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Global coronavirus cases have surpassed 40 million

As the global count of coronavirus cases passes 40 million, according to Johns Hopkins University, CNN reporters explain how different countries are trying to combat the virus.

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    Okay how many people have recovered though .

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    Apparently The only cure for covid is a global totalitarian dictatorship

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    But it’s a hoax, isn’t it?

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    Dems will continue to destroy the world's economy and seize our property and usher in their New World Order Agenda

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    Yes, based on faulty testing. How many have been ill? Hospitalized? Died?

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    Why does it matter how many cases there have been at this point? You know that 99% of them didn't die and are probably mostly feeling fine?
    This is ridiculous.

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    How I know COVID is fake: Every place makes you wear a mask, but nobody ever asks for proof that you received the flu vaccine.

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    Corona is so weak you have to be tested or you'd never even know you had it

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    DAMN!!! If Trump had just worn a mask we could have avoided all these cases!!! Lol

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    How I know COVID is fake: The CDC said that the elderly are the most vulnerable, then Democrats turn around and send sick people to NURSING HOMES.

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    CNN is a cancer on American

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    Bullshit this is such madness. All they are doing is lumping associated deaths and labeling them COVID 19 to panic everyone for a big financial/ economic new order with micro chips and AI dominating over humanity as we’ve never seen before. And like 911 this rotten devious and evil government knew that creating fatal predicament would be the only way to herd in the sheep to submission

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    CNN try to seal Biden family's corruption.
    China held evidences that Biden family grabbed multiple billions from China and it will be used by China to control Biden.
    Chine strives to replace US as the sole supreme power in the world and comes true in 2035.

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    More fear mongering of pandemic hoax. Welcome to your prison courtesy CNN fearmongering

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    How about you report on the biden corruption biden is in hidin getting the questions for the debate and trying to learn the answers your all fake on MSM and cnn suks

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    Can't hide the truth CNN

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    Look at all these PCR test! Don’t worry about that laptop. I mean c’mon man!

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    Get Old Tugjob on the story, he knows how to rub it all out:

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    CNN fake fake fake news.

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    I Don't understand OMG

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    In other news: "Respected" CNN contributor gets caught jerking off infront of like 5 people on a zoom call. More after this.

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    ANONYMOUS Truther

    They want everybody to get the vaccine with the nano chip so they have your location at all times. They want to merge you with technology and put the internet in your brain. Also CNN is full of Reptilian Shapeshifters. CNN Is “Television programming”. They program your mind to only believe their biased information. Y’all are going down CNN One of these days yall will be held responsible for all of the fear mongering and slander of the president. Mark my Words.

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    Sounds like it’s worse than it ever was it’s all a lie people wake up

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