Global National: June 23, 2022 | US Supreme Court expands gun rights, strikes down NY firearm law

by News Update

In a controversial ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court has struck down a New York state law that limits who can carry concealed weapons. Jackson Proskow explains the ruling, what gun control advocates fear could happen next, and the broader implications across that country amid a reckoning over gun violence.

In Canada, the opposition is demanding answers over allegations the federal Liberals and the RCMP interfered in the investigation into the 2020 Nova Scotia massacre to help advance gun control laws. Abigail Bimman looks at how Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is now responding to the accusations and the timeline of the Liberals’ gun control legislation.

In a first for a leader of Canada, Trudeau also visited the Kigali Genocide Memorial, the final resting place for hundreds of thousands who died in the Rwandan Genocide. David Akin explains what Trudeau is trying to signify, and the new commitments he just made to Africa.

European Union leaders have unanimously voted to approve Ukraine’s candidacy to become a member of the bloc. Redmond Shannon explains what challenges are still ahead for Ukraine, and how Russia’s invasion factors in.

With active landmines, artillery shells, and other explosives scattered across Ukraine, volunteers are sweeping through vast areas of the war-torn country, finding and safely removing unexploded ordinance. Jeff Semple has an up-close look at their daunting and dangerous task, and how Canada is pitching in.

In Kansas, a dog named Dexter has become famous for his dogged determination to get back home. Mike Drolet explains how the clever canine boldly broke out of a pet hotel, and how Dexter’s owners, who were on vacation, learned of his great escape.

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Somawathi Wijeshingha June 24, 2022 - 7:31 AM

…….NATO …leaders..afraid ZELENSKEY, he is god …NATO..not….gesus../ zelznskey blaim to NAO …leardes../.after that….NATO…give … war….there for…ukrain…people died………………….

⬅️Bob And Friends🐈 June 24, 2022 - 7:34 AM

While I personally think this is a excellent ruling I understand and completely respect that many do not.
I hope that If your one of those who do not you fight it democratically not violently 🙏
I'm honestly terrified of the Dobbs vs Women's health decision being handed down!
Its not exactly a stretch to see violence being a go to for those who feel "doing away with" babies as an acceptable norm:(

randy kinder June 24, 2022 - 7:35 AM

GOOD now do canada

Vireswarananda Brahmaan June 24, 2022 - 7:40 AM


Kam L. June 24, 2022 - 7:46 AM

Now Monkey Pox will make Africans become the next hate crime victims!

john mcguire June 24, 2022 - 7:47 AM

kinda odd. wants to ban handguns but happy to send howitzers.

Derek Butts June 24, 2022 - 7:47 AM

its not an expansion of firearms rights lol it's the supreme court telling NY that they are wrong

Wilks Boot June 24, 2022 - 7:49 AM

The CrimeMinister of corruption, justin the traitor trudeau will go down in history as Canadas worst PM, and will forever need armed guards protecting him.