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Genius Ideas That Are Hard To Believe Are Still Not Implemented Everywhere

Genius Ideas That Are Hard To Believe Are Still Not Implemented Everywhere
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  1. Avatar

    3:29 – Does anyone know where this (or similar) Targets are? Very cool! And it must be a huge store!

  2. Avatar

    8:54 We also have those in the Philippines

  3. Avatar

    I lived in Sri Lanka for a bit, and all their sodas have big colored circles to tell you the sugar level in the drink. (Green for low, Yellow for medium, Red for high)

  4. Avatar

    Northern Irelands new notes also have Braille on them

  5. Avatar

    Traffic lights for pedestrians on their phones? pfff, they should be the other way around… if those morons can't even pay attention, they should be removed from the genetic pool… end of discussion….

  6. Avatar

    The traffic lights with counter proved to be daungerous for some reason in my area. After accodents occured, that are blamed on the counter, they removed those counters.

  7. Avatar

    1:50 this is pretty common in my country in public restrooms

  8. Avatar

    9:01 Plot twist: The floor is actually not flat.

  9. Avatar

    my school has a wheelchair swing 🙂

  10. Avatar

    I've seen the ask for angela sign in Brighton!

  11. Avatar

    5:57 State of Illinois uses these random PIN access panels in many agencies; including Dept of Human Services and Social Security.

  12. Avatar

    1:39 really, that's just encouraging idiocy …

  13. Avatar

    2:24 but if there isn't, you have to lie on the floor to read the notice, or is there also one at the conventional height?

  14. Avatar

    It seems the guy who put up the video has learnt nothing from the clips… No genius thingy has rubbed off on him.
    I mean equal time duration for each clip regardless of length of text?
    Do you really expect me to read a 30 word text in same time as a 2 word text? Get real dude.

    Otherwise, a great collection of clips😛

  15. Avatar

    9:00 I've seen that in Dublin, Ireland!

  16. Avatar

    Why would you need lego to test your shoes?

  17. Avatar

    Stop capitalising every word, it's difficult to read.

  18. Avatar

    0:10 I have that for my Bluetooth headphones

  19. Avatar

    These need to be everywhere. Would make the world so much better, especially the water cooled slide.

  20. Avatar

    Some of these are great ideas, but pretty expensive (like the escalator for shopping carts).
    Others are brilliant and very cheap: they SHOULD be everywhere.
    And some are just so good, that it'd be worth a few bucks to implement them as much as possible.

  21. Avatar

    Considering the thumbnail illusion only works from a 45 degree angle…it’s useless

  22. Avatar

    2:48 most pple would just come for the arcade its genius

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