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Galaxy S20: Expert Review Highlights – Camera | Samsung

See tech experts’ talk about #GalaxyS20 phone camera.

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  1. Avatar

    On my phone screen diffrende coler what is the resone and solusaon

  2. Avatar

    Exynos joined the chat
    AutoFocus joined the chat

  3. Avatar
    Abid Arshad kHAN

    Tech reviewers :8k video on this phone is garbage. 😡😡
    Samsung: 8k video on this phone!! 😲😲

  4. Avatar

    J'ai trouver se SAMSUNG S20 A 700 EURO https://amzn.to/2xrNRyy


  5. Avatar
    Delfro Gamer Y Apps

    S20+ FOREVER🙂

  6. Avatar

    S20 one of the worst security features I have the s 20 +and my phone was able to be accessed, as I was asleep because of your supposed 3D scanner,, just go with iPhone if you prefer security

  7. Avatar

    Just because you have BTS dancing. Is not going to fool me

  8. Avatar

    Mai camera bump se pareshan

  9. Avatar

    What they didnt include is how these same reviewers think samsung undermined their consumers by putting the lower performing exynos in most of the world. If this isnt fixed with the note im leaving samsung

  10. Avatar

    Long live Apple!!!

  11. Avatar

    Whos watching on their S20 series devices

  12. Avatar

    each of them used snapdragon! sweet !
    I hate you samsung.. and I regret big time for owning a exynos device. Switched for a regular iphone 11 and regretting for last one month!

  13. Avatar

    Some of My camera's setting options are grayed out i can't turn them on! What should I do. Pls anybody help me. It's been a month I'm using s20+ makes thinking to switch to iPhone If I can't find the solution

  14. Avatar
    bryan juegos y más

    Por que no sacan una camara que almenos le aga pelea a iphone ? A mi de samsung lo unico que no me gusta es la bateria y la camara

  15. Avatar

    It's good only with Snapdragon processor .. exynos sucks everytime in hard gaming and battery performance is terrible

  16. Avatar

    Where are the technical Guruji??

  17. Avatar

    but why $1400 worth s20 ultra still not perfect in comparinh with low budget competitors ,tons of software issues in camera ,dox mark give rating lesser than p40 pro,sorry Samsung don't make our face pull down ,

  18. Avatar

    Galaxy s20 👎👎 Huawei nova 5 t 👍👍

  19. Avatar

    Samsung please do something with your Exynos SoC. From lower end to higher end none of them are doing well.

  20. Avatar

    That's amazingly crazy. But, I will just stay with my S10+ lol

  21. Avatar
    Orifjon Karimjanov

    Assalomu alaykum, meni telefonimni (galaxy A6 2018) android versiyasini yangilab bo'lmayapti, xato deyapti, nima qilsa bo'ladi?

  22. Avatar
    Orifjon Karimjanov

    Hello, I can't update the android version of my phone (galaxy A6 2018), it says error, what can I do?

  23. Avatar

    Can you give me any Samsung phone free….

  24. Avatar

    Why Samsung has really small youtube channel than Apple?!?!?

  25. Avatar
    Freddie Washington

    Jerryrigeverything wasnt featured because he straight up said he would not buy this phone

  26. Avatar

    just need to tell you samsung curve screen is suck i hate it

  27. Avatar

    Dear samsung,i love your phones but one thing keeps bothering me.btw have you seen the back of the new TCL 10 pro smartphone, you can learn a few things from the way they arranged their cameras with no camera bump whatsoever looking all sleek(they didn't copy apple)like you keep doing and for the life of me I can't understand why.you are agiant in the industry stop following and LEAD.

  28. Avatar

    I was about to order it today (EU)….found out about that "exynos, snapdragon"-thing.
    I need more than 2 minutes of batterylife.
    so no thx.

  29. Avatar
    sharktony jaws

    yes there are my favorite YouTubers mrwhosetheboss and mkbhd

  30. Avatar
    Mudassir Kazmi

    Shame on you Samsung for charging a fortune
    for your lame products. You ain't Apple. A
    $1400 mobo device name S20 ultra failed
    because of yeh price factor. But you never
    learn from your blunders. Look at Nokia
    Blackberry and Htc, you are the next one,
    soon. Thanks to Xiaomi, Huwaei, Vivo, oppo,
    oneplus and Infinix. Because of them we the
    customers knows the worth of a product with
    least pricetag unless you were making money
    and looting us in the name of research and

  31. Avatar
    Jaime Raúl Dominguez

    The Best Smartphone 2020, Ultra Phone, Ultra Perfect!

  32. Avatar

    Quiero ese excelente dispositivo. 👍💪

  33. Avatar

    I wish i will have that kind of phone 😢 i cannot afford this type of phone tho. My phone is A10s only. 😔

  34. Avatar

    Excelente tecnología

  35. Avatar

    very very bad after-sale and there is no reliability and no durability

  36. Avatar

    Muy interesante se ve ese celular espero que me lo gane para poder disfrutarlo saludos

  37. Avatar
    Eubyjoseph Joseph

    Samsung please don't make S21 make update to S10 and make S20 to Name as S11 and update it please because what you to be the best in the world stop the name s20 and make it s11 so you can make a new phone in the future

  38. Avatar

    Samsung you should give the same mobile as shown in video like in black color and snapdragon 865 and same storage in India . Why do not you give good products in India ?

  39. Avatar

    Lol they say amazing phone but the best photography phone is in 2020 the p40 pro or p40 pro+ lol look on TIPA site sceoll down and youll see

  40. Avatar

    Actually i don't like infinity o display, i think it's an vulnerable, when it comes to accidental drop period..

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