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Full HHS Sec. Azar: 'We've Seen Incredible Progress' In Fighting Covid | Meet The Press | NBC News

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar joins Meet the Press for an interview to talk about infighting at the CDC and the unyielding death toll from covid-19.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Full HHS Sec. Azar: ‘We’ve Seen Incredible Progress’ In Fighting Covid | Meet The Press | NBC News

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  1. Avatar

    Mr. Phony Baloney.

  2. Avatar

    Your headline. Lmao.

  3. Avatar

    If someone tells you your rushed vaccine is "gold standard" don't take it. Cloth Jersey masks are considered more dangerous than no mask at all. If masks are so important why aren't we shipped n100 asks from the government. The government tells you to cobble together your most important life saving device from your underwear drawer. You knew they were going to do nothing when they assigned Mike Pence.

  4. Avatar

    Is this guy serious? The worst actor ever. It almost looks like a SNL parody skit

  5. Avatar

    The lies are absolutely appalling

  6. Avatar

    Lies, lies and more lies.

  7. Avatar

    This guy doesn't have a medical background , oh wait on the board of a pharmaceutical company.

  8. Avatar

    The numbers are irrelevant as they’re manipulated, scrubbed squeaky clean. Azar speaks in circles & says nothing. The rallies didn’t require masks; increasing spread. Vaccines aren’t being vetted w/AA&I pops. Need to do so prior to rollout. 🧐

  9. Avatar

    It's bad when he lie blatantly. Not moral values.

  10. Avatar
    We are all connected

    Anybody else here now have a thoroughly smoked butt?🙄

  11. Avatar

    I don't believe a word he says. Knowing what Drumpf knew and I am sure his administration knew. Yet they still bold face lie to the American people.

  12. Avatar

    Azar failed…..miserably, bigly, terribly, an utter failing of epic proportions. His lies are disgusting and revolting which fills the air like the rotten stench of a skunk.

  13. Avatar

    These useful idiots are operating in falsehood

  14. Avatar

    Is he russian

  15. Avatar

    A weak interview of a strong dissembler.

  16. Avatar

    Azar be spittin' pure propaganda in up in here. Shows how much Kayleigh sucks at her job.

  17. Avatar

    Trump hasn't stepped up to the plan. Rally virus spreader

  18. Avatar

    Another horrible liar . What a bunch of crooks.

  19. Avatar

    These pathological lying low down dogs. Disgusting murdering minus-tration extortion branch. Lie lies n more lies.

  20. Avatar

    What a wanker. Trump told him he had to be a "cheerleader" or get fired, no doubt. He can't even speak like a regular person. "I'm glad you asked about that.. (let me feed you more BS)"

  21. Avatar

    "incredible" "tremendous" "great" "unbelievable" all typical Trump's words🤢🤢🤢

  22. Avatar

    Except for the Trumpsters and Trump's Rallies! This guy is a smooth huckster.

  23. Avatar

    Our government lies a lot, but yours is off the charts! What a load of bullcrp.

  24. Avatar

    I believe even 1 death from Covid-19 is not a success. 5 people I know have died. I almost lost my father which would have been the biggest blow to me.

  25. Avatar

    Azar sounds like the worst used car salesman.

  26. Avatar

    AZAR is an AH.

  27. Avatar

    How can he call the vaccine gold standard when its only 70% effective, what standard is a 80,90 or 95% effective vaccine?

  28. Avatar

    Could this dude be any smarmier? — I'm serious. This is awful acting.

  29. Avatar

    Who is this clown???

  30. Avatar

    Trump toadies all have that soulless glazed eye look.

  31. Avatar

    Unfortunately they weren't aggressive with wearing masks. now some people refuse to wear them and are
    contributing to the spread of this virus.

  32. Avatar

    Wow. Not just vaccine, gold standard vaccine. Sounds much better.

  33. Avatar

    Why didn't chuck ask Azar back when he lied? He let Azar spread false propaganda.

  34. Avatar

    3 W's? So WTF is trumpy doing with his rally's? Alex Azar is nothing more than a puppet for trumpy and is a POS like the rest of this administration.

  35. Avatar
    Mercedes PerezCarrillo

    He is confused. He did not understand the question

  36. Avatar

    I don't trust this guy at all! Just another Trump looser….

  37. Avatar

    @0:53 Let the lying begin.

  38. Avatar

    Did anyone receive a mask in April or ever? If you got a mask, hit like!

  39. Avatar

    Sir where you live? Because it can not be U S A. What are you talking about. Do you know how you sound telling theses lies. How on God green hearth you sleep at night. My goodness . Its must be exhausting for you to up. With all those lies.🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  40. Avatar

    Alex Azar is the only one speaking the truth here. Sleepy Chuck Todd I guess agrees with all you Communist Democrats below. Just can't wait till Nov 3rd.

  41. Avatar

    In Trump's mind, he never lies. It's people who think he lies.

  42. Avatar

    AZAR…you kiss your wife…with the same lips…you spew those lies !!! WAPOS !!! Maybe next time you go to kiss her…she should smell…your breath !!!

  43. Avatar

    Waiting for Azar to start pushing the Vault-Tec Corporation thing.

  44. Avatar

    He’s lying. They are messing with the numbers. Why else take the info out of the public domain.

  45. Avatar

    America’s Covid Death Toll Pass 200K

  46. Avatar


  47. Avatar

    Azer, you are a liar, did Trump bully you to do this? Trump likes to play it down and it looks like you do as well, I know you can't disagree with Trump or you are fired. Remember you paid for what you do in this life in the next there is no escaping that. I pray that all those who have lied to the people get the Virus. I don't think that Trump should get any tests for COVID since we are paying for it. Trump is a Toxic Manchild.

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