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Global National: Oct. 7, 2020 | Clamping down on COVID-19 cases in 2 of Canada’s largest provinces

COVID-19 continues to spread across Canada, especially in the country’s two largest provinces. Quebec Premier François Legault has asked people to keep going to work and school, but to otherwise stay home. New case numbers were below 1,000 today, but hospitalizations there have doubled in two weeks. In Ontario, Toronto’s public health officer, Dr. Eileen de Villa, warns the infection rates in parts of the city are rising so fast, if restrictions are not re-imposed including closing restaurants and bars the way Quebec has, infections may not peak until the spring. But Ontario Premier Doug Ford is resisting closing the bars and restaurants until he has hard evidence they’re spreading the virus.

It is a tough call weighing when to re-impose tight restrictions no one likes against the risk of losing more lives to this virus. Mike Armstrong reports.

New restrictions are likely coming for England. For the second day in a row, more than 14,000 new cases were reported in the U.K. Hospitalization rates and deaths are also on the rise and as Crystal Goomansingh reports, Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has already announced tough new restrictions and the closure of pubs and restaurants.

A plan to seriously reduce plastic waste here is Canada began to take shape today. Hardly any of the plastic we use gets recycled. The government is looking to ban several types of plastics and it’s part of its push to reduce plastic waste to zero by 2030. Mike Le Couteur looks at what’s in the plan and what’s been left out.

Alberta is beginning to set its sights beyond oil and one thing it’s looking at is hydrogen as a zero emission fuel source. Hydrogen when consumed in a fuel cell produces only water. It can be produced from a variety of sources including natural gas, which Alberta has an abundance of. Alberta Premier Jason Kenney wants the province to become a major exporter of hydrogen by 2040. But as Heather Yourex-West explains, there are obstacles to the plans.

There is a dire warning tonight about a greenhouse gas called nitrous oxide. It has hundreds of times more warming power in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide. It comes from the nitrogen in agricultural fertilizer, which is used around the world to increase crop yields. As Eric Sorensen reports, it makes limiting global warming in the years ahead even more difficult.

U.S. President Donald Trump is leaving millions of Americans affected by the pandemic wondering if they’ll get federal aid after initially calling off talks with the Democrats on a benefit package. He did change course on Wednesday, pushing Congress to approve aid checks, but as Jackson Proskow reports, there are questions how fast the aid could be passed.

There are all kinds of conspiracy theories online and now finally Facebook has banned one of them from all its platforms. QAnon believers spread wild conspiracies based on zero facts that a group of politicians and A-list celebrities are running a Satanic, baby-eating, child sex abuse ring and plotting to undermine President Trump. QAnon has moved from the fringes to the mainstream, amplified by Facebook which profited from its extremist views. Will today’s ban make any difference? That’s what Jeff Semple is looking at tonight.


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    vivek sharma Indore

    Don't forget Tiwan to congratulate on it's Independence day on 10 th of October.
    We will celebrate this day as defeat of Chinese dictator Jimpings One China Policy.

    Ask UN to make Tiwan it's member as a separate country .
    This will be chinese defeat from public around the world without shooting a single bullet .

    A clear message of rejection of chinese and our solidarity with free Tiwan .

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    The Bird Loft School Of Voice

    Dr. Seneff had been ringing the be bell on the potency of nitrous oxide. Everyone called the PhD from MIT a quack. No one wants to admit a problem until is affects them.. next up in our extinction- glyphosate. It also plays a role. Wake up.

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    Plastic water bottles are the biggest danger but then nestle can't bottle public water and resell it back the the public.

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    Ford…. and when are you gonna reinforce the closing? when the numbers is about 1000 and more?

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    Ford…. how are gonna catch those bad actor huh? how? Number is going up and not going down.

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    bottle can pickers?

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    change thecurrent

    “Social Distancing” was invented by the CIA as a torture technique 70 years ago. Brainwashing and forced inoculations are war crimes also.
    Masks are an occult symbol of submission to the master. No masks are necessary since there is no virus, only PROPAGANDA.

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    change thecurrent

    Article 6 of the 1945 IMT Charter (Nuremberg Codes) provides: The following acts, or any of them, are crimes coming within the jurisdiction of the Tribunal for which there shall be individual responsibility: (c) “ Crimes against humanity ” namely … inhumane acts committed against any civilian population, before or during the war.

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    billionaire used government money so they wouldn't have to spend their own

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    wait! Trafficking or eating children?

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    Virus was imported via air travel. Nobody restricted or checked air travellers for 5 months.

