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Global National: Oct. 4, 2020 | Canada's largest city changing contact tracing rules due to backlog

Canada’s chief public health officer Dr. Theresa Tam has a stark warning: we’re running out of time to prevent a major resurgence of COVID-19. New numbers out of Quebec show how dire the situation is, with 1,079 new cases recorded on Sunday – the third day in a row with more than 1,000 cases. Ontario recorded 566 cases. Despite the spike in cases, Toronto Public Health is changing the rules around contact tracing. If you get infected in Canada’s largest city, you may have to break the news to your friends and family. Abigail Bimman reports.

Canada is at a very crucial juncture in the pandemic. Cases are on the rise and we’re entering influenza season. Experts are worried the health care system could be overburdened by that double threat and that’s why they’re encouraging Canadians to get their flu shot. As Julia Wong explains, provinces have been stocking up.

The doctors treating U.S. President Donald Trump for COVID-19 say initially he was very ill, but his health is improving. Wearing a mask, Trump took a short drive outside Walter Reed Medical Center in Maryland to wave to supporters who gathered outside. His doctors now say he could be released as early as Monday, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be back on the campaign trail right away. As Jennifer Johnson explains, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is widening his lead.

A major infrastructure project has cleared a significant hurdle and it could lead to more exports from Canada’s oil patch. The Alaska to Alberta railway would start in the heart of the oilsands and serve as a transportation corridor to Anchorage, Alaska and then on to Asia. But as Mike Le Couteur reports, a number of steps remain before the project becomes a reality.

A worrying picture is emerging on the impact of the pandemic on our mental health. New research shows levels of anxiety and depression are on the rise. Ross Lord dives into the statistics and looks at how people in Nova Scotia have taken a particularly hard hit in this stressful year.

After a year-long race, the Green Party has a new leader. Lawyer Annamie Paul has made history by becoming the first elected Black leader of a major federal party in Canada. She replaces Elizabeth May, who was the leader for 14 years. Robin Gill spoke with Annamie Paul about how she plans to lead the party.

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    Why get a flu vaccine if we have to wear a mask and social distance?

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    Too many lies.
    The flu shock is the vaccines!!! They try to trick people to take the vaccine.
    Fake COVID

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    Who is getting the flu shot?

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    i wil take my chance with a 99.995 percent survival.
    cant believe how brainwashed people are, all part of the globalist plot to bring in a new world order, a cashless micro chipped credit system like china.
    baaa baaaa do what your told sheeple.

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    finding solutions

    She would be perfect for a Witch part in a movie …

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    Smarten up People or King Blackface said he will Cancel Christmas.

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    Don't comply with any of their evil and illegal rules. This scamdemic is the biggest fraud in human history.

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    عبدالله سليمان محمد


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    Pay attention to the postive cases but stay blind to the recovery numbers. Nothing to see here😠

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    Name one healthy man or woman that shook someones hand, got sick and died of CV19. 
    If this virus was a pandemic, we would all personally know a lot of healthy men or women that have died from CV-19. 
    I don't even personally know of one old personl, fat, sick, or nearly dead man or woman that has died from this. 
    With that said, old people die everyday, fat, and sick people die everyday. 
    IF this was NOT a hoax…..NONE of us would go out in a public space and you all know it!. 
    We wouldn't be wearing a dust mask or surgical mask that by the manufacturers own statements do nothing to protect the wearer against a virus, we would be wearing a fully encapsulated suit with a positive pressure air system like a Scott Airpack. But that is not what we have. Overwhelmingly, people are not afraid to go out, they wear a mask as a social statement of compliance, they still meet in public, go to work, shopping, go to restaurants, go to the beach, actively participate in riots and social manipulation like BLM riots and fail to social distance. NONE of that would happen if this wear a real pandemic!!!!! The deaths would be off the charts. 
    Instead we have a virus that has a 99.98% recovery rate, the virus can be killed with hand washing and home made hand sanitizer, you have protection apparently by wearing a homemade face diaper. The cherry on top is that you need to be tested to find out if you are sick because 99% of us would never even have a symptom.
    Wake up, you are being scammed and lied to!

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    The death rate for closed cases of Covid 19 in Canada is at six percent. If everyone in Canada caught the virus that means over 2 million would die

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    In stead of a flu shot. I'm gonna drink 2 litres of orange juice a day. Vitamin C will keep the flu away

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    Without Contact Tracing…..they can't scare you and jack up their numbers….. Don't be scared. If you have no symptoms, do not get tested!!!

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    CorySmith Vernon1

    Ugh shut up you coronavirus puppet.

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    Flu season is CANCELLED, replace with covid-19!!!
    Other death's? Also cancelled! (99.97% survival rate; CDC!)

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    So much for Canada's so called great health insurance.

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    The entire world's cases are going up, because kids went back to school!

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    tyrone nosworthy

    😂 i will not comply to any of your rules.

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    testing is flawed all that comes out of the Gov lies ya its serious but the TESTING its self is flawed show positive every time even if no threat to oneself.

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    Franciscus Gomarus

    South Africa had NO Flu cases during their flu season this year. One reason was the wearing of masks and social distancing. Wearing of Masks in any public setting NEEDS to be enforced by law with heavy fines and imprisonment for violation.

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    There are many people on the left that are disappointed right now knowing Trump won't die. TRUMP 2020

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    Its a total scam for government control. BTW, Toronto and Quebec are super communist so in a way they are now getting the type of government they voted for. Dont bother looking for something in the common law to take to court to stop the government. No, these same LIEberal types voted in Pierre and his made in Quebec Charter of Rights and Freedoms to have common law and statutes replaced by made in Quebec court judgements. Have fun while you can!

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    Scamdemic. I can't believe you all don't see that they just took the regular flu and pretend like it's something new. And while are shaking at home, they just rob you.

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    5m flu shots for all of Ontario ? And they say they are gonna provide 70m Covid vaccines to all of Canada.. lol

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