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Global oil prices surge after Saudi Arabia drone attacks

Drone attacks on Saturday on Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities have sparked a sharp jump in global oil prices.
Oil futures opened 19 percent higher, jumping as much as $11.73 a barrel to $71.95, the highest single-day increase since futures trading began in 1988.
Riyadh is racing to restore its oil production which has been slashed in half after drones targeted the heart of its energy industry.
President Donald Trump has authorised the release of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to keep the markets well-supplied.
Al Jazeera’s Economics Editor Abid Ali explains.

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  1. Avatar

    America did it to make Saudi fight Iran and both get ruined while each buying US weapons against each other. It's MF Trump policy

  2. Avatar

    So Trump Wants to Sell his Oil …..he wants Saudi and Iran to fight and ….Last Worry for Greater Israel will end …….

  3. Avatar

    Now Shah Faisal is Back, Dont Give Oil to International Market, Saudi Arab Government Shah Salman Sahab Only Give Oil to Muslim Country, Now Super Power Country Ecomeice Full down, Your Bad Time is State From NOW.

  4. Avatar

    There should be a full blown war between saudi and iran. I tell u the world will be at peace after the war.

  5. Avatar

    Oils companies just want to increase the prices and this is one way to do that.

  6. Avatar

    MBS killed Jamal Khasoggi, so he would not hesitate to bomb his own oil facilities to drive up the price of oil.

  7. Avatar

    Saudi Arabia is the source of all terror. You’ve been bombing Yemenis for years and killing thousands of innocent people. Look at the response? The Houthis could have bombed your city and killed civilians but they are not blood thirsty like you. USA is a blood thirsty country along with the Saudi and Israel.

  8. Avatar

    with all the weapons sold to saudi's, can the saudi's not protect their own national interest and we have them as allies? What happened to President Trump putting AMERICA FIRST.

  9. Avatar

    Once again IRAN is up to it's malign attacks and their lies. These guys love to lie,something they are comfortable with. Iran wants the prices to go up. They lied about their nuclear enrichment, lied about their proxies. That regime has to go. The U. S. is exercising great restraint. Could you imagine what the U. S. could do? Man they don't even what to know. That regime are just like disobedient children, keep on teasing the eagle.

  10. Avatar

    "To lower fuel prices, we need more carbon taxes and Third World Migrants"
    Democrats in the USA, and Leftists everywhere

  11. Avatar

    Nice propaganda to attack Iran..But you are not brave that you can attack on Iran…
    God bless you Iran I'm from Pakistan

  12. Avatar

    Thanks to the Almighty; Trump has derailed the railway train loaded with gasoline tankers only a week ago otherwise by this time Bolton would have ignited that train and middle east would have engulfed in inferno. Still small fire dumps (war mongers) are there. Hope, Trump will use his wisdom to put off the fires and take final action soon to stop Yemen War and signed a deal with Iran to make America and the world more safer and peaceful.

  13. Avatar

    Pakistan will never help never send his army this time bcz u coward people support india and not raise voice over Kashmir

  14. Avatar

    Without doubt this is a false flag event designed to prop up the American petrol $$$$…….. another excuse to start a war with Iran. The firing of John Bolton was nothing but a public relations move to save face. Quite interesting that America wants to sign a defence treaty with Israel,,,,,,, you can be 100% certain young Jewish people will never dare fight a war. It will & always will be poor young Americans fighting these endless wars to benefit Israel. If America is energy self sufficient, than they have no business in the Middle East. Maybe they should have a foreign policy like China that is based on the business of doing business which has created massive employment & wealth. The American policy of death, deception & destruction will be the decline of America & also Israel ,,,,,,, which are the 2 most hated nations on earth.

  15. Avatar

    So who really attacked aramco oil facilities?

  16. Avatar

    More Target of these kind should be hit rather than School bus carrying children

  17. Avatar

    Drone attack was hit the wrong target. Should be hit MBS head.

  18. Avatar

    we all need to get our tech industries aligned and come other means to run engines so we do not have to rely on oil, my next car will be electric.

  19. Avatar

    it is may be Israel who want fight between saudi and yemen

  20. Avatar

    😀😀😀😃😃😎😎 i am very happy

  21. Avatar

    Humans that do not belong with the elites are colonized cattle.

  22. Avatar

    S 400 would have prevented the attack

  23. Avatar

    The drones actually came from North Korea and not Iran.

  24. Avatar

    This is false flag, they did it themselves

  25. Avatar

    Iran did not attack Saudi Arabia. It was Israel or its US minion.

  26. Avatar

    Saudi Arabia is the cause of massive starvation in Yemen and tens of thousands of children have died so the Saudis must be stopped….

  27. Avatar

    Saudis may have made the attack themselves? World we live in now. Iran does not want a war with the US.

  28. Avatar

    That was a drone attack really what happened to 100 billion dollars equipments I guess didn't work..falls flag so they can start war with Iran

  29. Avatar


  30. Avatar

    Why stop here? Bomb the rest of Saudi. Do it for the 911 victims, do it for Khashoggi.

  31. Avatar

    The only thing we know is that flying drones iss too hard for saudis

  32. Avatar

    It’s a scheme to raise oil prices !! Saudis are lying

  33. Avatar

    Looks like they will make the difference by raising the price win win

  34. Avatar

    Why would Iran enrich Saudi Arabia? This scenario doesn't make sense.

  35. Avatar

    The oil industry will destroy their own tanks, tankers, lines and anything else that would keep the prices up.

  36. Avatar

    Saudi fooles attack yemani innocents

  37. Avatar

    The United States is losing the war in Afghanistan and the economy is wreaking havoc on the United States.
    In the case of the United States, the United States has carried out a trick that the oil that was stolen from Iraq wants to be sold for which it made a fake attack.

    Sudi & iran boths are innocent
    Real enemy is USA & isrial

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