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Giant Rabbit And Little Girl Make Adorable Duo | Animalkind

Cocoa Puff the 18-pound Giant rabbit is just about the height of his favorite human.

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  1. Avatar

    Cute little girl with a rabbit and HAPPY EASTER TO ALL MY FRIENDS EVERYWHERE!!!😊❤👍

  2. Avatar

    I had a Belgian Hare ( giant rabbit) as a pet when I was 7.
    Brings back memories.

  3. Avatar

    Aww, so cute and beautiful 😍❤🐇❤

  4. Avatar

    That's a big, adorable rabbit. How much does Coco Puff weigh?

  5. Avatar

    I Ate Rabbit for Easter Dinner!

  6. Avatar

    That rabbit sure would have laid lots of eggs.

  7. Avatar

    He is a great bunny and they are wonderful together.

  8. Avatar

    Absolutely adorable. Have subscribed cause loved watching him. I have 2 🐇 they are a lot of work, I agree but So worth it, they are mostly free that’s what keep them happy. Never shut away in hutch. At night are brought inside. A world without animals would be awful.

  9. Avatar

    How did that rabbit grow that big?

  10. Avatar

    May you and your rabbit have a good life and stay bless.

  11. Avatar

    È la.cosa più tenera che.io abbia mai.visto l amore tra coniglio e bambina . Stupendi entrambi 😍

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