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    I noticed no one is speaking about the coffee cups they play off as not plastic but are…coffee cups you might think are not plastic ARE and so MILLIONS and MILLIONS of coffee cups need to be changed….they are 1 time use plastics….so how you get coffee will change as toss away cups will no longer be legal? THEY NEVER FOUND ANYTHING BETTER…so the end of take out coffee?

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    Be scared hide under the tables but most of all don't worry! the Governments around the world will protect us with rules and regulations that will stop mother nature in her tracks. Just need these rules breakers to pay some fines and we will all be safe.

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    If you have had the flu or a coronavirus in the last few years you will test positive

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    Single use plastics? Tell that to chain restaurants..

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    This is not Global News.. This is village news. There's an outbreak of a war involving major regional players in Caucasus and yet no word about it. You should be ashamed of your "Global" ignorance.

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    fire hazard waiting to happen…

    why wouldn't you use a deeper and wider pan? stupid people these days I tell ya

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    Covid is being used to destroy the economy to accelerate agenda 21. All these new cases are not resulting in massive death rates or filling hospitals. The majority of cases are false positives or people with little to no symptoms who don't require any medical treatment.

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    Doug Ford = Canadian version of Donald Trump!!! Shame on you. Doug Ford, you are killing the follow Ontarioan.

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    Shawn .S. Woodward


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    1:36 I have no more stress with the help of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

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    Shawn .S. Woodward


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    Lol if everyone took off their masks and stopped social distancing I guarantee the Covid narrative and restrictions would end in about a week and things would go back to normal. It's a very simple solution.

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    Covid-19 started with one person. Locking down won't solve anything. It takes one person to start all over again.

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    And again, the COVID recovery rates from the CDC are:
    0-19 = 99.997%
    20-49 = 99.98%
    50-69 = 99.5%
    70+ = 94.6%

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    Couple weeks and global will find a restaurants and bars spreading it. if I were the owner of a business I would prepare shut down measures now. Dont believe just wsit!

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    Do I really need to go to work?

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    I have $1000 sent to you by Pay Pal if you can send me ISOLATION DATA on this FAKE virus……

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    Trump…. you are a fool

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    For once, I agree with Ford. The majority of restaurants aren't spreading the virus. It's the bars and patrons who are getting drunk and not social distancing.

    It's really simple, don't go to restaurants that are not following the rules and that don't have a whole lot of people going. For example, instead of going to Warehouse, go to a small family-owned restaurant that truly needs the money

    We really can't shut down the economy again and isolate ourselves for months. It'll take a toll on people's mental health. We can easily get through this if we social distance, wear masks, and reduce our social bubble.

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    Globalist News is such an embarassment to Canada nonstop propaganda, lies and fear mongering. you will be irrelevant soon – you are losing ground fast

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    Corruption and Greed Have Destroyed Our Lives

    Predicted 32,000 deaths in Alberta in April, even with lockdown measures
    Current Covid deaths in Alberta: 281

    “The updated probable scenario now estimates 596 people will require hospitalization when the virus reaches its peak. This is a reduction from the previous planning scenario. We have also created a new low scenario. This new projection takes into account Alberta’s overall low hospitalization rate. If trends continue as they are, this new low scenario could become the most likely for Alberta. This likely new scenario suggests 298 people will require hospitalization when the virus reaches its peak.”

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    Hydrogen! 😀

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    Global News, can you give us a story on how COVID has been discovered in human feces and the growing importance of BUTT PLUGS to "stay safe" and to "flatten the curve"? Thanks!

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    Annette Melnychuk

    I never use straws in the first place. For those in Quebec and Ontario I feel for you. For those who are going to lose their jobs again I can see the suicide rates going up.

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    Your disingenuous takes are pushing a divide. We want reporting not blatant activism.

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    What. A. Revelation.

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    Just to put things in perspective folks, the EU has corporate packaging tax that the manufacturers pay. Their grocery stores have much less packaging now…

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    I am wondering if the Olympics will be pushed back to another year. 2020 should of been another Olympics but because of covid-19 it pushed it back to 2021. Since the world hasn't gotten a control of the virus yet, then I see it most likely Olympics will be pushed back to 2022.

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    Blame it on Clifton Hill. There is thousands of people. Everyday. Without mask. And don't follow the Rules. I see it every day. And it seems alot of east Indian people. Are not wearing it. Is it something there's culture doesn't believe in. because it makes no sense why they dont wear a mask. Everyone should be wearing it. In big group's out side. Why risk anyone safety

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    It’s funny the government has to intervene. You’d think people would take Covid serious to save the economy. Grow up people.

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    Funny eh Trump get Covid19 is Curd in 3to4 days and this nim rod push fear eh Uknow.

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