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Freight train derails in Illinois, sparking flames and black smoke

Eighteen cars, some of which were carrying a chemical solvent, jumped the tracks, leading authorities to evacuate 1,500 people from three neighborhoods.


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    Now the aircraft firefighting foam is in the groundwater too.

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    By the grace of God injury also that train 🚂 was a passenger

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    we need to give trillions more tax cuts to the super rich and ignore US infrastructure.

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    No one was injured.. but our pollution and our atmosphere💆🏼‍♀️

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    That's like one of the biggest mess you can make

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    2019, is just like gta 5. Wtf, this is gonna be like a gta. Soon well have a bank heist in LA and then well some majors shootouts in the industrial and docks. As well as a giant ship sinking to the bottom. Or incident up north of a shootout and graver robbery.

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    Just another environmental disaster in the age of Trump, they don't even have to clean it up with Trump's laws.

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    Fuck this what's going on with Epstein case ?

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    What was the solvent that was burning? It should be easy to find out from the train crew or the rail road. Some chemicals are better off burning than leaching into the ground water.

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    Fuck louis aka Napoleon and his peoples…

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    What is going on first a ship and a bus crash and now a train on fire I'm praying for this world 😖🤔🙏🏾

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    1:10 “someone’s gonna have to clean this up”

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    Negligence and greed walking hand in hand, destroying all in their path and ravaging the land. Good stewards of the earth they are not, God's gifts the squander and in the end they'll have squat.

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    Thank god it’s a freight train and not a passenger train

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    These media creeps are such drama queens

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    Government trying to get people to forget about the Epstein assination 🤔

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    I just dont fucking understand how is this keep happening in US? Us send hundreds of rockets in to the space and hundreds of satellites and most of the technology made here and yet we can not navigate and control simple and ancient technology to travel safe god damn that is a shame!

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    I hope everyone was okay, I hope there are no ill effects from this, I hope everyone reading has a good day, & I hope that reporter finds his mustache.

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    Smh this is just a mess 😭🤭🤦🏾‍♀️

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    PlAsma discharge , jst like divers boat of 32 ppl recently

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    Call your congressmen…. rail safety is no joke.
    Less mechanical facilities between destinations to maintain locamotives.
    Less carmen to maintain cars.
    Wanting to go to one man crews.
    Useing autonomous software that is not needed and doesnt react with in train forces.
    Building trains twice the size blocking crossings for hours and keeping emergancy responders from getting to calls effectively.
    Lets put rail safety back above corporate gains.
    Wall street isn't gonna do it… we as responsible citizens must.
    Contact your congressmen today…before the backyard barbeque comes to your neighborhood.

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    I’m so tired of the bullshit cadence and tonal inflections these “reporters” use. NOBODY TALKS LIKE THAT!

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