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Full Panel: 'The Grownups Here Have To Step Forward' And Protect The Government | Meet The Press

Peggy Noonan, Jeh Johnson, Jennifer Palmieri and Rich Lowry join the Meet the Press roundtable to discuss the president’s condition and how it will affect the final weeks of the presidential campaign.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Full Panel: ‘The Grownups Here Have To Step Forward’ And Protect The Government | Meet The Press

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  1. Avatar

    He says: "Children, you are faced with important decisions in this upcoming election. Above all, pray before you decide.  Your nation was founded on the right to pray.  You have that right now.  Put it to use … Prayer is the way to unite your nation."
    Read Philippians 2:1-2+
    Message 9-30 from
    God the Father
    Holylove.org https://par.pw/l/qEUep

  2. Avatar

    Is he on oxygen? What about oxygen? Is there oxygen? Who want's oxygen? Has he ever breathed oxygen? Oxygen and hydrogen make water. Is oxygen good? More oxygen anyone?

  3. Avatar

    We can't be confident about the president's health, so Joe Biden should just simply drop out of the race, out of respect for the president's health and we'll being. The president should just be allowed to rest until the re-election !!

  4. Avatar

    maybe he got the China Virus, by eating Chinese fried Rice

  5. Avatar

    Biden is a lame for pulling the ads always keep the devil under foot

  6. Avatar

    To the first speaker if Vice President pence is out there campaigning common sense should tell you that Trump Doesn’t have COVID 19

  7. Avatar

    Omg! Trump testing positive is terrible, my condolences go out to the coronavirus..Wishing the virus a speedy recovery…This is a HOAX. A Ploy to get vote sympathy, he's fine, he just used CLOROX!

  8. Avatar

    I'm pretty sure Trump is lying about having covid I mean of he was being treated for it I don't think he'd be in a suit sitting behind a desk.he would be on a hospital bed with a intravenous picc line in his arm! He can't even lie right!

  9. Avatar

    Bet Barr has papers shredding going 90

  10. Avatar

    KARMA(car-ma) is a word  the result of a person's actions as well as the actions themselves. It is a term about the cycle of cause and effect. According to the theory of , what happens to a person, happens because they caused it with their actions. …  is not about punishment or reward.

  11. Avatar

    Any of these people that maybe get covid, it is what it is. All fake news! No need for the masks or social distancing.

  12. Avatar
    Lawrence Sullivan

    "sloppy" has indeed become a dominant American trait from the top down! "access Hollywood" had no impact on the American people; COVID does!

  13. Avatar
    Conspiracynutsmakemechuckle outloud

    Now that trump has the virus does that mean he is part Chinese?
    If so instead of cadet bone spurs it could now be private Orange Chicken

  14. Avatar

    No no uncharted waters! The same thing as in 2016. Trump gets to mark the pace and the control of the news. No more taxes, racism, the mishandling of the pandemic, the destruction of the democratic process… That is all solved. Biden campain looks like it also came out of the news… And trump is going to be saved by God… Because he is supposed to be the president of America (even being a Putin's asset to destroy it from the inside) and just the last 15 days and he will win the elections. And the press then can say that once again instead of discussing the real problems they spent the time discussing the president's precived health and helped him to win the elections. And then they can spend another 4 years trashing Trump. It's just a circus, isn't it?

  15. Avatar

    We should not forget al the transgressions!
    Do not remove the adds that show the true essence of the current administration!

  16. Avatar

    They care more about the SCOTUS seat more than the health and welfare of the American people. Why aren't the Rebuilding worried about their constituents and their livelihoods. Disgraceful

  17. Avatar
    Gabriella Anderson

    What a lying bunch :). Cleveland hospital released a statement that all "arrows" point at the presidential debate direction for teh infections. Interestlingly, no semocrats got it… Hmmm. I wonde why.

  18. Avatar

    The arrogance, the incompetence, the poor judgement. I can't believe these people are in charge of running our country. Thank goodness for checks and balances.

  19. Avatar

    Like every hurricane, Trump shall pass. And the damages left behind to tend to are enormous. 208 thousand souls so far to remember, a white house to sanitize, a nation to reunify, the country dignity to restore, our Republican party to purify, Our DOJ to "dis-barr", our electoral system integrity to reform, our allies to re-attract, our economy to rebuild, unemployment rate to reduce, and many more. (Feel free to add more). God help us.

  20. Avatar
    Art by Jeremy Maya Robinson

    That guy said Trump is a germophobe. Where is he getting that from? Trump, the guy who denied the pandemic was real, said it will go away when the weather changes, the guy who throws rallies with no one wearing masks, including him?! He's not a germophobe!

  21. Avatar

    Peggy, you look good.

  22. Avatar

    Trump got covid-19. My heart♡ goes out for covid-19. Now covid needs to worry not to get infected by Trump stupidity. That's more deadly and painful.

  23. Avatar

    Never ending Masquerade!

  24. Avatar

    This administration is the worse!!
    God help us

  25. Avatar


  26. Avatar

    Super Trump!

  27. Avatar

    Trump's Covid foot dragging wasn't about stopping a panic. It was about keeping his hotel and golf businesses from going under. Sometimes we forget who we're dealing with.  This wasn't about ineptitude, it was pure avarice.

  28. Avatar

    Re: SCOTUS can someone explain what exact measures (arrows in the quiver) such as boycotts, filibusters, or other tangible actions that the Dems can take to STALL the nomination process until Jan 20, 2021 ?
    I've looked online and can't find much, but maybe someone knows the process better (I'm Canadian). Please and thank you!!

  29. Avatar

    You mean there cheating the biggest lying news there is vote trump

  30. Avatar

    Vote for Biden is a vote for socialism and less freedom

  31. Avatar

    If he lies so much why you all want to put biden he's worse

  32. Avatar

    Forget Covid 19. Covid 20/20!

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