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Fur Seals vs. Great White Sharks | Hostile Planet

Great white sharks stalk South Africa’s coastal waters. Seals work together to see off the threat.
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Fur Seals vs. Great White Sharks | Hostile Planet

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  1. Avatar

    Sometimes avoiding a great white shark means tackling it head on. What are your thoughts on this risky strategy?

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    Seals only need to call Chinese, some of us are more than happy to help

  4. Avatar

    They did nothing of the sort. He'll be back…..

  5. Avatar

    Shark Sealed the death with death

  6. Avatar

    Shark then comes back with 20 sharks

  7. Avatar

    Nature, red in tooth and claw the way God intended

  8. Avatar

    more like 50 seals vs 1 shark and they only shooed him off

  9. Avatar

    He'll come back and eat like 7 out of anger

  10. Avatar

    Imagine if sea lions decided to be pack hunters and had a taste for sharks

  11. Avatar

    If they attacked the shark all at the same time the shark would be sushi!!

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    You guys enjoyed this channel.
    Maybe you'll enjoy mine.

  13. Avatar

    You guys enjoyed this channel.
    Maybe you'll enjoy mine.

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    This is how we take back the world from the corporate lunatics. We have the numbers, people!

  15. Avatar

    Don't tell me one of the seals is the cameraman

  16. Avatar

    In the water, sometimes food fights back

  17. Avatar

    I think the Shark that was harrased by the seals was a juvenil One or a baby

  18. Avatar

    This is what you’re government doesn’t want you to do! For the people to come together.

  19. Avatar

    Super Heroes: I am fearless and will not back down from any challenge!

    Fur Seal: Hold my beer.

  20. Avatar

    Gonna be honest, I'm kinda disappointed… I thought they would start biting him or something

  21. Avatar

    can seals do that with a big shark?

  22. Avatar

    We, humans, cannot understand that we have to unite, for the survivor of our own species.

  23. Avatar

    Why didn’t they do that before

  24. Avatar

    didn't seem like it. maybe it was not hungry anymore after eating?

  25. Avatar

    Why didn’t the seal head straight back to land? It was so close 🤔

  26. Avatar

    Seals are very dangerous..they could do some serious damage

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