that as an essential worker I deserve a premium, and because I am a hardworking essential worker 😓💦⚙️🔨😷🥽 I deserve double pay and also an additional premium 💰

  2. Avatar
    DonaldTrump IsTheGreatestPresidentOfAllTime

    Was there a fire at Madame Tussauds wax gallery during the theft of the Squirtbottle Nancy Pelosi statue which was dragged out on its face?

  3. Avatar

    Have McEnany show the Dems "wishlist" during a live briefing! Show the undecided American people the Dems TRUE agenda! 💪🏻🇺🇸💪🏾🇺🇸💪🏿🇺🇸🗽⚖️🌎

  4. Avatar

    It's the Republicans who are blocking the bill and every Republican knows it. What a shame.

  5. Avatar

    Pelosi looks like latex draped over a skeleton. She is hideous inside and out.

  6. Avatar

    Democrats needs to get there head out of their butt..

  7. Avatar

    I am from China. Bless American people.

  8. Avatar

    Bla bla bla The Repubes are Dem Bitches

  9. Avatar

    Hold it up! The people know.
    Republicans really don’t want to help the people.
    Democrats want too much spending not equated to COVID-19.
    It’s almost time to start over.
    Be ready.

  10. Avatar

    So the experts said schools need to open dems have no more excuses

  11. Avatar

    Too much money,so people don't want to go back to work? What a joke. When you close down jobs, what do you expect. take restrictions off business being closed and we'll all go back to work, simple math. Both parties are idiots!

  12. Avatar

    Leave the stupid pet projects out of this. Focus on getting relief to those who need it. Have a temporary extension while this is worked out. This should've been finished weeks ago.

  13. Avatar

    U.S. Patent 5,139,684 kills all viruses in the human body safely…HIV, Ebola, etc… Please google, read and pass it on..this is why blood banks are safe…google: U.S. Patent 5,139,684 pdf and download..There is some fake news/info when looking for it….

  14. Avatar
    Daniel Louis DeVasto Percoco

    Nancy Pelosi just doesn’t like Trump and it’s not fair to our country. Let’s face it, Nancy will take a stroke when Donald Trump gets re-elected. I don’t know why they just don’t fire her and give us a new Speaker of the House.

  15. Avatar

    Nancy Pelosi is a menace to society.

  16. Avatar
    DonaldTrump IsTheGreatestPresidentOfAllTime

    I don’t think a Doctor approved all those cosmos Nancy Pelosi is downing everyday.

  17. Avatar

    Shouldn’t the government over the past 3 1-2 years help low income families so that children don’t have to get their food from schools???!!!

  18. Avatar


  19. Avatar

    Nasty Pelosi need an urgent advice from his friend Dalai Lama 😎🇺🇸🦅🏌💥

  20. Avatar

    Chucky boy old Schumer a DEVIL ALSO FAKE MORON

  21. Avatar

    Covid is engineered biological weapon unleashed by China.

  22. Avatar

    Stop paying the teachers.

  23. Avatar

    The dems don't care about the people that are struggling

  24. Avatar

    The number one thing to avoid sickness in a pandemic is to isolate yourself. Schools are the opposite. Both parties should have stayed in DC until a deal was done.

  25. Avatar

    Nancy Pelosi is literally the WORST thing that has came out of the 1800’s

  26. Avatar

    The idea of Mail in vote is very disturbing. America must avoid this disaster at any cost 🗽👮🇺🇲

  27. Avatar

    Nancy Pelosi is one sneeze away from blowing all her teeth out.

  28. Avatar

    Children who take their own life is purely an extension of the parents. Their blood is on their hands. Unfortunately ignorance to what your child is exposed to will not wipe away that blood.

  29. Avatar

    Why can’t people do fact checking and no it’s all a political game. Yes the virus is out there yes the virus affects people 99.96% that is a better survival rate of flu. Kind of odd you don’t hear about the flu any more WHY IS THAT. The best thing for us is to continue on and get our lives back together and not sit there and let the media control us and scare us. Believe me I have read about this in December and dug deep all the way till now people you do I have nothing to worry about

  30. Avatar

    There's plenty of help for the kids to get food from schools even while they're closed. They're probably more sad when other grandparents die.

  31. Avatar


  32. Avatar

    Can't someone return rotten old Nancy Pelosi to the mortuary.

  33. Avatar
    Ruredd2votered Redvoter

    Chucky Schumer is making me content w i t h being a janitor at least I am not Nancy's b** boy

  34. Avatar

    DEMOCRAT oath of office

    I do soullessly swear, I will menacingly support and defund the Institution of Public Safety of the United States, against all humanity, American and Patriotic; and that I will induce true evil and alliance to the same; and that I take this psychological manipulation freely, without any mental awareness or of common sense; and that I will, well and faithfully discharge the duties of the swamp in which I am about to enter.

  35. Avatar

    Democrats Do Not Give To Shits About The People.

  36. Avatar

    Nancy Pelosi is a ghoul wearing a human face mask. No way she’s human.

  37. Avatar

    The same GOP who cannot agree among themselves. What a joke.

  38. Avatar

    Democratic Communist’s for Butt Slamming Americans 🤬

  39. Avatar

    I bet not one of you knows where the state of TN is. EXACTLY

  40. Avatar

    Taking a drug that’s been around for decades is bad. But Nancy Pelosi injecting Botox and drinking adrenochrome from little kids is totally fine!

  41. Avatar

    Chuck schumer is a senator and because he's the minority he's butting his nose in the congressional decision..((Looser)) Because the democrats have the power in Congress and the republicans have the power in the senate. And it is stupid that they tag all these bills with earmarks. Especially when they are separate entities.

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