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Global National: Oct. 20, 2020 | Tory push for anti-corruption committee could prompt election

On tonight’s episode of Global National: Canada’s Conservatives have proposed a motion to create an anti-corruption committee that would review the ethics of the Liberal government. But Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is turning that motion into a confidence vote. If this committee becomes a reality, it would mean the opposition has lost confidence in the minority Liberal government, and that would send Canadians to the polls again. David Akin has a closer look at this political tug of war, and the likelihood of a fall election.

Despite an hours-long emergency debate in Ottawa, there is still confusion on the federal response to Nova Scotia’s fishing dispute. As Ross Lord reports, both sides of the dispute do agree that Ottawa is sending out mixed messages on Indigenous fishing rights.

As Canada responds to the novel coronavirus pandemic, Canada’s COVID-19 testing labs are struggling with shortages of basic supplies. Carolyn Jarvis reports on how one small piece of equipment is becoming impossible to find in Canada.

Parents are getting mixed messages on whether they should allow their children to trick-or-treat this year during the pandemic. Heather Yourex-West sorts through the confusion, and hears from experts on what families can do to celebrate safely.

Despite record-breaking turnout for early voting in the 2020 U.S. election, voter suppression remains a very real issue for millions of Americans. Jackson Proskow explains how the U.S. is one of the few Western democracies that makes it difficult for citizens to have their say.

Ottawa Police Const. Daniel Montsion has been found not guilty in the death of Abdirahman Abdi. The Black man died after a violent arrest in July 2016. Mike Le Couteur reports on how the case centred on Montsion’s use of force during the arrest, and the reaction to the verdict.

NASA’s OSIRIS-REX spacecraft has made a big cosmic feat, collecting samples from the asteroid Bennu. Mike Drolet explains the complex mission, and the answers Bennu could provide.

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  1. Avatar

    Investigate all political parties for Chinese connections and ties

  2. Avatar

    We don't need more violence. I don't get why people do not understand we are in pandemic. Either be part of the situation. Or get out of the way. So others can figure out a way to fix all the problems we have. Some things are out of our control. Get use to it. It's part of life. Violence is just making matters worse.

  3. Avatar

    Trudeau speaking moistly in a enclosed area

  4. Avatar

    that's sad that even a rich country like yours even called G8 relies upon much on China. Supplies, foods that we take till it out. Continues to patronize their product even you know the quality of it..tssk2!!

  5. Avatar

    The conservatives don't get that they live in a country which is far more left than it is right. The only thing they may ever achieve is a minority government that will be dominated by a lib and ndp coalition

  6. Avatar

    Why do we need these Aholes running the country for us…

  7. Avatar

    Why aren't these Plastic products ( sterilized) and reused. This is a typical first World problem.

  8. Avatar
    Canadian Outdoor Wonders

    I doubt NASA is telling the truth

  9. Avatar

    Libs would likely win.

  10. Avatar

    This police is going free to kill someone else ☹️

  11. Avatar

    If u think about it… you really wanna go around someone’s doorstep and collect candies from their household ? 😂😂

  12. Avatar
    Sailor Jerry Swallow


  13. Avatar

    Take a shot every time someone says "pipet tips."

  14. Avatar

    Nova Scotia Indian and privileged

  15. Avatar

    He's channelling Hillary Clinton…. there are Canadians… and then there are conservatives…(read deplorables)

  16. Avatar
    Sailor Jerry Swallow


  17. Avatar

    This is another distraction. No one is going to go to jail this way.

    They all need to be tried for treason and criminal conspiracy.

  18. Avatar

    Why do disposable plastics need to be used? Have they never heard of glass and autoclave sterilization?

  19. Avatar

    The only thing more detestable than calling an election right now is to allow the Trudeau government to continue abusing their power of office. It is obvious that this committee needs to exist. If it ends up dissolving Parliament, so be it.

  20. Avatar

    I never thought I would see such an unfair court decision in Canada, to say that the officer was not at fault is a travesty of the Canadian Judicial System. That Poilice Officer is nothing but a "THUG" with a badge, no brains, all brawn!!!

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    Scents for the Soul

    We need Trudeau OUT!

  22. Avatar
    Scents for the Soul

    We also need an investigation into Singh and Doug Ford. They are being paid off. Our government is selling us off. Grand Treason.

  23. Avatar

    the governor took lots of bribe from china, so sold our resources to them

  24. Avatar

    Jackson Proskow….Why are you…a biased reportor in the USA reporting back to Canada? Your skewed and biased leftist reporting is a disgrace to our country. Have you ever heard of Max Keeping? Do you think he would consider your reporting upstanding? I think not..and you know it.

  25. Avatar
    Ramahadran Hennessy

    Yes, throw out True-duh from government, freeze all his assets, and then dump him off somewhere so we don’t have to smell his stench

  26. Avatar

    I'm sure that black Muslim talking into the speaker. Agrees what happen to that poor French teacher

  27. Avatar

    Shame on Mr. Singh and Erin O’toole ! Mr. Trudeau get tough and use the same language they use. Too many trumpets !

  28. Avatar

    Couldn't the Pipette tips and other plastic consumables be produced by 3d printers…

  29. Avatar

    gosh. they can't bring in some minimum wage temps to wash & sterilize those pippet tips ? (likely cheaper than buying new). single-use plastics are supposed to be outlawed.

  30. Avatar

    20:52 My god, Benu and Osiris are on the other side of the UNIVERSE and it only takes 18 minutes to transmit a message. That is crazy

  31. Avatar

    singh should have never propped up the LIEberals

  32. Avatar

    What is Trudeau trying so hard to hide? WE scandal, SNC …

  33. Avatar

    A non confidence vote would not work…NDP wouldn't allow it🤪

  34. Avatar

    Maybe abi bubu should have listened to law enforcement. Stupid dummy

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    O'Toole: corruption virus. Nailed it! Stayed up all night for that one.

  36. Avatar

    The NDP are only around to side with whoever will give them any voice at all I mean let’s face it they are never going to be a contender…

  37. Avatar

    Has every single person forgotten what the PCs stand for?
    Remember Dictator Harper?
    Wanna be like America? Idiots.
    Both of the main parties have scandals . They only want to get in power. Repeat cycle.

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    jeezzz what a testing failure… you had 6 months to prepare. we got plastics in AB, screw china…time for an election.

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    why did globel not cover the toronto march, 3000 strong globel, How come?

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    amiish abdirahman

    I'M so sorry what happened my bro😭

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    Mad Mummin The first

    Cops should be made to volunteer 500 hrs in a mental health ward, soup kitchens and homeless shelters before they are trusted with any training whatsoever

  42. Avatar

    Don’t conservatives understand we’re in the middle of a pandemic…

  43. Avatar

    The opposition never mentioned anything about an election , just an anti Liberal corruption commitee , Trudeau does not know what Canadians want ?????There's a plastic cie. in MTL East , ready to do the plastic pipettes , give them the contract or out Western Canada , they are starving for employment ?At least it stay's Canadian !!!!!

  44. Avatar

    Conservatives want to turn Canada into Trump America it seems

  45. Avatar


  46. Avatar
    Antonio Cozzolinos

    I wish Trudeau would step a side and let an adult run the country

  47. Avatar

    Canada needs an answer from PC party why Harper , Erin teacher and mentor signed guns contact with father if all terrorists Saudi government to genocide children? Bring that committee to investigate that shame PC caused in Canadian history. Where is the contract,details,where the money goes? Who benefited killing and genocide kids?

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