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George Floyd protests take varying turns | USA TODAY

Protesters continued to demand justice for George Floyd in cities across the U.S. a day after former a Minneapolis police officer was arrested on third-degree murder and manslaughter charges.

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Video from a bystander showed then-officer Derek Chauvin pressing his knee on Floyd’s neck for more than eight minutes. Chauvin and three other officers who were involved were fired, but many protesters say that’s not enough.

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  1. Avatar
    Andrew Brewton

    Diversity is tolerable when the economy is good. Now with 20% unemployment and an economic depression, diversity will become Hell on Earth.

  2. Avatar

    Bring in the marines now shit stop real quick. These people are terrorists .

  3. Avatar
    truthful Conch777

    What do all the peaceful protesters have in common?
    All Democrat strongholds
    At night these peaceful protests become riots.

    It's disgusting.

  4. Avatar


  5. Avatar

    These are riots, not protests. Not demonstrations. Riots.
    The organizers need to be held accountable for the violence.

  6. Avatar

    A lot of white kids WTF – bad parents

  7. Avatar

    So for a bad apple you are going to burn down the whole produce department?

  8. Avatar

    And just like that the pandemic was over. God bless George Floyd.

  9. Avatar
    Stephen Velasquez

    Left out Sacramento.

  10. Avatar

    Bunch of idiots. This isn’t justice it’s revenge. Brainless.

  11. Avatar

    It needed to happen

  12. Avatar

    Antifa can't breathe?

  13. Avatar

    This is what happens when you let people on welfare vote.

  14. Avatar

    Everything was looted out of the Target except condoms and Father's Day cards.

  15. Avatar

    This people are psycho

  16. Avatar

    I just looked at the numbers. Cops have killed more white people every year for the last three years? Tell me how they are hunting down black people again? We are not a racist country.

  17. Avatar

    Bill Gates, wake up people.

  18. Avatar
    Javonte Foster

    The sad thing about this is our President is doing nothing about this and even wants to sic dogs on people during a PANDEMIC SMH

  19. Avatar

    Fire looting smoke all cure covid19

  20. Avatar

    Such stupidity……..Peaceful protesting is legal and fine….but this rioting must stop…….

  21. Avatar

    diversity is our strength they said

  22. Avatar

    Riots. These are not protests. Yet some how the open up protests were labeled at terrorists??? The completely peaceful protests??

  23. Avatar

    terrible 🎻

  24. Avatar

    Look at the faces of the police officers at the end of the video,lol, who are the snowflakes now?

  25. Avatar
    More Baconplease

    “Zombie apocalypse”
    Human: hold my perc30

  26. Avatar
    Maria Figueroa

    Police driving into the crowd in NY

  27. Avatar

    there just asking for a knee to the neck.

  28. Avatar

    Ive been telling everybody since last year, sh*t gonna hit the fan 2021

  29. Avatar

    The reality is that the mayor, police chief, and the governor are worthless. The un-armed rioters burned downed how many businesses and exactly what were the fire department doing? Abandoning the third police division is nothing but a disgrace. Do you think the rioters are your tax base? America you are witnessing the death of America!

  30. Avatar

    mindless thugs exploit crisis to riot, set buildings on fire, beat the innocent, and loot.

  31. Avatar
    Spivey Investment Foundation

    It's ok for police officers to kill but if someone breaks a window or starts a fire we bring in the national guard. That is complete bullshit

  32. Avatar
    Dragonice Lakeoffire

    A bunch of punk as white liberals out looting knowing that the police will do nothing to them.

  33. Avatar

    These aren’t “protests” this is pure and simple rioting..

  34. Avatar

    U news still calling riots a protest

  35. Avatar

    Violence actions by police officers is not solved by violence riots by the people. Only by peaceful protesting.

  36. Avatar
    Jeremiah Sturk

    The police and military presence is PROOF OF A TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT!!!

  37. Avatar

    It is funny how the mugshot of the cop they arrested doesn't look like the guy that killed Floyd, they are saying his name is Chauvin (Chauvin——ist), his neighbors didn't know he was a Cop, and the autopsy says Floyd died of Cardiac failure.

  38. Avatar

    A government made by the people for the people. When that social contract is violated of course you’re gonna have protest.

  39. Avatar

    And they say HK is hell. 🤔

  40. Avatar

    This is really sad we are together but yet divided at the same time😞

  41. Avatar
    The Annihilator

    Bernie Bros and the result of generations of single mothers.

  42. Avatar
    kadin knobloch

    Put a bullet in thier head if they looting at this point

  43. Avatar
    thatguy youkno

    Most will stop "protesting" when all the tvs and electronics are gone from stores

  44. Avatar

    A lot of dead people in the future they all forgot about the 100,000 corona death

  45. Avatar

    Don’t you hear what they said, Don’t Shoot!! We Loot

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