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Global National: Oct. 9, 2020 | COVID-19 cases surging in parts of Canada, restrictions return

As we enter the first Thanksgiving long weekend with COVID-19, the message to everyone is stay home and keep your circle small because the forecast is for the virus to accelerate. In Ontario, tough new restrictions are mandatory as of midnight Friday in three hot spot regions, Toronto, Peel, and Ottawa. That means no indoor dining at restaurants and bars. Gyms, casinos, and movie theatres will be closed. As of Tuesday, all wedding receptions will be cancelled. All of that will remain in effect for 28 days. Mike Le Couteur takes a look at where the virus is spreading and what’s being done to slow it down.

There is a new federal rent relief program for small businesses in this country. A replacement for one that got lots of complaints The biggest change includes business owners can now apply directly and don’t have to go through landlords. David Akin breaks down how it works and who is eligible.

In the U.S., COVID-19 is now the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer. Case numbers are climbing again with nearly 55,000 new infections were reported just today. And as Jackson Proskow reports, they’re rising so fast some hospitals are running out of hospital beds.

More than 350,000 COVID-19 cases were reported across the world just today which is a new daily record. In England new cases are now doubling every week, French hospitals are beginning to run out of ICU beds, and Spain has declared a state of emergency in Madrid. And as Crystal Goomansingh reports, the fall is going to be full of new restrictions.

Three years into the #MeToo movement there is much that still has to change. New figures from Statistics Canada show that 11 per cent of female post secondary students say they’ve been sexually assaulted on campus. At Canadian military colleges, 28 per cent of female cadets say they’ve experienced a sexual assault. The perpetrators were often fellow students. As Heather Yourex-West reports, advocates say culture was a part of the problem at Canadian colleges and universities.

Feeding the world’s hungry is what the World Food Program has been doing for more than 50 years. It rarely makes headlines, but its work is so vital that it’s now being recognized with a Nobel Peace Prize. Eric Sorensen explains why.


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  1. Avatar

    with a recovery rate of what? lol Push the fear

  2. Avatar

    Come on really?? This is the biggest sham in modern history, propaganda, lies, cooking the books on numbers,fear mongering. It's pathetic! Mainstream media just keeps spinning for the narrative. Are there really people out there that still believe this crap?

  3. Avatar

    Sorry, I know it's not politically correct to say this. But men and women can't be best friends. Sooner or later something is gonna give. This is not to minimize sexual assault but it's a nature driven fact. Minimize sexes being alone with each, specially when she is emotionally vulnerable.

  4. Avatar

    Scamdemic, fraudemic, hoaxdemic, bolognavirus. Don't let these demons test you, inject you, tattoo you, or chip you with anything, and don't follow their oppressive and illegal rules which go against your rights

  5. Avatar
    The Mighty King Production

    I feel bad for the Government who had been doing so much and this pandemic is not going down.

    Because many still keep breaking rules.

    If only everyone listens & do their due diligence this pandemic will not spread like this.

    We have to act together with one mind.

    The decision is not just within the government.

    This is everyone's responsibility.

    Take action. Stop blaming & asking the government to do it alone.

    This is the time to show teamwork or this earth will end by this virus alone.

  6. Avatar

    Only thing 'surging' is the inaccurate tests. Stop getting tested unless you start having symptoms….

  7. Avatar

    just had thanksgiving with 150 people over. everyone is fine. we all ate with our hands. and no masks.

  8. Avatar

    Randy Hillier brought up that the government plans on putting people in internment camps in the Ontario Legislature. They would not even respond to his question.

  9. Avatar

    Yo, You know how the Governor of Michigan claimed Trump was responsible for the kidnap attempt? You know, the one that you reported yesterday and it was a big deal? You know the one that everyone was saying was Far-Right White Supremacists?
    OOPS, it was a Far-Left Anti-Government Anarchists says the FBI. Yikes… Best not report that little update eh?

  10. Avatar

    Wow! Really? A cop? Ya theyll trust the police who arrest them, and also have systemic racism. Unbelivable ignorance from politicians these days.

  11. Avatar

    Great news dawna

  12. Avatar

    The WHO now estimates that 750,000,000 people have gotten the virus. Which, at 1 million deaths, would put the IFR at 0.13%.

