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France Covid-19: Protesters march through Paris shouting 'Liberté!' to oppose new lockdown

France’s new coronavirus lockdown: Several hundred protesters marched through the cafe-lined streets of central Paris on Thursday to oppose a government lockdown which comes into force at midnight. Revellers also seized the opportunity to spend one last night with friends and family tonight before bars and restaurants are closed as the French government plunges the country back into lockdown. Emmanuel Macron’s draconian measures are due to be enforced until at least December 1, with people required to carry documents justifying their reason for leaving home that will be subject to police checks.

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    Marina Olkhovskaya


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    smoking with a mask on

  5. Avatar
    Read Siege By James Mason

    It’s not lockdown you should be protesting against.

    It’s the non whites destroying your country you should be protesting against.

  6. Avatar

    Macron would blame this on Muslims too.😂

  7. Avatar

    covid does not kill, politics kill You, him is real enemy

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    just a trial run for biden s world

  9. Avatar
    The man Of the hour

    Whats gonna help pushing bins over? Its not civil and not respectful for the people who will clean up.

  10. Avatar
    Evgenia Mukhtarova

    Don't understand, why throwing out bins on streets and create more trash. People need to create world better, not worse.

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    I won't riot but i will stand against covid law.

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    The Life Shining Method

    Proceed the protest guys.

  13. Avatar
    Mr Lemonhead jackass

    If u r so against it all why r u wearing a mask…….n smokin doh!!

  14. Avatar

    Why are they wearing masks while shouting liberty?

  15. Avatar

    Am I going crazy or did a guy have a sticker on his jacket saying no to face masks while wearing a face mask? 🤷‍♂️

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    Lockdowns don't work! People have had enough! #curruption

  17. Avatar

    Although i agree about the lockdowns throwing a few chairs and knocking over a few bins isn't going to do anything

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