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Global National: June 29, 2020 | COVID-19 in decline in Canada while cases continue to spike in U.S.

New data on COVID-18 shows there is some cause for relief in Canada but trepidation for other countries like the U.S.

More than 2.6 million people have tested positive for COVID-19 and cases are rising sharply, with California, Florida and Texas each recording more than 40,000 new cases in the past seven days. And those states have started to rollback on reopening plans including closing beaches and bars., Jackson Proskow reports.

In Canada, new modelling shows the coronavirus is in decline with transmission largely under control, but with some significant hotspots. As Eric Sorensen reports, the modelling comes with a warning that progress could be lost if Canadians become complacent.

The Alberta government has announced an economic stimulus package to help get its battered economy back on track due to both COVID-19 and low oil prices. Heather Yourex-West looks at the path forward and whether the government’s plan will be enough.

The calls to defund or dismantle police departments are growing louder in some cities, including Toronto. But what would that look like? Mike Drolet reports on the ongoing debate into police violence and the demands being made to end it.

Dozens of Canadians are being detained in Syria over their alleged connections to the so-called Islamic State, but human rights groups are urging their repatriation over “deplorable conditions” in camps. As Abigail Bimman reports, the idea of bringing alleged ISIS members home does not sit well with everyone.

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    humhealth Channel


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    Freedom Fighter

    more cases ? lol… what a joke. they're planning something big. how can they even confirm anything with a test that gives 80% FALSE POSITIVES?! how can they be making a vaccine for a virus that hasn't even been identified?! these globalists are really destroying the world as we know it.

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    Why is people not taking it seriously! Don't they realize how easy this invisible virus can easily be transmitted! It is about life and death! This virus don't care who you are!

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    Melissa Sow'n Truth

    Canada is always better than US for cowards. It is known. Sorry .

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    New rules on who's allowed to work? Gee, tell us what's to come. And we'll pretend like we didn't know it's coming…

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    Melissa Sow'n Truth

    Do the stats like per 10K. Our countries are different. We are 50 little countries. Canada = not US.

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    If we're better, than let's start getting back to normal.

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    Thanks covid Queen

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    Keep pumping … we need more bankruptcies

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    This is not about a virus. This is abut your FREEDOM!!! Wake Up people.

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    To excite our economy, from my observation and experience, best to revive small and medium manufacturings.

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    A lot of talk about "new cases", but not a lot of new deaths, huh? Looks like the media has realized if people see how many people are dying compared to how many cases, we'll start to realize that this virus isn't nearly as deadly as they are making it out to be. Those of us who haven't realuzed this already.

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    According to joe Biden. 120 million dead in the US 🀣

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    there's a lot of teenagers doing nothing why don't we hire them for the jobs that's a migrant workers Can't do.this is what happens all over the world child work force.

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    Don't open the border.

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    No to opening the public places such as libraries , theaters and soccer games. We are not near being safe.

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    🍁 Wow! The flu slowed down during the Summer? 😲

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    will all those workers who abandoned the elderly and let them starve and die of thirst, or lay back and choke on their food,in the homes be arrested,,, ??? this is a global murder of our valuable elderly people, where is the protest, outrage for their murders ???

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    We need a NEW type of Police system. We need MAJOR changes in the CHILD SUPPORT system and in the legal system.

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