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Fragile ceasefire in Nagorno-Karabakh after fighting leaves hundreds dead – BBC News

A fragile ceasefire has begun between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the disputed territory of Nagorno Karabakh – after nearly two weeks of fighting, in which hundreds have been killed.

The latest reports suggest that most areas are calm. Nagorno Karabakh is internationally recognised as part of Azerbaijan, but it’s populated and governed by ethnic Armenians, who broke away from Azerbaijan in the 1990s.

Reeta Chakrabarti presents BBC News reporting by international correspondent Orla Guerin in the Azeri city of Naftalan.

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    Armenia is a Christian country. Azerbaijan is a Muslim country. I love Armenia, because they are Christians

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    Armenia has come to its senses!Good.

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    As a Brit I'm angered that you're using our countries not biased media to further fascist propaganda when you've literally broadcast Azeri propaganda videos, we should be selling weapons to Armenia, we should be training troops, we should be part of a UN peacekeeping force there where tf is the international community, France and Greece are the only countries with backbones everyone needs to pull their fingers out their arses and chip in ffs we're just letting a second genocide slip away.

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    2 weeks wow that was quick was this just for a bullshit news story as usual

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    Shame on you BBC

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    It's very much sad 😩

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    We wish that BBC would shut down forever and just disappear. My condolences to all of the victims of this futile war.

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    Remember this is BBC news lol.

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    Im a U.S armenian and this is not right. Pain on both sides for some land? Sad and things need to change on both sides.

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    The BBC just announce Garabagh territory internationally recognized is Azerbaijan land, –. –ALSO BBC ANNOUNCE EARLIER,- HOW AZERBAIJAN GOVERNMENT" ILLEGALLY " BRIBE" 4 UN CONSULS BY SPENDING OVER $2.5 B, TO GET THE" UN "MAJARETY VOTE.– -History of Intolerance—. BY RAYHAN DEMETRIE.—- BBC

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    As Edwin Starr sung, "War, what is it good" To the politicians it means money and power. To the people it means loss, sadness and horror. Not necessarily in that order.

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    The religion of peace started this over dirt where Christensen lived a 301ad church boomed with children and women.war is in their blood. U tell me who the monsters are.

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    Nobel peace prize needed food not bombs ideally all food is organic from regenerative agriculture or permaculture maybe even kosher publically ask top 10 billionaires to provide all the money needed i nominate president of miu.edu superstring theorist J Hagelin 3 time candidate for USA president and president of gusp.org " brain based peace "

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    Whoever western media supports, is the real bad guy.

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    BBC has been in the air for decades and is one of most respected and unbiased
    news broadcaster, except sometimes their news are not accord with what we want.
    If had been a report from the other side, now would be bias against Azerbaijan.
    Truth of the matter is that both sides suffer the lost of innocent lives.

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    Swear the bbc goes out of there way to just make everyone feel guilty for no just reason, tf do you want us to do about it? It’s tragic yes but reporting on this helps fuckin nobody all it does is give you reason to turn on the camera

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