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Gmac Cash – Coronavirus (Official Video) Shot By @Ayeyonino #Coronaviruschallenge

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Move Bitch U got Coronavirus.
Ooo Shit u got Coronavirus.
We ain’t finna do shit,
with this Coronavirus
I ain’t finna take trip,
with this Coronavirus. (2x)

Ima chill at the crib cuz I’m safe here.
I ain’t even bouta drink me ah carona beer.
Ima bouta stay at the crib for about ah year.
And I ain’t coming back out
til this shit clear.

I done bought me a mask,
and a lot gloves,
and I still feel like that’s not enough.
I ain’t shaking no hands,
I don’t wanna hug.
Make sure you wash yo hands with a lot of love.

So if u got the CV they gone find you.
If u coughing I ain’t tryna be around you.
I ain’t even tryna stand beside or behind u.
Ima try to help them mfs find you.

I ain’t even bouta hop on no plane,
I ain’t even bouta stand in the rain,
I ain’t getting on no train,
I ain’t even bouta drive in my lane,
I’m bouta stay in the house
and play da game.

Move Bitch U got Coronavirus.
Ooo Shit u got Coronavirus.
We ain’t finna do shit,
with this Coronavirus
I ain’t finna take trip,
with this Coronavirus. (2x)

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    ‼️STREAM On Apple Music, ITunes, Spotify Here https://empire.ffm.to/corona ‼️

  2. Avatar

    When the hood helps combat Coronavirus

  3. Avatar

    What's the next song? Outta toilet paper

  4. Avatar

    “Ooo shit you got Coronavirus” 😂😂💀

  5. Avatar

    Idk why but that sneeze and cough in the beginning had me dying 😂😂😂

  6. Avatar

    Please someone cough on these MFers with 55 IQ. Dumbasses.

  7. Avatar

    It sound like cardi b was in there to ooo shit you have cornavires move bich you have the cornavires

  8. Avatar

    this song better be in history class at some point

  9. Avatar

    Here from @TRUEREACTS This shit funny af my nigga 😂😂😂 but you speakin facts 😂😂

  10. Avatar

    I'll be bringin mah spray with me at all times

  11. Avatar

    “I’mma tryna help those motherfuckers find you!”. We call those rats. In this case, I guess ratting ok… 🤔🤷‍♂️💯

  12. Avatar

    this didn’t have to hit that hard

  13. Avatar

    This is stupid as fuck. 99% of the fuckers watching this still believe this virus came from a " market " haha. People praying to be locked up and praying for the market of the beast and these numb nuts rappers keeping you people stupid as fuck

  14. Avatar

    🧬 Covd-19 😹🤦🏽‍♀️ vaccine💉💯

  15. Avatar

    Best part when he says bitch you got coronavirus 😆

  16. Avatar

    Shout out Detroit baby! All his other parody songs slap!

  17. Avatar

    intro melody should have been a guitar sample and song shoulda been about how big ya truck is

    im out

  18. Avatar

    I went to the store and coughed shit I almost got kicked out the store

  19. Avatar

    2019: spray the AK
    2020: Spray that lysol

  20. Avatar

    Quarantine and chill trap music 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Needs a guest appearance from Froggy Fresh.

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    Aye that shoe dap up was fire tho🔥🔥🔥😂‼️

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    Lmao im glade this song is really on itunes i saw the video with i think 4 spraying lysol dancing to this song some funny Stuff

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    People play stupid shit But this dog lit‼️🔥🔥🔥🔥😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Subscribe to me and follow my Instagram @freebandmikeyyy 🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺 Like and comment for follow back

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    anybody notice that mitosis metaphase at @1:40

  26. Avatar

    "Move Bitch u got coronavirus😂"

  27. Avatar

    The latest weapon off mass destruction is the mighty cough 🦠

  28. Avatar

    This fool is a genius… kudos young king

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    We praise the genius of GMAC CASH in the new episode here: https://youtu.be/MYgnc5pPbMI

  30. Avatar

    It's actually a good PR campaign if you think about it. It gets the message out

  31. Avatar

    I think this song/video has brought a huge amount of warmth to the world. Thank you. Dope all around

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