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Free Speech Under Siege as Hong Kong TV Show Comes to End | WSJ

Under pressure from China, Hong Kong has been chipping away at the territory’s free speech, which is a key pillar of the city’s identity. WSJ visits the set of “Headliner,” a popular satirical news show to find out how a proposed national security law could change the global hub. Photo/Video: Clément Bürge/WSJ

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    We sometimes take the little things as granted

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    The uTube Experiment

    Hold in there. Just a little while longer. President Biden will attempt the solve this problem.

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    Superpower Dragon

    free kashmir!!!

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    i see this as the lesser of two outcome, between giving up free speech or turning hongkong into a warzone.

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    LAW & ORDER!!!

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    Stupid comparison. The Trevor Noah show have Donald Trump a Personnel as joke material, but China is a State, not a Personnel. Banning the HK program is Not hardhand on free speech where the program is seditious to begin with.

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    The chinese communist party is evil!!

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    What's his YouTube channel?

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    I grew up watching this show every friday night, and few of us expected the promised 50 years of freedom of speech and press would be gone in 23.

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    Do not compare the righteous protest in Hong Kong with the blm riot, which is a marxist movement under disguise. The people of Hong Kong is fighting precisely what the blm and radical leftists try to bring upon America.

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    The main difference here is that most US TV 'comedians' are pundints of the Democratic party who are actively involved in doxing, demonizing, and stereotyping their opponents. It's essentially propaganda. If they were even remotely fair they'd talk about Hunter Biden's involvement in China and Ukraine, the similarities in health risk between the end to quarantine protests and the BLM protests, the abuse of power Obama displayed by illegally using the FISA courts to spy on Trump, and a myriad of other instances.
    The lack of media coverage on China's organ harvesting from political prisoners, China's imprisonment and forced sterilization of ethnic minorities, China's coverup of the origin of the current pandemic, oh, and China's large payments to the US Media to run propaganda in the guise of opinion pieces. This is only a small list of things the average media fails to cover.

    I don't care what your political party is, journalists ought to cover the infractions of the powerful. It's obvious what failures Trump has made since the media literally never stops harping on them. The larger issue is that they periodically lie about his failures and wrongly cover what he or others in the government say. This undermines (and rightly so) journalistic integrity.

    Instead of defund the police, I say defund the biased media. We need police reform, not the abolishment of the police. Likewise, we need honest journalists not paid mouthpieces for their respective parties.

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    Matthew Brooker

    Roll over belly up….come on, democracy is worth fighting harder for! They are not exactly short of material with the CCP taking over. If you go with a whimper, HK deserves to become part of the world's biggest work camp.

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    How ironic that Tsang Chi-Ho references Trevor Noah saying, "if he performed the same 'direct-sorta comedy' his show in China would get cancelled."

    … and yet it's people like Trevor Noah in the states who get everyone "cancelled" here 🤓

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    Does anyone know how to find his channel?

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    Patrick Coleman

    I'm so sorry for what you are going through HK. I really am, although I know it's not of much use right now.

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    doc retrofuturo

    hong kong?…. more like the usa…

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    Why you worry about hong kong ,,there is NO hong kong::::UNDERSZAND??????

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    Time to end fake news! US, HK and worldwide.

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    Aurobindo Ghosh

    wsj, give some creative ideas then

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    mind your own business , America! your people are dying!

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    Where was your public stance when our liberty was under siege by "drug war" tyrants? Where was your stance on "equal protection under the law" as we create law after law that gives preferences to special interests and gives harsh penalties against those who can't afford to corrupt politicians?

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    America treat African americans as slaves for hundreds of years, you are preaching other countries about freedom? how ridiculous!

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    America, evil imperialism and cancer of the world!

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    Xiao-Rong Peng

    This is so old….

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    We Hong Kongers care about money only anyway. ❤️

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    aniruddha rawale

    go fund me campaign for headliners so they can come out of the jail called china and make show anywhere in world ex us or UK

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    Brazil was happen the same situation, Brazil’s Federal Supreme Court jailed Journalist and people who support the President Bolsonaro.

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    Seductive Pussycat TAP ON MY PHOTO

    boring, dude 👩 👈 🌍

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    Seductive Pussycat TAP ON MY PHOTO

    perfect, bro 🎀 🍁

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