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France: Debates over free speech and secularism | The Listening Post

A brutal murder and the Charlie Hebdo trial have people in France questioning freedom of expression again.


Pierre Henri Tavoillot – Professor of philosophy, Sorbonne University

Philippe Marliere – Professor of French and European politics, University College London

Rim-Sarah Aloune – Legal scholar and human rights researcher

Jocelyn Cesari – Professor of religion and politics, University of Birmingham

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The Nigerian army says it did not shoot at protesters, but there is a problem with their story – the evidence is all over the internet. Richard Gizbert speaks to producer Meenakshi Ravi about the contrasting narratives.

Murder in Malta: Daphne Caruana Galizia’s journalistic legacy

The Listening Post’s Flo Phillips on a reporter killed for the work she did – and how Daphne Caruana Galizia’s journalism continues to make news.


Matthew Caruana Galizia – Son of Daphne Caruana Galizia and investigative journalist

Manuel Delia – Author, Murder on the Malta Express; Blogger, Truth Be Told

Caroline Muscat – Founder, The Shift News

Mark Laurence Zammit – Former presenter, Xarabank

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  1. Avatar

    I hate France for their anti Islamic activities

  2. Avatar
    Afthabgull Bangash

    What that teacher did was also horrific, cruel, horrible stop doing Stupid things or face the music

  3. Avatar

    "A tree that has the sweetest fruits has the most amount of stones thrown at it"…Hold on to your deen brothers and sisters…Hasbunallahu-Ni'mal Wakeel

  4. Avatar

    France insults the most revered figure in the Arab Semitic civilization and Arab leaders say nothing. If they call it freedom then others must have the freedom to walk out of the classes of the 'teachers' who preach hate.

  5. Avatar

    Time has come to once again show the taste of Christ church mosque in New Zealand… were 50 people send to allahs paradise to enjoy with 72 whores…😡

  6. Avatar

    I believe not hurting any religion. But I never support violence in the name of religion. Some misguided muslim defaming Islam by doing violence.

  7. Avatar

    You can't insult the flag & national anthem of France but it's you can insult our prophet. We have to stop buying French products.

  8. Avatar

    It's both funny and sad to know that some people are defending the murder of Samuel Paty, but then again what can I expect from humans in general at this point.

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