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Global National: Oct. 10, 2020 | Authorities on watch as new COVID-19 measures take effect

Canadians are altering their traditions this Thanksgiving weekend because of COVID-19 cases continuing to soar in many parts of Canada. In Quebec, police checkpoints have been put up to help curb the spread while in parts of Ontario new restrictions are now in place as the province’s death toll passes 3,000. Jeff Semple is following the developments tonight.

There are more than 7.7 million infections in the U.S. since the pandemic began, despite that President Donald Trump, who has COVID-19, addressed another large crowd on the White House lawn today. As Jennifer Johnson reports, he’s continuing to downplay his own illness and the risk of the virus.

Today Trump received a phone call from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who wished him and the first lady well in their recovery from COVID-19. The two leaders discussed ongoing efforts to manage the pandemic. This week the Prime Minister warned Canada is at the tipping point. Mercedes Stephenson sat down with Canada’s chief science advisor to get her take on the pandemic.

Poland is getting international attention right now for all the wrong reasons. This year at least 100 communities have declared themselves LGBT free zones. Dozens of countries including Canada have condemned the action. Now, at least a Canadian organization that helps LGTB people help flee persecution and violence is expecting people to flee Poland. Mike Drolet explains.

It’s not just socializing we’re doing from a distance these days. Military and commercial drones have revolutionized how we see and navigate our planet. In the next decade, sea vessels without crews could do the same for the worldwide shipping industry, potentially making it safer, cheaper, and greener. Redmond Shannon reports.

Some new stats are in for a springtime pandemic phenomenon: the rise in the popularity in gardening, particularly vegetable gardening. As it serves as a great way to fill time at home, as Ross Lord reports it’s not why people took it up.


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    How about Masks mandatory everywhere until a vaccine has been used, proven and distributed to most of society. No exceptions.

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    These is why I do not watch this channel..

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    So you close a province and immediately after the adjacent Province becomes infected I wonder what happened LOL

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    you’re so biased in your reporting ! Trump doesn’t downplay the virus.! He got treated and is taking precautions. At the same time, he doesn’t live in fear ! What would you have wanted him to do? Hide in his basement and does nothing ? he’s still the president – he has to take control of the country. If he did otherwise, you would have criticized him for that also. In your eyes Trump cannot do anything right !! so unfair !!

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    the covid scandal is a crime against humanity,they changed the definition of a pandemic in 2007 , it now includes the common cold as a pandemic. stop the scandal !

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    Naw what is news?

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    The main goal of this lockdown is to stop spending and ordering goods from outside especially China, covid 19 is part of the trade war

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    If courts are struggling were are we actually,

    Are we back to the 18th century were you can dig up a corps and use it to teach med to student medical staff. ?

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    "We're not going to enforce our way out of this".
    Wow, wish you were in Victoria, Australia, which has done exactly the opposite of this statement, pretty much destroying democracy in the process.

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    Trump 2020 or we're all toast. N.W.O in effect. Cures hidden, doctors silenced.

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    Jehovah's son Jesus cured all sicknesses and even resurrected the dead. He did this to show what he will do on a large scale during his 1000 year rulership so very near. Take an online Bible course at JW. ORG your anxieties will lessen.

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    The Prime Minister is a Criminal, Don't forget SNC Lavalin don't forget the WE scandal.

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    0:44 "Alter their traditions," => "alter their behavior"
    Federal Government recently put out a bid for riot "suppression chemicals."
    Large numbers of militia have been spotted in Quebec and Ontario in preparation for outbreaks of civil unrest.
    Feds put out a bid for "isolation camps" in every province. They now have rights to enter Quebecers homes with automated warrant requests and can take them to the camps. You better wake up people.

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    Thats it lets put more people in the poor house .its flu season .this is economic warfare .

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    QuestionEverything 1

    Wow! What are the odds that Trud’oh and wife and Trump and wife all had this “virus”? And showed NO signs of sickness?

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    What i want to know is …. when did we get the probe technology from aliens? If you have ever had the Covid test… you know that has to be alien probe tech.

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    QuestionEverything 1

    Does everyone know that World Bank aid money is only being distributed to countries who’ve agreed to their terms, including “severe lockdowns”? The president of Belarus blew the whistle a few months back. Bye middle class.!

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    cross the atlantic, the iq drops with a thud. going back to european video. the comments here are all are nuts.

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    More Touchless Torture …

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    Good job Globull Fear Mongering News. Keep serving your corporate masters.

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    Correction: The President HAD corona virus and Not….. HAS a corona virus… please check your facts

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    Such biased reporting from this channel

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    So Canada is going into a Police State because the Libs are using this pandemic to push their govt expansion.

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    I am probably extremely wrong but I have somewhat of a theory if it's even possible what if this virus was awakened from Ice glaciers melting due to climate change and then it would float around for years in the ocean and then finally found a host in marine life then started mutating from there then patient zero have eaten one of those infected marine life something in that person's body has altered this virus and mutated it even more to the point that it's contagious to humans am I dumb as hell am I somewhat right or am I right or am I a genius give me this👍 if I am right give me this if I am in between👍👎 give me this if I'm dumb as hell 👎🤬 or give me this if you think I'm nuts👈🏻👎🤪👍👉🏻 or am I this🙂🎓👨‍🎓👨‍🔬👍

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    Stop complain, let the virus do its thing.its here to stay whether you haven't acknowledged it or not

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    Looks like Poland has more of a backbone then Canada. I don't agree with the LGBTQ life style and get sick of it shoved down my throat

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    Tou should stop this nonsense

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    Thank god I left Canada for freedom over here africa. Sierra Leone. No sickness here. Beach is my new home ten feet from my front door. yes ten feet

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    I'm the US they get $35000&$50000 for each covid-19 death, so of course there's lots of those deaths

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    Toronto you are in our prayers

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