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France: Macron announces 9pm curfew for Paris and eight other cities

France will impose a nightly curfew on almost one-third of the country’s 67 million people to tackle a resurgence in coronavirus cases, but a new national lockdown is not envisaged, Emmanuel Macron said on Wednesday. The French president announced the curfew, which will take effect from Saturday and run each night from 9pm to 6am the following morning, shortly after the government declared a new public health state of emergency.
Coronavirus outbreak – live updates

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  1. Avatar

    love the way how soothingly he lies! lol

  2. Avatar

    Got to stop those anti-macron yellow-vest protests somehow!

  3. Avatar

    Maybe 8pm is the best way forward then? None of this 9pm or 10pm nonsense

  4. Avatar

    Why? Deaths almost zero.

  5. Avatar

    Name of interviewer ? She's hot

  6. Avatar

    Ohh la la the great reset

  7. Avatar

    Apparently a dormant viral particle has the mental aptitude to tell time! Obviously something more sinister or and strange going on across the world…. It's not about viruses….

  8. Avatar

    What's the idea behind this curfews? Couldn't they just enforce that there couldn't be groups bigger than X?

  9. Avatar

    Little Napoleon strikes again.

  10. Avatar
    Clan Gunn Bushcraft

    No Covid 19 strain has ever been isolated, purified or even proven to exist!
    No Koch's postulates (4 criteria) has ever been performed!!

  11. Avatar
    Face Body Reading

    Corrupt politicians and media – you should be ashamed.

  12. Avatar

    Let's not get distracted by the fact there is a 99% recovery rate that know one wants to talk about. If that many people recover, what are the other people actually dying from? I am confused

  13. Avatar

    He's as bad as Boris, almost as bad as Starmer

  14. Avatar

    Yes because covid doesnt get out of bed until 20.59

  15. Avatar

    Bring back the guillotine.

  16. Avatar
    Shangram Mohammad

    No protest on the streets in Paris atm with a curfew in place! 😅 smart Macron, vert smart!

  17. Avatar

    Major western countries moving in lockstep

  18. Avatar
    Vincenzo Sillitti

    Tu es foutu conard

  19. Avatar
    Shark Audits Britain

    Traitre !

  20. Avatar

    Didn't he marry his grandmother?

  21. Avatar
    andarilho Black pill imortal


  22. Avatar

    "We are re-learning what it means to be a nation".

    "We had slowly got used to being a society of free individuals"

    Welcome to 'New Society', the new normal, where free individuals are eradicated.

  23. Avatar

    Macron is a wrongun

  24. Avatar

    Second wave is coming everyone please prepare get food and medicine stocked up.

  25. Avatar

    The world will be in lockdown when they start a military coup to forcibly remove Donald Trump from office after he wins the election.

  26. Avatar
    About Things Podcast

    National lockdown is definitely not the answer to the problems we are facing! Just stop!

  27. Avatar
    The New World Order


  28. Avatar

    Mhm, have anyone seen V For Vendetta?

  29. Avatar

    Will Macron stay inside too?

  30. Avatar

    Et allez ces repartis pour un tour !!!
    Pffff ….

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