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Global National: Oct. 12, 2020 | The growing need for food in a COVID-19 world

As Canadians sit down for Thanksgiving dinner this evening, there are many families turning to food banks to put a meal on the table. The everyday need for help is growing with food insecurity in this country rising dramatically since the start of the COVID-19 crisis. As Jeff Semple reports, some organizations are going to great lengths to meet the growing need for food.

There were six new COVID-19 cases in New Brunswick today, bringing to 76 the total number of active infections there. That’s a big caseload for a province that had very few cases. As Ross Lord reports it’s a reminder for people everywhere, now is not the time to be complacent.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he doesn’t want another national lockdown, but with case numbers spiking in England, he’s unveiled a new plan for targeted restrictions to help get the situation under control. The three-level alert system will mean tougher measures for harder-hit regions. Crystal Goomansingh has more on how it’ll all work.

U.S. President Trump is back on the campaign trail gearing up for more crowded campaign rallies. Late today, Trump’s physician said he has tested negative for COVID-19 on consecutive days. And Trump is once again being slammed by America’s top infectious disease expert over a new campaign ad. Dr. Anthony Fauci says he’s been taken out of context to heap praise on the president. Jennifer Johnson reports.

A ceasefire between Armenia and Azerbaijan didn’t last long, both sides are accusing each other of breaking the truce almost as soon as it began over the weekend. Hundreds of soldiers and civilians have died in fighting over the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh. As Redmond Shannon reports, there are now fears the conflict could escalate and draw in regional powers like Turkey and Russia.

Adopting a child comes with many hurdles. Security checks, parenting courses, the huge financial cost, and there are no guarantees. A number of B.C. families found that out the hard way, paying thousands to an agency they had assumed was being overseen by the provincial government, but it suddenly shut down in 2019. And as Robin Gill reports, one prospective parent’s detective work uncovered problems that went back years.


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  1. Avatar

    There wouldn't be food insecurity if incompetent politicians hadn't needlessly shut down the economy to fight a virus that is demonstrably less dangerous to a large majority of the Canadian public than is influenza and pneumonia.

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    Would rather keep our freedom

  3. Avatar

    nonsense. all nonsense and fear

  4. Avatar

    Starving Canadians Under a Liberal Government.
    Wow. Who would have thunk?

  5. Avatar

    The increased need for food was not technically caused by the pandemic, but by the government response to the pandemic. It would be nice if the news didn't make that kind of "mistake" with the truth.

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    Happy Thanksgiving

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    How are people broke!?😐

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    Global News lies kill Canadians.

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    Caused by Trudeau and his tyrant gov !now the fake media is blaming the plandemic just lie after lie …wake up Canadian before its too late

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    Global news your a disgrace

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    take your masks off

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    Good Morning Sunday Morning

    Okay for Charity Workers to stand right next to each other.
    Okay for Protesters to stand right next to each other.
    Yet economic lockdowns continue.
    Of course you're seeing more Food Bank usage, ya witless gits.

  13. Avatar

    Knowing the NDP and Trudeau they will rescue the 1 billion Africans by granting them all Canadian citizenship.

  14. Avatar

    Canadians are struggling because the political class thinks giving welfare to oil companies and tax dodging corporations and oligarchs is a viable economic policy.

  15. Avatar

    Not only in Canada. Estimated by the UN 2 million starving to death in the 3rd World because of this abborent lockdown and mask wearing lunacy.

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    Drones are a smart way of alternant delivery until your out of range however.

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    Ciao from Verona Italy 04:33 '

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    No news on the isolation camps being build across canada ! All those correction Adds ! Hiring Guards ? CCP building "WAREHOUSE " in Surrey – ? What will they store in there ? Casino bail out Justin bails out Casino ! How many CCP MEMBERS are in Canada ? How Many PLA GUARDS work in Canada , With what weapons ? the ones Justin wants to Outlaw for Canadians ? Covid covid covid ! Tell us about the Traitor ! Tell us about the Blacked out Pages ! You are so far left ! News for the future new socialist Cinada ? Keep your Puplic stupit , if you want to controll them ! Global news ? 1.4 billion ? For CBC AND GLOBAL !

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    The unscientific and unlawful control over people by governments has led to food shortages, poverty, desperation and deaths. Trudeau and ford need to answer for their behaviour, in a court of law.

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    I am happy to live in Nova Scotia

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    food shortages coming soon.

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    Yay we are all gonna die soon!

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    the world fell into the chaos

  24. Avatar

    people need food not electric cars

  25. Avatar

    if you feed the homeless they will make more homeless!!!

  26. Avatar

    we have so much food in Canada. we have abundance. some of this do gooding is going to get dumped in the Atlantic.

  27. Avatar

    Seems to me the word " Unprecedented," is the only word these reporters seem to know , every night since Covid they all are like Unprecedented times or Unprecedented this or Unprecedented that. Hell I could just learn that one word I bet I could make Anchor in two hours. Repeating words to try Brain Washing us, there is no other explanation for it. Seems like the most over used word in the English language since last March.

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    Global news full of fake statements and biased news. Always favoring illigel immigration and crime.

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    Unprecedented Dependency on Food bank? Shania Twain even started food programs so kids wouldn't go to school hungry the way she and her siblings did. No one should ever go hungry in this Country , Working in Food Industry I sadly watched staffers going home hungry because their wages didn't pay enough and after each shift the way we had to toss food we didn't sell that day in the trash to make Insurance Companies happy. Should be my business if I want to eat food that doesn't sell, the Insurance companies don't care if i get sick and croak.

  30. Avatar

    There is no food shortage. Its that peoples incomes have dropped to where they can't afford food AND hydro, heat, water, tax, car, house, etc

  31. Avatar

    76 active cases??? Is this for real? How is this news???

  32. Avatar

    Not sure I understand how a famous US actor is allowed to work in Canada, while a grieving widower's children were denied entry to Canada to say goodbye to their mother.
    What constitutes "essential" travel in the eyes of Canadian officials?

    Sure, regulations have eased up, but many cases will still not fall into the scope of the government's new compassioniate criteria. I'm sure this actor and his producers are not more essential.

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    capebretonengineer 101

    This woman who could conceive is now crying the blues because she can't adopt. Lady, give your head a squirt….. or take one.

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    Where is the tax breaks , bailouts for common families. Billions paid to corporations… come on

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    well many people in the comment section are aware and have said many truths. I will add that we are "starved" or good politicians in this country. instead, we have clowns, theives, pedos, and other such things, is what I think.

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    Phantom virus is to blame. Starving to death hiding from a "virus" with a %.23 mortality rate….🤣👌

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    Imagine having to pay $12,000 to take courses and be interviewed and certified on whether or not you're eligible to buy a TV…and then wait over a year. Ridiculous. A friend of mine gave up halfway through. Guess thry really dont want people to adopt as they put so many hurdles in the way. Do biological parents have to do all this? No. Change the process. A simple background check should suffice. Then, the prospective parents can go "shopping" for a kid. The more special needs would be cheaper as demand would be lower; the higher functioning and least mentally damaged would be more expensive as demand would be higher.

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    Actually since I sit around watching u tube videos I'm quite fat now and could actually benefit from less food. Something tells me that most of north america could do with less food.

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    TRUMP 2020

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