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Global National: Oct. 30, 2020 | COVID-19 cases projected to rise sharply through the fall

In tonight’s top story: the coronavirus is spreading in Manitoba and other parts of the country at an alarming rate, and new national modelling shows where the pandemic could be headed. Abigail Bimman has more on the big picture and what it could mean for the upcoming weeks and months, while Brittany Greenslade reports on Winnipeg’s move to code red in the province’s pandemic response plan.

In hospitals near the U.S. border, Canadian health care workers are among those treating American COVID-19 patients. Jeff Semple reports from Michigan, where he spoke to some of the workers.

With just four days until the U.S. presidential election, a record number of Americans have already cast their ballot. Jackson Proskow has more on what Democratic candidate Joe Biden and President Donald Trump are doing to motivate those who have not yet voted.

In the 2016 election, Trump lost Minnesota, but he’s hoping this time that his tough record on immigration might make the difference. Heather Yourex-West has the story from St. Cloud, Minn.

Canada’s ambassador to the U.S. acknowledges there’s a great deal at stake in the 2020 election, and Global’s Dawna Friesen spoke with her about how the last four years have tested the relationship between the neighbouring countries.

Plus, the poppy campaign is one of the best-known fundraisers in Canada, happening each year in the lead up to Remembrance Day. As Mike Le Couteur reports, the Royal Canadian Legion has also had to adapt amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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    Obviously the coverage tonight was Left sided and Not Impartial!
    Shame Global News!!!
    Owen Sound Ontario

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    where is Hunter ? where is Hunter ? where is Hunter ?

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    ya tv reporter going to usa is an essential travel 🙁

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    Lol like this is going to happen. Sad but true. Another lock down on the way. Just a matter of time.

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    Loreen Degenstein

    Cases aren't deaths and they're based on a PCR test that is up to 94% false positives! Stop LYING!!! This is a managed regime change and you're complicit!

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    Why isn’t global reporting anything bout Hunter Biden?!? lol

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    Great Actors in the hospital I must say

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    What happened to Your Canada at the end?

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    Louis Mastromatteo

    Covid is moving North from the states

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    Who the hell makes these graphs, some stupid science.

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    Would’ve been good if the government didn’t loot the system over the last 30 years and allowing corporations and executive to loot the private sector including seniors homes.

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    You people need to stop watching mainstream news already 🙄

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    "I know its hard but it is temporary" said Hon Trudeau.. They said the same thing regarding income taxes when incepted.

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    Hospitals are effing empty people. Wake up already!!!

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    Oh no, the scary con-vid is waiting around the corner to kill us all! CBC gets it information from chicken little

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    You want to know how to stop a pandemic? First shut down EVERYTHING for 14 days tell people to stock up for 14 days and stay home unless for emergency purposes only things running hospitals and emergency services. Then after the 14 days make everyone who enters isolate for 14 days

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    Just stop the lies tell the truth and you will all earn the Canadian people's trust…

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    Is COVID going to be the 21st century equivalent to the early 20th century flu pandemics? like the Spanish flu pandemic that had infected 500 million and killed 50 million, or?

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    Well good luck and God bless you all from the United States and buses all here in the states as well

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    Stronzo Trudeau

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    Be safe everyone!

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    Come on man. You know the thing.

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    Well i guess we find out soon if all hope is lost for America. If they pick tRump again its time to drop the dome and let them stew in their insanity. And keep the lunatic away from the world.

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    Reformed Ex-DrugTrafficker

    Instead of a lockdown, why doesn't the government just mandate everyone with a smart phone to download the contact tracing app? This would be so much easier to trace the virus and prevent it from spreading. Almost everyone has a smart phone these days. The amount of people downloading the contract tracing app is tiny. I wonder if people who get the virus are even forced to download it themselves.

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    I Am undecided if i think it is good our health care workers are helping those same people who are putting themselves in the hospitals. No i am Angry! My 76 year old mom across Canada needs help, and as of now has no Dr. Canadian health care workers get your priorities right. Our families are in need here, and Most of us are doing the right thing. To the rest of you IDIOTS out there that think this is still a big hoax, grow the hell up!

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    Do you see how everyone is happily accepting their freedom being taken from them now. Unbelievable…

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