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George Floyd remembered as 'gentle giant' by friends | USA TODAY

‘Gentle giant’: Friends and family remember George Floyd.
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Family and friends want to remember George Floyd as a kind, friendly and goofy man. The 46-year-old security guard was killed after an arrest.

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  1. Avatar

    May god be with his family. God bless him!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  2. Avatar

    I'm sorry bro 🙏🏻😔

  3. Avatar

    Was this before or after he was in prison for crimes he committed in Texas?

  4. Avatar
    Kokinkoke Cruz

    …but ……why ….Always the same……..in USA….,.peoole néeds to do Something……historically……god

  5. Avatar

    80% of people killed by cops are not black. Why don't we ever hear stories about them? Is someone pushing a racism narrative….

  6. Avatar

    I’m terribly upset about this. I’m going to go rob a store in honor of his memory!

  7. Avatar
    subscribe to me for no reason

    who does this video even have dislikes

  8. Avatar
    Mahmoud Albelbeisi

    He is leaving the world. I think he is in the best place in the world now🙏💐

  9. Avatar
    Suleban 2m mSuleban 2

    I hate racism black people it's our brothers

  10. Avatar

    Just so sad. I’m trying to understand why that cop didn’t have on his bodycam 🤔 His partner had on his. I thought they all were required to wear one. They all need to be charged with Malice murder, but you know the times we’ve always lived in, they’ll probably only see manslaughter.

  11. Avatar

    it's sad what happened to him, my heart goes out to his family. Sad so sad

  12. Avatar

    Rest in peace George..
    Eden from Malaysia..

  13. Avatar

    On the one hand, condemn the police violence in Hong Kong! On the one hand, killing ordinary people! The evil face of American liberty! Shameless! FALSE!

  14. Avatar
    Austin Howells

    It’s sad

  15. Avatar

    I really feel sad they way he passed away is unfair. 😞😞😞

  16. Avatar

    Its sad what happened i want to know the rest of the story why the cops where there in the first place

  17. Avatar

    There are little white men who really care about black people, just take look at how much more black people died than white people due to covid-19, it is because the test and medical treatment only given to the rich white. God bless African American people. I support by your side, fight for justice.

  18. Avatar

    If all this violence continues, the only thing George Floyd will be remembered for is inciting violence.

  19. Avatar

    I don't know if that's the truth but killing him is completely wrong. In the meantime black community needs to teach black people to cooperate with police people. Why can't they get better education to accept the fact they get caught for crimes they commit and cooperate with cops simple and easy

  20. Avatar

    Amaud Arbrey, you're finished as a frontpage outrage story. There is a new martyred boss in town

  21. Avatar
    afro révolution liberté justice égalité

    NEXT https://youtu.be/Vm8bEY5KI3k

  22. Avatar

    Done took a good man away.

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