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Gemini Man – Official Trailer 2

Check out the next look at Gemini Man, in theaters October 11, 2019.

Deep Fake VFX created by Collin Frend:

Hashtag: #GeminiMan


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  1. Avatar

    The real question is, where is DJ Jazzy Jeff?

  2. Avatar

    ALIENS! I’m calling it now, they are 👽 aliens

  3. Avatar

    I watched whole movie in under 2mins

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  5. Avatar

    OMG i need to see this movie, Gemini Man! 😍

  6. Avatar

    now i know what gemini sign means……

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    Dear Will, I don't know if you will read this, but please tell Mr. Ang Lee to give recognition to the Visual effects artist who worked on this film this time. It's not just a cold and heartless computer bringing this story to life, but rather hundreds of trained artists using their skills through a computer.

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    Geleceği öldürse sorun yok geçmişini öldürürse ölür

  9. Avatar

    Looks cringy… and I'm a fan of will Smith

  10. Avatar

    definite illuminati subliminal messaging keep your eyes on Christ the time is nwo!

  11. Avatar

    Look like a thousand ppl mad they ain't Gemini lol

  12. Avatar

    This looks like a cool movie, but it's a little weird that they're showing behind the scenes before anyone has even seen the film.

  13. Avatar

    Can we just be glad it's not a remake or a comic book movie… thanks Ang Lee for telling different stories.💚

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    SMH, So many Subscribers, & so many Followers. But yet they fell to Realize Will Smith is a Luciferian & a Satan Worshipper Who gave his Soul For Fame & Fortune. SMH. We must Look past The Worship of Man because they are Wicked. Only Worship the Most High & Follow His Word, Laws, & Commandments. Shalom #StayAwayFromIdolatry

  16. Avatar

    Ang Lee: What if a man was chased by himself?
    Will Smith: It's rewind time.

  17. Avatar

    Worth watching as usual 😆👍🍾!!!
    Icon livin’😄😄🍾!!!

    Also looks like one of those trailers that overexposes the movie😂!!!

  18. Avatar

    Awww, he used his son's song for the commercial, that's a cool dad. Respect

  19. Avatar

    John wick, terminator, Rambo and now Gemini Man

    Me: why is 2019 filled with somany badasses

  20. Avatar

    Has Will Smith ever made a bad movie???

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