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Global National: Oct. 23, 2020 | Feds struggle to improve long-term care homes amid pandemic

On this episode of Global National: It has been one month since Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s throne speech when he pledged to help provinces improve long-term care homes and protect the most vulnerable from COVID-19. But as David Akin reports, the feds have made little headway.

After living with dirty water for decades, the Neskantaga First Nation in Ontario has had its contaminated water supply completely cut off because an oily substance was found in it. Mike Le Couteur reports on Ottawa’s response to the crisis.

Plus, a group of Canadian publishers is calling on the federal government to force tech giants, like Facebook and Google, to pay for news content on their platforms. Mercedes Stephenson breaks down News Media Canada’s demands.

Turning to the upcoming US election, mail-in ballots are in high demand in Pennsylvania, where previous laws blocked that voting method. Mike Armstrong explains how the popular system could cause problems on the night of the presidential election, Nov. 3.

And during the final US presidential debate of the 2020 election, Democratic candidate Joe Biden promised to transition America away from oil and natural gas. Eric Sorensen looks at how that could impact Canada’s energy sector.

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  1. Avatar

    Don’t know who makes me more nauseated…listening to the corrupt blackface speaking moistly or flip flop Tam…useless to the core.

  2. Avatar

    Feds struggle…period!

  3. Avatar
    Audio Production/Music Production Course

    Today Trudo announced another millions spending for a vaccine. Before he has already announced millions spending for vaccine securing, from vaccine order from others, for vaccine naming, for vaccine research, for vaccine from aliens, for vaccine from masians etc. They just steal money. Don't you see?

  4. Avatar

    Trudo calls the regular flu as covid. Survival rate is almost 100%. Nobody even feels it. 99% of chance is hoax. But they spend millions on it. Nobody sees where it goes. 99% of chance to the pockets of Trudy's friends. Don't you see?

  5. Avatar

    Only way loose none disclosure get your hands out the cookie jar

  6. Avatar

    An honest journalist would admit that this federal government was struggling BEFORE Kung Flu.

  7. Avatar

    37 million people in Canada
    you have a 0.0003% chance dying from Covid
    Lockdowns defy science and are planned by the Government

  8. Avatar
    Pure DJ's Entertainment

    Too bad they can only give away billions to other countries and companies, none for the Canadian people in need.

  9. Avatar

    Ontario ( FORD) makes cuts to long term care , then blames the Feds. Ford using more Trump tactics.

  10. Avatar

    I'm still struggling with the fact that Castro is Prime Minister.

  11. Avatar

    If they can do what they want..we can do what we want without governments approval.

  12. Avatar

    Sociologists have more work to do.

  13. Avatar

    Don’t you know Ford money grows on trees just ask Trudeau he will give you all you want Ha Ha !

  14. Avatar
    Hate everyone equally I do.

    The virus is mild for most, deadly for few, devastating for the economy. People under 40 have a survival rate of 99%, let us work.

  15. Avatar

    I can't believe that Trudeau and his team have failed in this area. He has been so spot on with everything for the past 5 years. This is on Harper!! 🤮

  16. Avatar

    Trudeau held the border open just so Mommy and Sophie could go on the WE junket in the UK.

  17. Avatar

    Rather a big lake near Reserve, not that hard to fix the issue, oh wait a government is involved.

  18. Avatar
    Truth and Freedom DoNotForGetIt

    He gave billions to buy votes for the united nations seats. Billions to his buddies. Trouble to give to real Canadians. Check his off shore bank accounts.

  19. Avatar

    Are you kidding me? It took like 8 months to realize they need more training in pandemic outbreak? Wow.

  20. Avatar

    Wow it's all so shocking he failed "really" lol …he has been a failure since he went in and will be as long as he is prime minister. He cant go quick enough!!!

  21. Avatar

    This could be one of the most influential humanitarian efforts the federal government could ever take and will be remembered for years to come.

  22. Avatar

    it has to be like that because you expect all the time and wait for it to come free from the government. You gonna hold the fish if we don't fix the water? Pay for something! You chose the life out there!

  23. Avatar

    China doesn't careeeeee! They are immunized carriers who only need a carona virus to create covid19!

  24. Avatar

    2 much beer waste

  25. Avatar

    don't blame water , set up tps in another site, maybe we can pipe the ground of the whole forests

  26. Avatar
    yulianto rahardjo

    at 19:45, people, please, do not eradicate all murder hornet, they're vital for our food source too

  27. Avatar

    Notice how Global waited until after the Liberals survived a confidence vote to report on Great Leader's colossal failures?

  28. Avatar

    that birds been in Canada

  29. Avatar

    national geographic didn't call this gay!

  30. Avatar

    Long term care has been underfunded by the feds. They have been begging for years. Now the feds say they gave the provinces money, but there are strings attached as usual.

  31. Avatar

    As a news channel I would imagine that you know that long term care is a 100% Provincial responsibility. The only thing that they could do is give even more money to a Provinces that do not seem to want to do anything about the issue.

  32. Avatar

    This is why I would never put my parents In a care home. Before I get hate comments , I do understand that so people have no choice however, I would never, under my watch, let one of my parents under a stranger's care

  33. Avatar

    I really needed that penguin story in my life. Thank you 😀

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