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Gaza, Hamas and the New Middle East | Al Jazeera World

The political sands are shifting in the Middle East. New alliances are being formed that until recently would have been unimaginable. But as the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and, potentially, Sudan forge closer relationships with Israel, where does this leave the Palestinians, particularly those in Gaza? How is Hamas – the elected government of Gaza – and its paramilitary wing, the Qassam Brigades, adjusting to the new regional political climate? In this film, Al Jazeera Arabic’s Tamer Almisshal meets Hamas’s political leader Ismail Haniya and discovers dramatic and surprising military preparations that may seriously concern Israel and its allies.

Today, the Gaza Strip is blockaded by the two countries bordering Gaza, Israel and Egypt, but it somehow continues to obtain rocket technology, some of it homemade, some smuggled in. Tamer Almisshal has obtained video of rockets being manufactured in Gaza. Iran is cited as a likely supplier but the source of some of this weaponry is unexpected. While clearing damage from the 2014 Gaza War, the Qassam Brigades came across unexploded Israeli missiles and say they have repurposed them into a source of arms. Hamas explains how another arms supply was sourced by a specialist unit of Palestinian divers, who were tasked with searching the seabed for weaponry and who claim to have recovered projectiles from the hold of century-old sunken ships.

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    It is really amazing if they can use old ammunition to make new rockets

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    I hope these all problems be solved one day with peace for peace by peace 🥰

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    Wow al Jazeera openly supports terrorism just wow

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    Seventy years of stupidity !
    This is all about
    The End Times

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    Saudia government head of oic you are tout of israel.shame on you one day every single person will die what are answer the God

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    Sayak Chakraborty

    Long live Israel ❤️❤️❤️

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    You can't convince me that these missiles were smuggled into Gaza strip without the awareness of Intelligence community, including the Mossad, CIA and France' Deuxieme Bureau! These spy agencies saw it all. They knew very damned sure where these weapons would go and who gonna use them. They purported to turn a blind eyes on these movements until the conflict break out. Being aware of the Hamas' plans an whatever weapons they have accumulated, the IDF always had the upper hand and crushed the Hamas fighting power without much of the collateral damages.

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    The world not going to put up with your mess sn any longer joint them or be left out!

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    Arab countries is the selves of America , only on God gifted oil they are so high, they should learn from Pakistan, turkey, and work on strong and modern military,and weapons, Pakistan is the only stable Muslim state right now, Pakistan and turkey need to control the Muslim leadership , coz Saudi Arab and OIC is useless anymore ,even seems Saudi Arabia is going for peace deal with Israel . Shame on UAE again

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    I disagree that israel has been the main cause of middle east conflict. Since the iranian revolution, the middle east has been convulsed in sectarian violence and an ideological cold war causing massively more death, destruction and displacements than any Israeli action. Look at syria, iran/ iraq war, sectarian violence in iraq and Yemen civil war, lebanese civil war, death and displacement by the millions.

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    Israel will loose in the end. God is always with the oppressed. U know what isis and Israel have in common? They both use their books to justify oppression.

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    Isreal we love you … u deserve to exist 100 percent !!!

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    Hamas is finished!

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    When is the documentary about the Egyptian blockade of Gaza

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    Why everyone is against the Peace?? Middle East need peace,they have the right to live in peace,if all those who are encouraging for War in comments sections should volunteer for Hamas…

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    What type of information u r showing? Is Isreal not committing any crime in Palestine? Palestinian have the right to resist. The only reason for Palestinian of making rockets are because of Isreal colonising the independent Palestinian territory.

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    God bless Israel! 🇮🇱

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    Palestinians—Never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. Other Arabs are over their shenanigans.

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    Love Gaza from Bangladesh

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    Justice for Palestine.

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    "A reaction is NOT an action"

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