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Full Dr. Bhadelia: 'The President Is Currently One Of 30,000 Americans Who Are Hospitalized'

Dr. Nahid Bhadelia, Infectious Diseases Physician and Medical Director of Special Pathogens Unit, Boston University School of Medicine, talks to Meet the Press about President Trump’s covid-19 diagnosis.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Full Dr. Bhadelia: ‘The President Is Currently One Of 30,000 Americans Who Are Hospitalized’

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  1. Avatar

    Buy a maga hat, get a Trump covid mask free. Hurry up, limited stock.

  2. Avatar

    does this moron have a security status to work with ebola ? , if they don't they are just a GP regardless what they say i have no interest , this women is obviously too young to have a security status to work with Ebola

  3. Avatar

    They need to try the ingestion of disinfectants and high intensity light directly on his organs just to be safe.

  4. Avatar

    I have never heard that the dose you recieve of covid 19 can affect how severe the virus is. That is the best argument for masks. Masks make it less likely to spread covid. But if it reduces how much covid you are exposed to and makes the illness less severe then the mask could be saving your own life.

  5. Avatar

    If you refuse to wear a mask and obey the science, you should not be allowed to get treatment. PERIOD

  6. Avatar

    They’re hiding that he is having breathing problems, look at Trumps video statement from the hospital, where he seemed to gasp for air and they (The Hill) edited the video, trying to cut it out. It is so clear. (@ 1:04 – 1:09).

  7. Avatar

    Hopefully this POTUS IS NOT SCAMMING us about his COVID19.

  8. Avatar

    The president is lier, the simple fact that everyone around him is going as usual, even do they may be infected, means they know that is nothing to weary about.

  9. Avatar

    TRUMP'S court pick HAD her kids at trump's COVID lawn party with no MASK! If she runs her family like that ! DONT WANT HER MAKING DECISIONS FOR MINE

  10. Avatar

    Imagine if ALL the OTHER 30,000 patients got as good care as Trump is getting.
    And Trump's administration is working to take away Obamacare from millions of Americans who will have ZERO coverage if they DO get sick.
    D I S G U S T I N G ! ! !

  11. Avatar

    Would it not have been nice if those over 200,000 Americans got the same kind of rapid treatment the president got! Most of them would probably still be alive.

  12. Avatar

    Trump got covid-19. My heart♡ goes out for covid-19. Now covid-19 needs to worry. Not to get infected by Trump stupidity. Now that's more painfully deadly.

  13. Avatar

    The world is experiencing all the conditions and the many specific events and signs that were recorded in the Bible indicating the end of the age and Jesus’ promised second coming. Prophecy is about 1/4 of the Bible letting us know what will happen in the future. Jesus stated in John 14:29 “And now I have told you before it comes, that when it does come to pass, you may believe.” I have created two spaces that cover a good portion of them that have come to pass with other resources that are also trying to bring awareness, preparedness, and hope for what is very soon ahead. God bless.

  14. Avatar
    Seriously Positive inspiration


  15. Avatar

    The precautionary hospitalization is BECAUSE HE'S THE PRESIDENT. It's why the rest of us don't have access to Air Force One, or have the US Secret Service following us around.

  16. Avatar

    Why God just bless America! Isn’t America part of the rest of the world? You should say, God bless us stupid people and give us Your Intelligence so we can fix Your wonderful world that we are ruining

  17. Avatar

    What credible medical professional has verified the Donald Trump has Covid-19? Let Dr. Anthony Fauci exam Donald Trump for proof and announce his conclusion.

  18. Avatar

    Did you find the bodies yet? 🇩🇰

  19. Avatar

    2:32 I like that😍💋 💝💖❤️

  20. Avatar
    Gary Witherspoon

    Trumps caretaker government of acting officials provide nothing but lies and distortions and misinformation. The Republican Party can now denounce Trumps deadly bid for power to leave him and his power structure swinging in the wind OR the Republicans of the House and Senate will swing with them before, during and after November. May God have mercy on their souls

  21. Avatar

    they don't beileve doctor and scientist about covid.. but when they got covid, they all go to hospital to care by doctor and scientist.. weird people..

  22. Avatar
    LOVE TRUMPS hate

    He may show us all how we can stop the panic over covid
    and just deal with it via American ingenutity

  23. Avatar
    Shamsuddin Ahmed


  24. Avatar

    How can taxpayers get the virus test every day or even twice a day. The lives that could have been saved if we knew right away that we tested positive. Bunch of crap!

  25. Avatar


  26. Avatar

    He only has it because they're testing in the WH. If they weren't testing he'd have been fine. But let's be fair. He's old and fat and shoulda been put out to pasture years ago. In order to get that herd immunity he wanted I guess a lot of old people are gonna die. It is what it is. Oh! And "thoughts and prayers."

