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Full Debate: Vice President Mike Pence and Sen. Kamala Harris | WSJ

Watch live coverage of the vice-presidential debate, with Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris.

Explore what Mike Pence and Kamala Harris have said about issues that matter to you with our #WSJTalk2020 tool:

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  1. Avatar
    Sherri Greeydelinarez

    Big Fly lands on Pence's White head! Hilarious! It really did! Lol 😂

  2. Avatar
    Cricket & Junebug

    Pence so gently grilled Harris. Simply amazing.

  3. Avatar

    Good JOB KAMALA!!🙏

  4. Avatar

    It's a sad pathetic situation when americans here are talking more about a fly then the future of are great country! God help us!

  5. Avatar

    This pence of a guy is never a gentleman how can you argue with two women😀..he got a great mind though..

  6. Avatar

    Pence squirmed out of the question, "what is president Trump's plan to keep people with pre existing conditions insured"? I'll answer for him. "There is no plan, never has been, never will be".

  7. Avatar

    She asked to believe her and she's a lawyer, all lawyers are liars


  8. Avatar

    Kamala refuses to answer simple questions. She lies about fracking. She lies about tax policy by speaking out both sides of her mouth. She has the nastiest resting *** face and just abhorrent arrogant smirks. The woman is Hillary Clinton level of unlikeable. Throw in her despicable dodging of Supreme Court question and that's all folks. Biden can't stay awake past 9am and this wicked witch will be our president. No way Jose!

  9. Avatar

    My gosh, their age is just not worth it, 75years old should be resting big time with all the millions they have. 😡

  10. Avatar
    Angela Merrell 1owowowowiiwowowi

    Joe Biden has a history of lifting people up? Really? More like a history of feeling people up!

  11. Avatar

    Why is there a fly on his head?

  12. Avatar


  13. Avatar

    Pence forgot to mention that VP Biden was such a hero against Russia that in 2014 Russia actually captured Crimea, hahaha. However, Mike Pence is the great winner of this debate, which was really civilized contrary to the Donald-Joe one. Anyway, I would vote for Pence and his boss.

  14. Avatar

    no Harris, you do NOT have the support of the republicans

  15. Avatar

    no Harris, you do NOT have the support of the republicans

  16. Avatar

    Who's dog was barking for the last 15 minutes of the debate???

  17. Avatar
    Sebastian Valmont

    Pence was asked about women's right to choose and he took it to solemani 🤣

  18. Avatar

    Pence is an idiot

  19. Avatar
    Violette Margousian

    Can’t stand this woman, her facial and vocal mimics are so annoying; she is an annoying package all together.

  20. Avatar

    Trump is a spy of Russia, he wants to destroy the USA !!! He does not respect American soldiers, does not pay taxes, constantly lies !!! Trump killed 216,000 Americans !!!

  21. Avatar

    Is pence a kkk robot?

  22. Avatar

    We really are screwed aren't we?

  23. Avatar

    1:39:53 when the fly in the room even smells the b/s coming out of your mouth😂 (fly lands on Mike Pence hair)💩

  24. Avatar

    This debate was like if a dictator is good or bad for America. Every single question revolved around Trump Trump Trump.

  25. Avatar
    Art Health Living

    Kamala just proved to me she is not a VP material. Her points contradicted herself from another question she answered. She sounds like a career politician.

  26. Avatar

    Awesome 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  27. Avatar

    VP Pence destroyed her.

  28. Avatar

    26:26 is what your looking for 28:30 if your impatient like me

  29. Avatar

    Put the gargoyle pence in the swamp

  30. Avatar

    From Africa, Big love Vice president GOD is with you!

  31. Avatar

    28 mins in it starts

  32. Avatar

    Can Pence just answer the dm questions???

  33. Avatar

    Thank you vice president. (4x) 😂

  34. Avatar

    I wish the mike would go out after the 2 minutes.

  35. Avatar

    I pray Trump that not die because Mike Pence would be a way more competent leader (ergo, more dangerous to liberal democracy) and would also stand a much better chance at winning the presidency

  36. Avatar

    The fly suddenly:

    "ThE AmEriCaN PeOpLe"

  37. Avatar

    She did a great job

  38. Avatar

    I had Been on američka and travelled a lot and came to conclusion Masses r divided by birth.if u r republicAn u r whole life republican same For democrats.rep.mostly r natives and dems.r latino afro american Asian n who came on USA in last 40 years.system is established noone want root change.both dems.n rep.do firing im air and noone is intrested in improving condition Of last man Of social economic cultural.now time čime For americana to change cultural n social way so van have compassianate USA loving progressive policy .For that neutral org.has to čome forward .who love američka n americana.both rep. And dems.r fake and unamerican they love power n their party not Američka
    Both r parrots and pleading For catching power by hook or Crook.let good pol grom punlic should čime and let New healthy compassianate caring američka take place.let organic farming and herbal Nd organic mind ne allowed ne developed.hope pure americana čime put Of their bias Of party and think only americana and američka.whoever bcm or čime im power no change will čime into last man Of američka who is real owner Of američa.čime n organi se i will lead For healtby wealthy biasfree američka.my name ravi.
    My whats up number is 8759275555 and my mail id
    For any Help and progressive USA u van contact.let US mase great americana so USA become Great actually.now only few lobbyst become rich and powerful nit all USA citizen i love USA and its all citizen i like n love USA.ravi.best Of luck👃🏽👃🏽👃🏽👃🏽👃🏽👃🏽👃🏽

  39. Avatar

    Pence won this debate, no contest.

  40. Avatar

    Baelzebub, lord of flies vs. Fran Drescher.

  41. Avatar

    Kamala said Biden will not increase our taxes but Biden says he will take back the tax cut. Who is telling the truth? I think Biden & Harris must debate next time. People are now confused. Kamala Harris convinced me to vote for TRUMP & PENCE for4 more years.

  42. Avatar


  43. Avatar
    Marthins Chikezie. C

    Harris is a lier.

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