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General Election Campaign Check: Labour's costs of living

Labour has claimed the cost of living for families has risen by thousands under the Conservatives and that they would reverse this – is that the case?

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  1. Avatar

    Since 1997, and well before that to a lesser degree, it's the cost of dying we should be worrying about.

    Yes, our dying civilisation and culture. We have been stabbed in the back by all three "Tri-Partate Dictators".

  2. Avatar

    Labour are blatantly lying, as usual.

  3. Avatar

    Labour are the reaction to corruption in the uk for 30 years. They may not win but they scare the powers to be to change

  4. Avatar

    This evil Man Corbyn and his evil mob MUST BE DRIVEN OUT AT ALL COSTS. They will destroy the UK, hit everyone hard and open the UK up to the Terrorists, they have no idea what they are doing, making stupid giveaway promises to seduce the ignorant and naieve and will bankrupt this country in a very short time. For Gods sake, USE YOUR VOTE TO KEEP THESE DANGEROUS, MARXIST, COMMUNIST TRAITORS OUT!

  5. Avatar

    A perfect example on why we cannot trust polticians. Running up to an election we need parties to be truthful and honest and all we hear is a bunch of lies

  6. Avatar

    Lol this guy thinks he knows it all.

  7. Avatar

    On the day Diane Abbots tried to stop publication of the fact that her son has been arrested and charged with assault on a member of the police, sky should make this the top story….Labour cover up to protect Abbot, who wants to be Home Secretary in charge of the Police. Please Sky News do your job and highlight this hypocrisy

  8. Avatar

    This is like that book (Maybe "1984", I have forgotten) where bad things are called good, history is rewritten, etc.

  9. Avatar

    Hold on a sec… Can't say about other figures, would need to dive in and check the fact checker 😉 but the rents went down?? In current day and age with current house market how come they went down by nearly £200???

  10. Avatar

    Inflation yes, but did salaries match the same rises – no, therefore your figures are inaccurate.

  11. Avatar

    Vote for our glorious leader Stalin
    He will fight capitalism

  12. Avatar

    Labour's figures are more accurate because people's wages should have gone up which they didn't. There was no real inflationary compensation. Correct your statement please … Wages now are on the level of 2007

  13. Avatar

    Apart from the cost of living issue, Labour produced the so called secret papers NOT, revealing that the NHS was about to be privatised NOT+ together with scaremonging claims that Cancer patients will have to pay for treatment & expectant mothers to give birth, NOT.
    Yet, Labour claim it is Boris who is an untrustworthy liar !!

  14. Avatar

    Just goes to show how much the left have lost it when the comments section of a left-biased News Network are against left leaning parties

  15. Avatar

    Sky News taking into account inflation but not the living wage – so therefore inaccurate as the RPI and inflation go up every year but your wage doesn’t 👏

  16. Avatar

    the coast of living will rise 100% Labour = more and more taxes.

  17. Avatar

    Labour will cost us our lives by importing more and more Islamic troops into the UK

  18. Avatar

    Bills have gone up, sky news that's a lie. People on prepayment metres are being scammed I should know. Water has gone up, friends tell me so.

  19. Avatar

    Forget this, just vote the NDL.

  20. Avatar

    What would we do without sky news. No shame at all

  21. Avatar

    Corbyn is on tract to destroy the UK by playing both sides of Brexit.

  22. Avatar

    What about carbon taxes and removal of private property and businesses under this Green deal nonsense?

  23. Avatar

    That’s dishonesty by Sky news. Compare it with conservative if your want to be fair.

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