  27. Avatar

    MY INTUITIONS tells me 45 has never been infected with COVID.
    Consider this, WE know HE is the most protected man on the planet away from COVID and even though we are told his inner circle ALL have it + have to quarantine for 14 days–this story is way too convenient to be TRUE.
    And how do you really know they all have it? where is the proof.
    So my INTUITION says he does not have covid, he has never had covid, and he is playing the American public like a fiddle.
    NO he does NOT have COVID,
    but he does have a Grand Illusion of how to get pardoned so that his 2nd term is peaceful and he can give us the biggest 3-finger salute .

    HOW will HE/they pull this off?
    >25th amendment
    >Pence comes to power for a short time
    >Pence pardon's 45 of everything that could put him into prison
    >Pence also pardon Flynn + Manafort
    >Power then transferred back to TRUMP just before the election
    >Trump writes an Executive Order with the Stimulus Package that HIS current Senate has stalled on
    >Trump looks like superman coming into SAVE the DAY
    >This EO saves Senate Seats on Nov o3 because America is so happy with DJT's stimulus package (it is big-really really big)
    >DJT wins with a LANDSLIDE over Biden
    >People are so happy that he 'made it' and all of us DEM's got silenced because we did not want to look like a JERK talking against a sick POTUS.
    > Sorry folks this is way too neat to be TRUE.
    45 is HOSING US with the BIGGEST BAIT + SWITCH imaginable as he orchestrates all of this from the least expected place … Walter Reed Hospital.

    THINK ABOUT THIS – 45 loves to look tough + he hates the 'chinese flu'.
    Dont you think he went just a little too peacefully?
    Will you really turn off YOUR INTUITION and fall under the spell he is casting on the American Public.
    YES he is using this virus to hypnotize you into silence + complicity.
    Don't fall for it.
    This is the big WHOPPER

  28. Avatar

    Of all 30,000 Americans hospitalized for Covid, Donald Trump is the one who deserves the least sympathy. He is the one who put most of those people into hospital, through his greed, arrogance, constant lying and treason. He deserves no better standard of care than any of the others. That's what American values should be. He may imagine he is King George, better than the rest of us, deserving of luxury and preferential treatment….. but if you know your history, you know that King George was insane.

  29. Avatar
    Alasdair Paterson

    Next debate will be virtual from the ICU. Chris Wallace can remotely switch off the ventilator to allow Biden to speak.

  30. Avatar

    So his taxes are no longer being discussed. It's the world's greatest hoax by the greatest con man. Look who has covid-19 as well from the team, his flunkies. It's a hoax.

  31. Avatar
    Dr. Steven Clark Bradley PhD.


    The Democrat-Socialists are planning a ‘Color Revolution’ after the November 3 Presidential election. To carry out their diabolical plans, the need:

    – A United Rebellion

    – An organized opposition

    – They now have it too

    ‘The Momentum Community’ is a training institute that gives progressive organizers (Socialist-Marxist Political Action Groups) the agendas to build massive, decentralized social movements. By coalescing and structuring the historically best practices from past movements (Past Color Revolutions), critical movement theory, and pertinent abilities. The leaders of this Prep-Course for Color Revolutions seeks to create and encourage organizers who know how to dream of and bring about fundamental change, and give them the tools to make it happen.

    The organization, ‘The Momentum Community’ get their inspiration from…

    – Their momentum – Many 20th century revolutionary movements

    – Color Revolutions of Eastern Europe

    – The Arab Spring in North Africa

    – The will drive home that voting results are going to be falsified.

    – On election night

    – This is where preparation turns into action.

    Most of the radical domestic terrorist that we have seen on US streets across America’s major cities have been part of this Socialist-Marxist organization.

    – ANTIFA

    – Black Lives Matter

    – Refuse Fascism

    – The Transition Integrity Project

    – The sunrise movement (The strongest Left-Wing group pushing the Green New Deal)

    All of this is to setup and is but a Prelude to what the Democrat-Socialists have planned to destroy the nation we have known since the founding of the republic.

    – They're organizing and building a network for something much larger, after the election, in November 2020 and an outright civil war, in December, 2020

    – To convince people – before election There will be voter fraud

    – To make a Trump victory appear illegitimate.

    – They have the help of the media too

    When the Color revolution begins:

    – The Independent Media will flood citizens about falsified vote.

    – This is what will happen after the election

    – If Trump is winning he will be silenced

    – The Media will totally silence him

    The Fight Back Table

    The ‘Fight Back Table’ is an enterprise that began, after the 2016 election. The purpose of ‘The Fight Back Table’ is to bring a dedicated and united group of radical left-wing Democrat-Socialist organizations together to plan the Color Revolution. Their objectives have not only been effective; their goal is now fully developed and, even now, being implemented.

    America, tyranny, oppression, repression, sedition and treason is crouching at our door. The future of the nation, the U.S. Constitution and liberty, itself, is in the hands of the American people. This is even bigger than making America great. It is now, so profoundly true that keeping America in existence is the all-consuming task before us. Only ‘We The People’ can preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

    America – Now you know. What will you do – America?


    Dr. Steven Clark Bradley PhD

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