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Full Debate: President Trump and Joe Biden | WSJ

Watch the first 2020 presidential debate between President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden in Cleveland.

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  1. Avatar

    This idiot wallace needs to call biden EX vice president or his name. Not vice president, very disrespectful to current vice president. Guy is a idiot

  2. Avatar

    OMG, Biden is a rotten corpse!

  3. Avatar

    This debate is a joke

  4. Avatar

    Hahahaha..is this the presidential debate of the most powerful country in the world?..this is a joke

  5. Avatar

    Love this and be strong. You never know who you are inspiring

  6. Avatar

    This is NOT JOE BIDEN. Original Joe has separated ear lobes. Body Double Joe has attached lobes. This is the double.
    Trump debated a Hillary stand in (the one debate in which Hillary looked good, the one after her collapse on the street).
    Why is Trump debating stand-ins?

  7. Avatar

    Just remember this circus is still over a month from ending…

  8. Avatar

    Yes president did end nandate

  9. Avatar

    Imagine telling Donald “No” he doesn’t accept that he is ever wrong.

  10. Avatar

    biden is a kook

  11. Avatar

    THE WAY TRUMP KEPT TALKING OVER THE GUY PLEASE “mr president- mr president”

  12. Avatar

    Where’s Kanye?

  13. Avatar

    What a pathetic choice American has🤐

  14. Avatar

    Walles you should not allowed trumo to interfare when is jos trun

  15. Avatar

    So the white supremacists shouldn't stand down? Wow… He never said it.

  16. Avatar

    i can't even watch more than 10 mins… Trump is just too rude and ruined at least the first 10 mins

  17. Avatar

    Trump has terrible manners. And this manchild is the leader of a country omg

  18. Avatar


  19. Avatar

    Biden has a hearing aid in, he can't even debate on his own and you guys want him to be president?

  20. Avatar

    Our Discussion of Racism rb.gy/ilmfis

  21. Avatar

    Melania…. Sorry maam. America felt your pain tonight. How do you even live with this clown?

  22. Avatar

    The only time there was silence in this debate was when biden had to actually answer real questions…. Pack the courts (and break the country)? Silence. Condemn Antifa? Silence. Bring Order back to Riot Infested Cities? Silence. It is in this silence we realize just how much of a puppet Biden really is for the radical left. The quiet parts are what made the difference in this debate. I think a lot of on-the-fence voters will have heard that unbelievable silence. Also, no revelations on trump. Nothing everyone didn't already know. Really bad show Joe. Cmo'n Man.

    I also found it funny that he said you cant fix the economy without fixing covid…. The moderator had just said the economy was recovering above expectations.

  23. Avatar
    Virgil Nanaquawetung

    I can see the uproar right now. Biden will win fair and square and Trump will get the Supreme Court run by Barrett to dispute the result. Trump will get in by a decision of the Supreme Court. This will be a travesty of democracy.

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