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Global National: Oct. 2, 2020 | What's next for Trump after COVID-19 diagnosis?

In our top story tonight: Just 32 days before the presidential election, there is anxiety and uncertainty after the president was seen leaving the White House to head to Walter Reed Medical Center. The White House says it’s out of an abundance of caution, and his symptoms include a fever. It is having a cascading impact not just on his campaign, but on senior levels of government. Jackson Proskow reports on what his trip to the hospital could mean, and Dawna Friesen discusses who is next in line to the presidency should Trump’s condition deteriorate.

Anyone who came into close contact with the president is at risk and that is a lot of people, given Trump’s public appearances in just the past week. As Jeff Semple reports, contact tracers have their work cut out for them.

In Canada, COVID-19 is continuing to have its own worrying impact. Quebec saw more than 1,000 new cases, with Ontario breaking another record with 732 new cases. Quebec Premier François Legault is warning more restrictions could be coming, even as a partial lockdown is in place in three regions. Ontario is also introducing stricter measures, including a provincewide mask policy. Premier Doug Ford is telling people to keep their contacts tight. Abigail Bimman reports.

The family of Joyce Echaquan say they intend to take legal action. As she lay in a Quebec hospital, she recorded video pleading for help – and on it, you can hear hospital staff insulting and demeaning her. On Friday, her husband said systemic racism contaminated that hospital and contributed to the death of his wife. Felicia Parrillo reports.

An American man accused of smuggling people into Canada now claims he’s an informant for U.S. immigration officials. Canadian authorities charged the man with human smuggling last year and revelations from a separate U.S. court case appear to show American officials knew what he was up to for years. Paul Johnson explains.

The year 2020 keeps delivering unexpected events. Even the American president has COVID-19; a man who often said the virus was just like the flu, has repeatedly said it is under control and was never a strong advocate of wearing a mask. Dawna Friesen explains why it should be a wake-up call.

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    will we close schools or upgrade ventilation … or we iq -200..

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    99.8% survival rate for Covid 19….this is a nothing burger virus… didn't Trudeau get it too?

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    What if Hick's was like a Monica. Think about it,

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    Unless he dies I dont believe it

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    hicks and trump smashed . both got covid

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    tik tok tik tok trump finally he can rest now

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    We need to pray for Trump

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    Now watch all of his non mask supporters switching fields… America is such a joke

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    Voice the truth L.

    Trump ignores virus but virus doesn’t ignore him!

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    This news station doesn't act like a bunch of ignorant LIBERALS like the fake CNN

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    One guy in Africa sent swabs of a vegetable, a pig, and a chicken, guess what? It came back positive. In a real news 3,000 Honduran emigrants are crossing throughout Guatemala. Guess what almost all don't have a mask, how come that is not in the real news?

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    Voice the truth L.

    If he is smart enough, he should wear mask and also encourage his supporters to wear mask! Wear the damn mask, why is that so difficult?

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    If Trump doesn't die from Covid19. Then this virus is FAKE! This guy is old AF

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    Voice the truth L.

    Can Boris get a hairstylist to fix his messy hair?!

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    Voice the truth L.

    Canadians take Covid-19 more seriously.

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    This is the most POSITIVE that I've seen the GOP.

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    Sorry to disappoint you Global, but Covid-19 has a 99.8% recovery rate. Trump will recover, win the election and keep America great. And by great I mean maintaining America's sovereignty. Trump turning his back on the Globalist gangsters at the U.N. and their wicked World Health Organization is the greatest act of patriotism ever. Any other leader would have sold America's soul away, like Trudeau did to Canada.

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    They are currently teaching children in Quebec to EAT INSECTS in school

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    must be super windy in London

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    Figure it out! Old guy. Thinks COVID is a hoax. Goes out and doesn't take any precautions. Gets sick. We all know what's next. No surprise and what's coming next is his own doing. PERIOD. No sympathy.

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    Boris walks like i penguin chaf

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    A virus so deadly you need to be tested to see if you have it🤔

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