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Funny Chickens 2017 🐔 [Funny Pets]

These chickens are hilarious! Watch for the brave one on 1:16!
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The British Texan
Funny Chicken Attack, Hilarious

funny creator
Funny Chicken

Chicken Runs Around Wearing Blue Pants

about Markes
Funny chicken – Crossy Road style!

Leak Videos
Funny Chicken Attack LOL

Pacific Northwest Extreme Videos
Funny CHICKEN SWINGS on a Fence just for FUN. “Cheep Chicken” Swinging on a Fence

Roshan Maharjan
Funny chicken videos 2016, chickens are funny and will animals

Being Facetube
Funny chicken

funny Chicken
funny Chicken Playing Keyboard Piano

Funny chicken

Cristi Craciun
funny chicken

Doctor Jay
Our Funny Chicken Lays An Egg

Softball_Life Singer_18
Funny Chicken Talk

Funny Chicken ULTIMATE Funny CHICKEN Compilation (HD) [Funny Pets]

Владимр Третьяков
Кот и курица

Серьезный Кот
Молоко курица и кот

Смешное видео
Приколы – Канал Смешное видео – Ребенок любит куриц

Смех да и только!
Нежная дружба мальчика и курочки. Дружеские объятия.

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