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French president calls beheading of teacher an 'existential battle':

President Emmanuel Macron has said France’s battle against Islamic terrorism is “existential” following the killing of a teacher after he showed his class caricatures of the prophet Muhammad

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    I’ll be the first to comment it. Was it a refugee? -please don’t comment racist reply’s; that is not my intention.

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    The world is fcked up enough already…

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    Не Макрон, а — Виссарион!
    Не Трамп, а — Тороп!

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    Look for a better wife…the old witch is driving you crazy…look for a teenager and enjoy life….
    Consult Silvio Berlusconi

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    Isn't multiculturalism great?

  6. Avatar

    The multicultural experiment is over.

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    Thanks multiculturalism, keep the country great!!

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    How Macron has the nerve to stand there and preach is beyond me. He has blood on his hand and he knows it

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    I am not a fan of French president macron but this was exactly the right message. My respect for him has gone up a little. the question now is will he own the mistake of letting in so many people who hate the west and everything it stands for?

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    And then everyone criticize trump only beacuse he don't like to import ppl from those countries.

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    I feel so sorry for the teacher and hatred for the animal(s) who took his life in such a barbaric way And I hate Macron because he is France's biggest hypocrite.

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    These globalist, corporate, neoliberals push immigration onto us while they sit in their ivory tower, counting their money, telling us not to be racist.

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    It's not existential crisis. It's France ignorance of its racism. Respect should be equally given to everyone.

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    Words of wisdom
    Still void at times

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    Generic White Man

    First things first, get out of Africa

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    The French are going back to existentialism!!!!! Yay!

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    Aniruddh Rabinder Nath

    europe is gone..fortunate to have trump saving usa and modi in india

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    that's not called freedom teaching by mock a religion

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    AAAAAAND BOOM! 💥💥💥💥💥

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    Serves him right lol.

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    Was it Infront of the kids?

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    All very well him saying how terrible this is, and that we are in an existential fight. But him, and is liberal leftie mates, don't want to actually do anything about the threat. That's why these attacks happen regularly throughout France, and Europe.

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    Vive la France!

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    Thank you for caring Macron. Merci beaucoup. A true president who genuinely cares about his citizens.

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