  13. Avatar


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    In Jehovah's new world sickness will be eliminated and even death will be no more. The earth will be a paradise – take an online Bible course at JW. ORG to learn more you will be impressed!

  15. Avatar

    A few months ago, we did not know the contagion rate, the mortality rate, the immunity factor, the herd immunity percentage, whether the virus was man-made, whether it was transmitted through the air or surfaces, the effects of various treatments (HCQ, Vitamin D, Dexamethasone, Doxycycline, etc.) and, to be honest, we still don't.

    There's a lot of questionable science in terms of allowing for protests with 50,000 people, but you can't have weddings or funerals or go to restaurants.

  16. Avatar

    More fear mongering for the holiday? Disgusting criminals against humanity!

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    Covid, 99.6 survival rate. Research Agenda 21. Dont trust your tyranny government pushing for a commie socialist system.

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    Where are Hells Angels and Satans Choice…nows the time!!!

  19. Avatar

    This is the numbers from WorldOmeter Coronavirus Cases: Out of 37 million people infected we have Active Cases – 99% in mild condition, 1% serious or critical AND Closed Cases – 96% recovered/discharged 4% Deaths. Now, you tell me if the government's actions are justified!?

  20. Avatar

    The CDC statistics are much different than your fictitious reporting. The deaths are much lower & the comorbidities are the cause of death & NOT the Common Cold-19. Your reporting is bogus.

  21. Avatar

    Less people under 50 are dying then are dying of undetected cancer because of fear to go to the hospital. Stop this insanity already! Open up or you will be the defendants in class A lawsuits for crimes against humanity!

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    Masketeers .. . where are the GROWNUPS . It says RIGHT ON the box.
    Where are ALL THE DEAD? WHERE is ALL of the influenza??
    Where are ALL the 'professional' journalists ??? Wake the hell up.

  23. Avatar

    Canadians must REVOLT

  24. Avatar

    Everyday we are at a tipping point, interesting. If this government weren't such pansies they would go the martial law route like china and Thailand and have their cases go down to single digits

  25. Avatar

    No Aorta surgeries being performed in a number of hospitals in order to lower bed space for “potential rise in Covid cases”. This has been ongoing since March.
    This means a DEATH SENTENCE to hundreds of people, WAKE UP ALREADY!

  26. Avatar

    FREEDOM MARCH THIS SATURDAY If you oppose these new restrictions join us at Young and Dundas in Toronto at 12pm! Ford doesn't care about what you comment on Facebook or Youtube TAKE ACTION, JOIN US!

  27. Avatar

    It was never about your health …just your compliance!

  28. Avatar

    thousands starve in India every day
    and yet they mass produce the doctors to lock us down?..
    what next..Red China in charge of butcher industry?..
    give the kalistany the nuclear code next
    now we gonna be truly in the pit of potty bowl son day worship

  29. Avatar

    People please protest to protect our charter of rights, every Saturday st Dundas square 2-4pm. Please spread the word and unite the common people who are fed up with the current corrupt government!

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    how much money did Trudeau give Ford?????????????????????

  31. Avatar

    Ben Swann – Reality check | •why masks don’t work, according to science• LO.OK & $€€

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    notice how all the women in Canada look sick do not have any make up on?????????????????????? why do they all have covid too?????????????? lmao!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Avatar

    I need to know when vaccination is coming out WHEN?!

  34. Avatar

    Who would have thought that increased testing would find more cases? Now do deaths and hospitalizations. OOPS!!! I forgot. They've flat-lined!

  35. Avatar

    RCMP step up to help politic and Doctors……..

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    Let's have a massive get together people, these politicians and media anchors are lying, Justin Trudeau is lying, there is NO SECOND WAVE, STOP LYING!!!

  38. Avatar

    Seen in New York, the rubber dummies and manicans being pushed around in hospital beds? Constant lies, Ford you lying fake shill!

  39. Avatar

    Doug Ford is a flop. "CLOSED FOR BUSINESS" I voted for him. he will not get my vote again

  40. Avatar

    Hey Donna… Canadian hospitals are empty. Deaths are down. Stop your Covid propaganda machine. Cases are not as important as deaths. There should be no lockdowns!!! This is ridiculous and most Canadians realize it.

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