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Full Debate: President Trump and Joe Biden Square Off for Final Time Ahead of Election | WSJ

Watch the final presidential debate of the 2020 election between President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Explore what Donald Trump and Joe Biden have said about issues that matter to you with our #WSJTalk2020 tool:

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  1. Avatar

    Biden no tiene plan de nada

  2. Avatar

    IRANIAN regime far prefers BIDEN and was meddling in Florida for BIDEN because they know no president gets elected without Florida. Biden will thank the mullahs if elected. The rest is HOT AIR

  3. Avatar

    Trump makes some pretty outlandish statements about himself, "I'm the least racist person in this room" Whaaat !? How can he say that? He doesn't know all those people personally, if at all.
    " I've done more for black people since, maybe, Abraham Lincoln" notice the "maybe" suggesting he may have done even more. Again Whaaat !? This man is an ego maniac.
    And Biden seems like a doddery old man who is past it.
    So good luck America. Ha!

  4. Avatar

    Joe wins the election, I bet!

  5. Avatar

    Biden is a empty brain

  6. Avatar

    She was an amazing moderator, good luck with your election guys. Love from Europe, as always

  7. Avatar

    Who built the cages Joe?

  8. Avatar

    worlds forgot a story .people always said american builds a wall and send back the illegals' mexican is not right .but mexico on history accepted the china people legal doc work and lived at mexico than the china people get married with mexican lady and make out some mexican and chinese biracial their family life grow well as rich .but the mexican government not comfortable they are rich.mexico take of their house .bussiness and money send the china man and mexican and the biracial kids all in a boat must leave mexico .why people not take out to talk .mexico is true not human right .look like now the illgal birth kids in america is mexico race .but mexico not take back .mexico is true not human right .( not america )

  9. Avatar

    He's a freaking liar! Most people wouldn't want to ride in a car that he's driving, and we're going to give him the keys to the nuclear Arsenal?

  10. Avatar

    Wait, are they cutting mics? This is genius

  11. Avatar

    Two of the same kind. Thiefs in each others pockets…

  12. Avatar

    Trumps big d*** energy is unprecedented 😭😭😭

  13. Avatar

    Biden "We owe illegal immigrants".

  14. Avatar

    I especially liked Joe's nervous, phony laugh.

  15. Avatar

    Quality moderator this time. Give credit where credit is due👍

  16. Avatar

    Biden who was against closing The border on Chinese blames Trump for the victims of the virus that came from China. I made my decision tonight and will vote for Trump.

  17. Avatar

    Okay cool so everyone has access to same Healthcare as the president of united states. Kwaai. Why don't you just distribute that therapeutic thing they gave you? Be the world's us president that have the world the cure to covid?

  18. Avatar

    Video starts @9:15

  19. Avatar

    America who won the debate? 🤔


  20. Avatar

    Trump smoked Joe on illegal immigration.

  21. Avatar
    Георгий Мошков

    Biden: I don't look at the states in terms of red states and blue states: they're the United States
    A second later: the states that are having a spike, they're the red states
    C'mon maaah, gimme a break😂

  22. Avatar

    I knew listening to orange would be humorous / Go Joe 😎💪🏼🇺🇸. 🤡🥊🇺🇸🕳🤡🎢. 🤡🤥🖕🏾

  23. Avatar

    Biden "Black people have to train their kids not to walk down the street with hoodies on or they will be shot:.

  24. Avatar

    Trump win he looks better

  25. Avatar
    Lady Olenna of House Tyrell

    Biden trying to defend himself for not taking millions of dollars from other countries saying "not true" is actually mind boggling.

  26. Avatar

    After the 15 minimum wage statement biden should be elected president 💯💯

  27. Avatar

    Usa, wake up, they are both professional liars and crooks.

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